Friday, May 11, 2012

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Israel
5.3 earthquake felt in areas from northern Israel to central Israel. No injuries. Epicenter believed to be in Cyprus.
By Elad Benari, Canada

Earthquake preparedness drill
Earthquake preparedness drill

An earthquake rocked Israel on Friday evening, shortly before 10:00 p.m. local time, and was felt in areas from northern Israel to central Israel.

According to a Channel 10 News report, the police in the Northern, Central and Tel Aviv Districts said they received hundreds of phone calls from citizens who felt the earthquake. Local residents reported feeling objects and buildings move for about 15 to 20 seconds. There were no reports of injuries or damages.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale and its epicenter was in Cyprus.

More than a 100 calls by concerned citizens were received in the northern city of Tzfat alone, the report said. The quake was felt even in Bat Yam, Kfar Saba, Ramat Hasharon, Ra'anana and other areas in central Israel.

Magen David Adom has sent reinforcements to its stations in northern Israel and is preparing for the possibility of secondary tremors, Channel 10 reported.

In February, a 3.1 magnitude tremor shook Israel's north. There were no injuries or damage following the earthquake. The epicenter of that earthquake was east of Lake Kinneret, and a number of communities in the area reported having felt the quake.

Experts have warned that Israel is expected to be hit by a major earthquake. Dr. Ephraim Laor, who headed the National Steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness, told Arutz Sheva recently that each Israeli must prepare himself for a major earthquake that could hit Israel.

In February, school children around the country, from kindergarten age and up, participated in earthquake drills in their schools, practicing safe steps to take when the ground starts shaking.

Racists For Obama 

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Racists For Obama
Blacks supported Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008 by a margin of almost 24-1.

I wondered how long it would take for someone to raise the issue of racism in this year’s Presidential election. The answer came sooner than I expected. Last week, The New York Times ran the story “4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters.”

In case you thought the story might be an exposé of the virulent hatred of America by some of President Barack Obama’s more extreme supporters (such as his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright), forget about it. That’s old news and obviously not worth discussing any more. Heck, for the mainstream media, it was hardly worth discussing four years ago.

Nor was the story about the near unanimity of black voters to support a member of their own race worth discussing. Obama is expected to receive 95 percent of the black vote this year, just as he did in 2008 — no matter who his opponent is or what the issues are. Of course, there’s nothing racist in that.

No, the emphasis of the story was on how a tiny minority of white voters –especially those in “economically depressed regions with high proportions of white working-class residents” — said they wouldn’t vote for Obama because he is black.

So it’s OK for blacks to vote for Obama specifically because he is black. But it’s racist if a white votes for another white because of his skin color. Does anyone see a bit of a double standard here?

Of course, such bias (dare I say prejudice) has been around for a long time. Many liberals believe the only way to make up for decades of discrimination is to go overboard the other way. “Equality” wasn’t enough; we needed affirmative action and a new kind of discrimination.

Thus, it has become perfectly OK for this country to commemorate Black History Month. And, of course, every college that wants to keep its professors happy better offer a bunch of courses celebrating black achievements. But can you imagine the furor that would erupt if anyone dared propose teaching a class on white achievements?

What got the Times reporter so rattled was her concern that Obama’s race could keep him from being re-elected this year. As Sabrina Tavernise explained, “As Mr. Obama braces for what most signs suggest will be a close re-election battle, race remains a powerful factor among a small minority of voters.”

Of course she means a “small minority” of white voters. Had she broadened her survey to include blacks, she could have written that race mattered to “a large majority.” In fact, it matters to a very large majority. Blacks supported Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008 by a margin of almost 24-1. But of course there’s nothing racist about that.

The Obama campaign is doing everything it can to make sure that this particular history repeats itself. There is even a special section on the campaign website on “The Obama Administration’s Accomplishments for the African American Community.” Click here to see what I am writing about.

Then Tavernise hits her audience with the zinger:

“Given Ohio’s critical importance as a swing state that will most likely be won or lost by the narrowest of margins, the fact that Mr. Obama’s race is a deal-breaker for even a small number of otherwise loyal Democrats could have implications for the final result.”

Now that is a bunch of baloney. What are the odds that someone who voted for Obama four years ago (when he carried Ohio by a comfortable margin) will vote for his opponent this year because Obama is black? Does she really think this is something the voters didn’t know in 2008? Her argument that anti-black bigotry could cost Obama the election this year is ridiculous.

If Obama loses, it won’t be because a majority of voters reject his race. It will be because they reject his policies.

What Republicans Should Do

Faced with the fact that blacks will once again overwhelmingly vote for Obama this year, what should Republicans do?

The most absurd argument I’ve heard is that they should select Condoleezza Rice as Mitt Romney’s running mate. Sure thing. And how much of the black vote will go to Romney because he has a black female on the ticket?

Let’s face facts: If Romney got four times as many black votes as McCain did four years ago, that would still be as insignificant as a mosquito biting the Hulk. In 2008, the black vote came to 12.1 percent of the total.

Obama captured 95 percent of it. Does anyone think there is anything Romney could do to keep Obama from getting the overwhelming majority of it again?

Nominating Condoleezza as Vice President to fragment the black vote makes as much sense as choosing a union leader to make inroads in the union vote. Or a bureaucrat to get the government worker vote.

If Romney is to have any kind of chance this year, he must select someone who will get potential voters to work like crazy for his election. Those dedicated doorbell pushers and yard-sign displayers aren’t going to come from the liberal side of the ledger.

To use a phrase you’ve heard hundreds times before (and will hear a thousand more times before this November), Romney has to choose a candidate — and stake out positions — who will motivate the base. That isn’t Rice.

Heck, I suspect it isn’t even a black whose views I do support, such as Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or Representative Allen West. Although any of those three articulate defenders of American principles would sure add some fire to the race. Could you see any of the three debating Joe Biden? Now, that’s a confrontation I’d pay good money to see.

I hope the left will continue to bang on the “if you oppose Obama you must be a racist” drum because the more they do, the more votes it will cost them. This one just doesn’t play in Peoria anymore. In fact, the only place it does work is the Obamas’ former church. Oh, and maybe Al Sharpton’s congregation.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.
–Chip Wood

Class warfare...Obama style  
By: Diane Sori

Class warfare has been given its own unique twist when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama for he has taken it to a whole new level of hypocrisy.

We all know what a hypocrite ‘Mr. Hope and Change’ is; we all know how he says one thing then does another.  We know his actions usually belie his public statements. 

We know his re-election campaign theme of the 1 percent versus the 99 percent has been cleverly crafted and manufactured to create a sense of class warfare that few with even one working brain cell are buying into.

We know he’s manipulating supposed inequality and playing the race card when he says in our country today “there’s a shrinking number of people who do exceedingly well while a growing number struggle to get by...or are we better off when everyone gets a fair shot?" 

We know his hatred of the rich has NOTHING to do with his wanting to help the poor or the middle class but has EVERYTHING to do with petty jealousy that he is NOT one of the 1 percent.

We know all this but now the hypocrisy of it has come full-circle as those very wealthy people he condemns are the ones he panders to, parties with, and takes money from to feed his campaign war chest.

BTW, Mr. Obama, spending a BILLION dollars on a campaign is NOT running for office but is trying to buy yourself the office, just in case you didn’t know.  But I digress...

Last night’s over the top party/fundraiser at actor George Clooney’s house was hypocrisy like none ever seen before from Mr.’ I'm Jealous of Rich People’.  Obama raised, or should I say bamboozled, nearly $15 million from those rich people, including the $40,000-a-plate admission charge, as well as the proceeds from a contest for two "average Americans" to join the Hollywood crowd.

The man who constantly berates the wealthy, who constantly criticizes them for NOT paying their fair share in taxes was more than willing to take their money for his narcissistic, ‘it’s all about me, me, me ’ over inflated ego driven campaign.

While it’s true that these were the most liberal of the Hollywood elite Obama hangers-on and butt-kissers (gag, gag), the fact remains that he gladly took their money to use on his re-election campaign.  Hey ‘’s a novel idea, why don’t you donate that $15 million to a charity that helps the poor instead of adding it to an already ridiculous billion dollar war chest, after all your charitable donations last year kind of sucked.   Ooops, silly me...helping the poor was NEVER part of your agenda; helping yourself was and still is!

So, Mr. Obama, while you and your minions, including the media whose strings you pull, continue orchestrating and feeding into your manufactured class warfare game to try and divert ‘We the People’ from the real issues (like your pretending the past three years' dismal economy is everybody else's fault but your own), I revel in the fact that you are not likely to fool the voters for much longer, because your hypocrisy can only be hidden from view for so long.  Eventually, even the ‘sheeple’ won’t be able to ignore it.