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Syria...Another 'Red-Line' Not Crossed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

“Only the Syrian people can decide if and when to replace president Bashar al-Assad,” so says Russia's Vladimir Putin...and guess what...he's right whether Barack HUSSEIN Obama likes it or NOT...and we can thank Obama's misguided and proven dangerous Arab Spring turned Arab Winter as the reason why every single thing he touches in the Middle East heads south. Libya, Yemen, and Egypt are but a few examples of countries who while under a dictatorship of sorts were, for the most part secular in nature, and as such were able to keep the islamist savages at bay. Enter center stage Obama and his losing the peace that George W. Bush had won and everything has gone south since then.

Keeping Russian influence out of the Middle East has always been the U.S. hoped for goal...that is until Obama sold America out...and now after a culmination of a month long buildup in their all-important airbase of Latakia close to Israel's northern border...Vladimir Putin continues his military intervention into Syria in the guise of bombing runs and increases his on-the-ground support via Iran in his trying to keep al-Assad in power...Iranian troops he is actually using to shore up both support and manpower for when he tries to overthrow the mullahs...and know that Putin surely understands that for Russia to be the world's number one superpower that he must do just that. And we must accept as fact that Putin is actually now fighting the 'War on Terror' that we should be fighting and he is fighting it against 'so-called' rebels who are anything but...including those supposed 'moderate' rebels trained by the CIA.

Always using, when asked, the enemy's name ISIS or IS...NOT acronym Obama and his cronies so love to use as a slap-in-the-face to Israel and a call-out to the Levant...Putin well understands what some here in this country still do NOT get, that these 'so-called' rebels are indeed the enemy as they are NOTHING but tentacles of ISIS and other islamic groups...groups who now control upwards of 50% of the country...and Putin knows that to protect Russia from these savages he must stop them before they can reach Russian borders. And Putin is doing just that while Obama is laying out the welcome for the enemy to come here to America's door, all while refusing to use U.S. warplanes to patrol a so-wanted 'safe zone' corridor for Syrian he refuses to use U.S. air power to protect civilians from ISIS attacks...instead using U.S.war planes to bomb empty warehouses and long deserted terrorist training camps...with NO terrorists killed of course.

In Putin's believing that the best way to fight ISIS and other assorted terrorist groups operating in Syria...groups like al-Qaeda and to support Bashar al-Assad and his secular government (and know that al-Assad is NO angel but he is better than the alternative) whose forces have been pulling back under continuous attacks from ISIS and its cohorts...know that NOT all is as cut-and-dry nor as altruistic as it seems for Vladimir Putin is trying above all else to rebuild the Russian Empire and to do so he needs al-Assad remaining in power. Remember, the current al-Assad government, as well as his father's government before him, have been Russia's main ally in the Middle East for over 40-years, and Putin can ill-afford to have yet another Russian ally fall as he needs long-term naval and air power both in Europe and especially in the Middle East in order to rebuild the empire and make 'Mother Russia' proud.

And to that affect, Putin must keep at all costs his only port in the Middle East...that being his Syrian port at Tartus. Located a mere 150 miles from the capital of Damascus and close to the Aegean Sea, Tartus affords Russian ships routes into the Black Sea as well and easy access to many of it's ports. Having a port at Tartus, which is close to the Suez Canal, allows Russian ships passage to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, giving Russia a geographical advantage in their competition with NATO. Also, and this is critical, arms and equipment deliveries to al-Assad's government including Bastion coastal defense missiles, T-80 battle tanks, and Su-30 fighters...all go through the Port of Tartus.

And now Putin knows that he must expand said port to handle what's known as 'first-and second-rank ships' from the Russia'a Mediterranean flotilla...warships and transport be able to leave an even bigger footprint on Syrian soil and simply show Russian strength while at the same time playing up both NATO's and U.S. weaknesses...weaknesses on our part again thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama whose true goal is to have our beloved America become but yet anther third world caliphate member nation.

Also, by supporting al-Assad, Putin is building a coalition of sorts from amongst pro-Russian Shi'ite vehemently anti-Sunni forces, to try and prove to the the world that Russia is better able to handle the turmoil in Middle East than is the U.S., which in turn would allow Russia to call all the shots in the region. And Benjamin Netanyahu...long-tired of his being stabbed in the back by our traitor-in-chief... knows well what Putin's end-game is for he met with Putin in Moscow just a little over a week ago...before giving his U.N. discuss ways to prevent 'accidental clashes' between Russian and Israeli forces both now operating in Syria...looking out for each other I would venture to say...looking out for each other while trade and dialogue between the two nations increases...and all while Obama continues to claim that he had NO idea that Putin was going to bomb enemy targets in Syria...enemy targets as in his supported Free Syrian Army brethren.

And let's NOT forget that in order to rebuild 'Mother Russia' into the once great Russian Empire, Putin needs cash and lots of it, so good little statist and ultimate capitalist that he is, Valdimir Putin is using Russian arms sales to countries throughout the Middle East...countries that of course are NOT friends of the leverage to influence in Russia's favor big money generating and producing energy projects in countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Turkey...once again countries that are either enemies of or deserted by the U.S., yet all countries now allying themselves with Putin's Russia.

And Putin's quest for capital also has him wanting to manipulate...both oil and gas prices as well as the supply of such going into Europe by trying to get the Saudis and OPEC to work with him in raising oil prices in an effort to rescue Russia's own troubled economy hurting bad from U.N. and U.S. sanctions placed upon them courtesy of its NO end in site war in Ukraine. And he's doing all this because the ongoing policy of trying to isolate Russia over Ukraine is NOT accomplishing what we and others hoped it would thus allowing Vladimir Putin and Russia to continue to grow stronger NOT weaker and more compliant to our will.

So as the Obama regime keeps saying that Russia's incursion into Syria will do NOTHING but inflame an already highly militarized situation that could destabilize the entire if Obama's traitorous 'NO-strategy' strategy hasn't already done that...and saying so while singing their same old tired song that al-Assad and his secular government must go...remember the old adage that all bad things come in threes. First we had the fall of Gaddafi with militants now overwhelming that country; then Obama had us deserting the Iraqi's which directly led to the birth of ISIS; and now he is trying via Syria to checkmate the Russian Bear which we know will NOT turn out well for him...and Syria's falling will lay directly on Obama's head for refusing to cross his own drawn 'red-line in the sand' just a few short years ago.

TODAY, Wednesday, October 7th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Netanyahu's snub at the U.N., Obama's apparent placating of Putin in Syria, and Craig vs. Pat Robertson in a snark fest NOT to be missed.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7th on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Netanyahu's snub at the U.N., Obama's apparent placating of Putin in Syria, and Craig vs. Pat Robertson in a snark fest NOT to be missed.

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In his speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon last week, President Obama sounded more upset about America's gun laws than about the horrific massacre.

We barely had the preliminary facts about the shooting, the shooter and the victims, and he was already lecturing the nation again on gun control.

Instead of calling the nation to prayer, he said we would learn about the victims in the coming days and then "wrap everyone who's grieving with our prayers and our love." Those words out of the way, he immediately pivoted to complaining that "our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It's not enough. It does not capture the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel (or) prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America -- next week or a couple of months from now."

We didn't hear much "heartache and grief" in his speech, but his anger was palpable. It wasn't anger at the shooter, and it wasn't sympathy for the victims. It was outrage -- or apparent outrage -- at America's Second Amendment advocates.

"We are the only advanced country on earth," said Obama, "that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. ... The United States ... is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense gun-safety laws -- even in the face of repeated mass killings." He said these events happen so often that they've "become routine. ... We've become numb to this."
Douglas Holtz-Eakin of American Action Forum noted this morning that the clock was ticking on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), as no one wants to be dealing with this when election season gets going.  The deal is projected to add $80 billion in national income, with an additional $125 billion in exports. The trade deal, which involved 40 percent of the world’s economy, apparently reached an agreement in Atlanta after days of negotiations.

According to The New York Times, the deal would gradually eliminate thousands of trade tariffs, establish rules for intellectual property, expand Internet rights, curb wildlife trafficking, and protect against environmental abuses. Nevertheless, President Obama still faces an uphill battle in Congress, where anti-trade Democrats and Tea Party Republicans refuse to support the deal for various reasons. Democrats think that the agreement will further gut American jobs for working class Americans, while conservatives don’t want to give any more power to Obama–and also have taken a more populist tone on trade. As for progressives, they’re skeptical that this agreement would improve labor conditions and protect the environment:
The Pacific accord would phase out thousands of import tariffs as well as other barriers to international trade. It also would establish uniform rules on corporations’ intellectual property, open the Internet even in communist Vietnam and crack down on wildlife trafficking and environmental abuses. […]

Islamic State blows up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Islamic State blows up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra
Besides removing supposed temptations to idolatry, Islamic jihadists want to destroy the artifacts of non-Muslim civilizations because doing so testifies to the truth of Islam, as the Qur’an suggests that the destroyed remnants of ancient non-Muslim civilizations are a sign of Allah’s punishment of those who rejected his truth: Many were the Ways of Life […]
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OBAMA NOT WELCOME in Roseburg, visit would be ‘very inappropriate’ after he politicized shooting, says Oregon Newspaper Publisher

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Barack Obama would not be welcome in town after politicizing the deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College on October 1. The publisher of Roseburg’s largest newspaper, the Roseburg Beacon, said Obama visit would be “very inappropriate” after he politicized the shooting.

I live blogged Obama’s rush to the microphone in the wake of the Oregon mass murder. The blood was still warm, the victims still being counted.

Here is what I said:
Obama exploited the horror and bloodshed in Oregon to warn of executive action on the second amendment. Imagine — making his bones on the bones of dead students.
He is loathsome.
He shrugged off the motive, implying it was irrelevant.
Does he really believe that? It’s...


Obama Working on More Gun Control Executive Actions
Image: Obama Working on More Gun Control Executive Actions
By Greg Richter / NEWSMAX
                                                                                      President Barack Obama is working on more executive actions related to gun control following the shooting on an Oregon college campus last week that left nine dead.
                                                                                          "It's a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see more progress on this issue in this town," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during the daily briefing on Monday.

Earnest said Obama was working behind the scenes to find ways to take actions, Breitbart reported.

Obama enacted 23 executive actions in 2013 following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. He has expressed unhappiness that the Republican-controlled Congress has not taken action itself.

Earnest said he disagrees with anyone claiming that Obama did not offer specific proposals in his press conference about the shooting last week.

"I can tell you that they're not stumped, they're continuing to review the law that's on the books and continuing to consult with legal authorities but also others who may have ideas about what steps that can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of criminals," he said.

Monday, October 5, 2015

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – British Conservatives are planning to make it impossible for public bodies to pursue boycotts of Israeli products. The move comes after Town Halls across the UK began effectively dictating foreign policy by voting to stop buying from Israeli companies.

From now on only countries that have been subject to official sanctions from the UK government can be boycotted. On the eve of their annual conference in Manchester a Conservative statement warned of risks to the “economic and national security” of the country from “municipal militancy”. 
The ban will come into force in the shape of new rules on procurement for local authorities. There will also be rules governing council pension funds so they cannot avoid Israeli firms and UK defense contractors if they represent a good investment.
The move comes amidst growing concern over the militant actions of left-wing councils, spurred on by trade unions and the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Conservatives claim these actions threaten to “poison community relations” and “harm Britain’s economic and international interests”. The ban is likely to be just one of a raft of policies, announced during the conference, aimed at exposing Corbyn as a threat to national security and peace in the Middle East.

Congressional study: Over 250 Muslims from US have joined the Islamic State
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Congressional study: Over 250 Muslims from US have joined the Islamic State
“The government has largely failed to stop more than 250 Americans who have traveled overseas to join or tried to join terrorist groups, including the Islamic State group, a new congressional study concluded on Tuesday.” Why was it the government’s responsibility? Why isn’t it the responsibility of Muslim communities in the U.S.? Why does not […]
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Going down the Pipes, Daniel

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

In another attack against those who are doing the heavy lifting in the fight against jihad, Daniel Pipes feebly beats a long-dead horse and establishes definitively that he has jumped the shark.

The failed Daniel Pipes exploits yet another opportunity to take a nasty swipe at the counter-jihad movement in his underhanded, snake-like fashion. This is not the first time. This time he hides behind the skirt of Fred Litwin.

Let me respond. First off, Daniel Pipes has done more damage to the anti-jihad movement than any one other individual I can think of. He does this by misleading people about the very nature of the problem we face. We expect disinformation and dissembling from the enemy, but not from one of the supposed leading...