Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scott Walker: Trump Using Old Democratic Talking Points Against Me

By Greg Richter / NEWSMAX
Image: Scott Walker: Trump Using Old Democratic Talking Points Against Me
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says Donald Trump is using old Democratic talking points against him when he claims Wisconsin is in terrible shape because of Walker's leadership.

On Monday, Trump tweeted that although Walker currently leads the polls in Iowa, people won't vote for him when they discover his record.

Walker, appearing Monday on Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto,"  countered 
"The rainy day fund is 165 times bigger than when we took office. Pensions are funded. The state is better," Walker said.

Cavuto noted that Trump says Wisconsin now has a $2 billion deficit.

"Interesting," Walker said. "Those are the Democratic talking points. That they've stopped saying them because they're wrong."
The budget he recently signed finishes with a cash balance, he said.

Trump went into attack mode after a Walker staffer called Trump a "DumbDumb."

Walker said that person, New Hampshire venture capitalist Gregory Slayton, was an unpaid volunteer, and neither any paid staffer, nor himself, would ever refer to any other candidate by such a pejorative.

Walker also said he would be willing to sign a pledge not to run as an independent after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made the suggestion that Republican candidates might need to do so. Trump has threatened to run as a third-party candidate if the GOP doesn't treat him with respect.

"I'm running because I want to turn the country around, and I believe the Republican Party best matches up with my beliefs and my values, and I would hope that anyone running as a Republican would want to do that," Walker said.

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