Monday, May 23, 2016

He's Full Of It...

Trump: No Need for GOP Donors, Suggests He May 'Sell Building'

Image: Trump: No Need for GOP Donors, Suggests He May 'Sell Building' Billionaire GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump insists he doesn't need big Republican donors to defeat Hillary Clinton this November.

Trump also suggested on "Fox & Friends" Sunday morning that he may "sell a building" to continue self-financing his own campaign – which he says has already cost him $50 million.

When asked about a Saturday New York Times story detailing a list of major donors who won’t support him, Trump dismissed all of them.

"No, I don't care at all," he said. "These are people that won't have access to the White House, and they want that. They can't tell me what to do like they do every other candidats. They endorse people like Jeb Bush. They would have had total control over Jeb."

But the Times noted that Trump had long promised to self-finance his own campaign.

The paper quoted financier Stanley Druckenmiller: "Not sure why anyone would give money to Mr. Trump since he asserts he is worth $10 billion."

Other GOP mega-donors cited by the Times who are declining to back Trump include Paul Singer, Bruce Kovner and Seth Klarman.
And the founder of Ameritrade, Joe Ricketts and his wife Marlene, also have said they do not plan on donating. Widely respected in Republican circles for supporting efforts to control government spending, the Ricketts did donate to an anti-Trump PAC. This raised Trump’s ire, who tweeted at the time, "They better be careful." 

The Fox hosts asked Trump about the big donor sentiment, "Let Donald Trump fund it himself. He says he's a billionaire let him fund it himself."

Trump said he is currently re-thinking his self-financing approach, but suggested that won't stop him from adding his own money.

"I'll be investing a lot of money," he said. "I'm putting in a lot of my own money, a tremendous amount of my own money in the race."

Reports suggest that Hillary Clinton and her supporters will raise and spend $1.5 billion to beat Trump at the polls. Some pundits say to be competitive he needs to raise at least $1 billion.
Trump noted his company is worth "more than $10 billion."

"I filed my papers about a week ago. Everybody is amazed at the numbers. I'm very liquid. To finance a billion dollars I would have to sell a building, have to do something like that. Will I do that? I could. I have the option of doing it. I have a lot of cash and cash flow. Would I do that? I don't know. I have the option of doing it."

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