Sunday, July 12, 2015

Friday was Quds Day, the day where Iranians gather in streets and chant their hatred towards the United States and Israel.

The Free Beacon describes the scene in Iran:
Hoards of Iranians could be seen in the streets in cities across the country. They waved signs advocating the destruction of Israel and America and also rallied in support of the Palestinians seizing Jerusalem.
“Demonstrators chant[ed] slogans in condemnation of the Zionists’ crimes in the occupied Palestinian lands,” Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency reported.
Chants of “Down with the U.S.” and “Down with Israel” could also be heard echoing through the streets, according to Fars.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been labelled by the Obama administration as a moderate. Well this so-called moderate embraced Quds Day by echoing the "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" sentiment:
Earlier in the week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani celebrated Quds Day by calling on his nation to “shout its hatred for the Zionists.”
“People will tell the world on the Quds Day that the Muslim nations will never forget Palestine and occupation of this territory,” Rouhani was quoted as saying on state-run television by the Fars News Agency.
Rouhani went on to state “that the Iranian nation will shout its hatred for the Zionists on the Quds Day,” according to Fars’ report.
Rouhani's statements should not come as a surprise. Rouhani was Iran's chief negotiator from 2003-2005, and he openly bragged about using negotiations with the West as a way to gain time to spin more centrifuges. And under Rouhani's reign of terror, human rights abuses such as torture, political prisoners, executions and persecution of journalists have continued or even increased.

But more importantly, why would Ayatollah Khomeni allow somebody moderate to be elected president?

Iran's Foreign Ministry released statement saying that Iran would sponsor Palestinian terror against Israel:
“Reaching this goal” of retaking Jerusalem from the Israelis “needs confronting the Zionist regime’s aggression and expansionism and empowerment of Palestinians to resist against such measures, since resistance is the only way to restore their rights and free the Palestinian territories and the Holy Quds,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in its statement.
Quds Day unfortunately is a reminder that Iran is run by fanatics who want to see a world without the United States and Israel and where every country is under Shariah law.

How could anybody think that it's a good idea to negotiate with then?

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