Friday, May 13, 2016

Lockdown Over Paper Gun Illustrates Zero Tolerance Insanity

paper+gun_McDonough+Hartford+schoolWhat kind of “adult” would order a “lockdown” over this? (Hartford Police photo)

“Paper Gun Leads to School Lockdown in Hartford,” NBC Connecticut reported Tuesday. A student made a crude representation of a handgun using rolled up paper and brought it to McDonough Expeditionary Learning School for sixth to eighth-graders. Unsurprisingly, considering the mentality running public schools these days, school authorities sounded the alarm for men with guns to come save them.

“Everyone is safe and the lockdown has been lifted, according to police,” NBC advised. How the police could assure the first part of that claim is left unexplained. We are, after all, talking about supposed adults who freaked out over the crude facsimile in the above police photograph.  Who could see that and feel justifiably threatened?

Why this even made the news tells us much. As does the ruthless “reconditioning” the poor kid can now expect to be subjected to.

So what should have been done? Barring a lot more to this story than is being told, how about this?

“Johnny, put that away and stop disrupting the class or I’m going to make you get it back from your Mom.”

There’d be no cause to escalate beyond that unless Johnny decided to be stupid and provoke a lesson in logical consequences for testing the adult in charge.

If the school were actually living up to all the great things it says about itself, you’d think such creativity would be encouraged. That gun, while crude, shows imagination, creativity, aptitude and uniqueness. And that’s what they claim to be about, when in reality, those are characteristics the public educational establishment is tasked to stamp out through whatever level of repression and bullying it takes.

“Students [are] empowered to pursue content knowledge on their own,” they brag under a “Special Points” section explaining why they’re a different kind of school. Isn’t that what the kid just did?

“Students demonstrate knowledge through multiple presentation modes,” they elaborate. Ditto.

How about “That’s pretty neat, Johnny. What made you think to build with paper rolls like that?” How about “Building guns interests you? You know we have Colt here in Hartford. Hey, maybe we could arrange a field trip to the Museum of Connecticut History to see their Colt exhibit!”

That ain’t gonna happen.

The Opposite Day nature of “progressivism” reveals itself in the very name of the school, and the acronym it forms, explained in MELS Habits of Scholarship. Knee-jerk “zero tolerance” hysteria over a paper gun hardly speaks to being “Mindful” or “Ethical,” let alone being a “Leader” or a “Scholar.” This whole flap seems as ridiculous as the martinets who argued for upholding a suspension against a seven-year-old for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun.  And is it any wonder that kid was deemed “disruptive,” what with “adults” who would do that to a child forcing their agenda on young minds trying to make sense out of a senseless agenda?

“Home school,” some of you are already doing, and others are no doubt thinking
We’ll look into that in a future post.

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