Saturday, November 18, 2017

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...for those who missed last night's broadcast (or just want to listen in again) where Craig and Diane discussed immigration trouble in the name of diversity; the assumed political downfall of Judge Roy Moore; and important news of the can listen to it at your convenience on SoundCloud at:

Shocker: New Study Shows How Medicaid Has Become A Honey Trap For Government DependencyWe all know our entitlement system is unsustainable. With Medicaid, that’s especially true since enrollment has exploded under the Obama era. President Obama made this program, designed for the working poor, and integral part of his health care overhaul. Most of the new enrollees are able-bodied adults, who don’t work, siphoning money from those who actually need the assistance. This is not to say that Medicaid is a great program; it’s not. Yet, it provides something for needy, despite those who are uninsured having a better chance of surviving a surgical procedure. Of course, those with private insurance fared the best. Still, while you can make the case that Medicaid should be totally torn down, the political powers that be will not allow it. There are ways to fix it, but that will never happen if we don’t require these enrollees to work. As the Foundation for Government Accountability found out, the lack of work requirements has enabled Medicaid expansion to serve as a honey trap to keep people dependent on government:
Medicaid spending and enrollment has skyrocketed in recent years, crowding out resources for all other state priorities.The number of people dependent on Medicaid has more than doubled since 2000, with nearly 75 million individuals currently enrolled in the program. Nowhere is this growth more evident than among able-bodied adults. Nearly 28 million able-bodied adults are now dependent on the program, up from fewer than 7 million in 2000.

PJ Media on Robert Spencer: “A leader in this war for over a decade”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

PJ Media called me “A leader in this war for over a decade, documenting not just what is happening but explaining why.” Thank you. But is the war in question really the resistance against jihad terror? Or is the larger war against those who believe that the resistance against jihad terror is morally wrong and […]
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ACT Space Coast Talk: “Pamela Geller Defies Fatwa in Florida”
“Pamela Geller Defies Fatwa in Florida”

by Gerald Lostutter

“I have been the target of death threats, [and] multiple assassination plots,” said Pamela Geller, explaining her book’s title, Fatwa. “It is a death sentence … A legal ruling … under Islam.”

Geller spoke via Skype during a meeting of Act Space Coast, a chapter of Act for America, held in Viera, Florida, on Nov. 14, 2017.

Printed below are some of Geller’s quotes, reorganized as a summary; as well as her answers to a few questions from the audience:

PG: The biggest fight is for the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed as his opponents are silenced. Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society. And when people differ on bases of truth. If a group will not bend without resorting to violence, that group will rule unopposed.

PG: Islamophobia is a term that amounts to nothing more than the enforcement of the Sharia in the marketplace of ideas. Any criticism of jihad terror that examines its ideological roots in Islam is called Islamophobia. The word is used to intimidate people into thinking there is something wrong with opposing jihad terror.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

House passes GOP tax reform bill: How does the Senate's version compare?

The Senate is moving to add a repeal of the ObamaCare mandate to their version of the tax bill.

The House passed its tax reform legislation Thursday afternoon with a majority of Democrats voting against it.

The legislation passed 227 to 205 along party lines, which would bring the biggest revamp of the U.S. tax system in three decades. Thirteen Republicans voted against the measure, including House Appropriations Committee chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey. 

Both the House and Senate have pressed forward on overhauling the nation’s tax code. The Senate tweaked its legislation earlier this week to include a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to buy insurance.

Here’s a look at how the House and Senate bill’s compare – and what’s at stake for your taxes.

State and local deductions

After the tax reform framework was revealed last month, some lawmakers grumbled about a provision that would eliminate state and local tax deductions – meaning taxpayers in high-taxed states would lose a write-off. This impacted mostly blue states, such as California and New York.

Bipartisan 'Fix NICS' Gun Bill is a Win for Everyone
Bipartisan 'Fix NICS' Gun Bill is a Win for EveryoneIn the wake of last week's deadly church shooting in Texas and this week's shooting in Northern California, legislators have come together to find common ground. The one thing that everyone can agree on is that the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) has flaws. That was proven in a couple of mass shootings where the shooter legally obtained a firearm.

A bipartisan group of senators on Thursday introduced Senate Bill 2135, also known as the Fix NICS Act, which is designed to fix the reporting requirements for the NICS. This bill penalizes federal agencies who fail to report relevant criminal records to the FBI and creates an incentive for states to make sure their reporting is up-to-date by giving federal grant preferences to states who comply. The bill also directs more federal funding to make sure domestic violence records are accurately reported to the FBI.

“For years agencies and states haven’t complied with the law, failing to upload these critical records without consequence,” Sen. Cornyn said in a release. “Just one record that’s not properly reported can lead to tragedy, as the country saw last week in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This bill aims to help fix what’s become a nationwide, systemic problem so we can better prevent criminals and domestic abusers from obtaining firearms.”

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Twitter begins verification purge, stripping blue checkmarks from accounts of people it opposes         By - THE GELLER REPORT

The blue checkmark is supposed to be simply a verification that an account really belongs to the person whose name is on it. It is a protection against fakes and imposters. Now they’re validating the long-held suspicion that it constitutes some kind of endorsement: “Verification has long been perceived as an endorsement,” Twitter said in a series of tweets Wednesday. “This perception became worse when we opened up verification for public submissions and verified people who we in no way endorse.”

If it is a stamp of approval, someone like white supremacist neo-Nazi Richard Spencer should never have been verified in the first place. But why punish everyone?

Twitter is being extremely selective in this, and demonstrating again their leftist bias. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey still have their blue checkmarks. Twitter is starting with white nationalists because they do not have any support outside of their own groups. But no one in Antifa or Black Lives Matter are losing their verification symbol. Soon Twitter will be coming for legitimate voices that oppose the left’s agenda. They say now that you will not be verified if you promote “hate,” which is the left’s code for opposing jihad terror, among other things.
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