Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Unity or Hillary…That is Now Our Only Choice
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Many people still continue to ask me why I, a proud member of #nevertrump, #freethedelegates, and #delegatesunbound, have now decided to vote for Donald J. Trump come November, even though I do so with some continued trepidation and the proverbial clothespin on my nose. It seems what I wrote and posted just a day or so ago ( was not enough for some, so let me elaborate on it a bit and my hateful naysayers best just get over it.

Do the names Mayor Rudi Giuliani, Sheriff David Clark, former Senator Bob Dole, current Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and former Vice-President Dick Cheney mean anything to you…they do to me. Great men in my eyes and they are all voting for Trump for like me they all are gambling on a chance for our country’s survival by voting for a political novice over the politically astute Hillary Clinton, the murderer and traitor forever to be known as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi.’

And while I do have a bone-to-pick…so to say…with Mayor Giuliani’s words at the convention where he still called the recent acts of terrorism both here and abroad ‘radical islamic terrorism’ instead of saying what it truly is…as in ‘islamic terrorism’…for remember islam is islam is islam…meaning all of islam is one and the same…I do have undying and deep respect for Rudi Giuliani for his bravery, leadership, and heroism during the actual day and weeks that followed what changed America and my life forever…a day always and forever to be known as 9/11. 

And that respect continued on when Rudi Giuliani and then Police Commissioner William Bratton initiated what is known as ‘the broken windows theory of urban decay’…a theory that rightfully surmised that by not dealing with minor disorders and violations as they happen, especially in minority and blighted neighborhoods, leads directly to a more permissive atmosphere being created that in turn leads to further and more serious crimes that can then threaten the safety of a city and its residents.

And New York City life under Mayor Giuliani did improve greatly under his leadership as he and his policies helped to lower the rate of violent crime citywide, and whose streets went from being oh so nastily referred to as ‘the mean streets’ to becoming one of America’s safest streets to walk.

So if a true leader like former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani…a man I supported when he ran for president…a man of indisputable character…can support, endorse, campaign, and vote for a man like Donald Trump…the least I can do considering the alternative is vote for Trump as well.

See Rudi Giulaini's convention speech here:

Now as for Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a man I so admire for standing up to his fellow blacks in regards to the vile, racist, and exceedingly hateful ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement…Sheriff Clarke remains a man who stands by and champions America’s police and who in his heart knows that all the recent killings of our police lie directly at the feet of race-baiting, cop-hating, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. 

"What we witnessed in Ferguson, in Baltimore, and in Baton Rouge was a collapse of social order” Clarke said when he spoke during opening night of the convention. Adding that America’s law enforcement officers understand that race is, has, and unfortunately remains a heated issue in our country, Sheriff Clarke said that Donald J. Trump understands and supports dialogue between the races but not at the expense of the safety of our police.

So if that man whose battle cry is ‘Blue Lives Matter in America’ can endorse both Donald J. Trump the man along with his newest slogan, ‘Make America Safe Again’…then the least I can do considering the alternative is vote for him as well….for the simple fact is that without those ‘Blue Lives’ keeping our streets safe our white lives, black lives, red and yellow lives will never be safe.

See Sheriff David Clarke's convention speech here:

Remember too, and catching us out of the blue, was Donald Trump being endorsed by former Senator and former 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole…a man I also voted for. In his calling for the GOP to unite behind Trump in order to defeat Hillary, Dole, who backed (my choice of) Marco Rubio in the GOP primary was never as critical of Trump as many other so-called establishment Republicans had been. 

Saying that, "The voters of our country have turned out in record numbers to support Mr. Trump. It is important that their votes be honored and it is time that we support the party's presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump’…then adding that, "I plan to attend the RNC convention in Cleveland to show my support for our party and our ticket, as I have done my entire life. We must unite as a party to defeat Hillary Clinton,” the least I can do considering said alternative is vote for Trump as well…vote for him then hope and pray I did not make a mistake.

And as for former Vice President Dick Cheney, a man I have always admired and respected no matter how others may feel, he is supporting and voting for Donald J. Trump as he continues to outwardly face resistance from other Republican Party ‘elders’ and those within the party hierarchy itself, especially since he many times has criticized Trump for sounding like a “liberal Democrat.” Also, with Trump’s calling to task the George W. Bush administration for invading Iraq and failing to stop 9/11, Cheney tried to diffuse the situation by stating that Trump did not understand that times were different then, and that he has always supported the Republican nominee and would continue to so with Trump.

And part of the reason for Cheney’s endorsement…an endorsement that followed soon after the Republican ‘so-called’ elder statesmen Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush announced they would not attend the convention…is Donald J. Trump’s wanting to reinstitute the use of waterboarding and other torture techniques when dealing with those out to kill us all…something on which I also agree for this war we currently fight must be fought with collateral damage be damned.

So again, the least I can do considering the Hillary alternative is vote for Trump as well.

Now as for Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Marco I can speak for personally as from his own mouth on last week’s core volunteer group call regarding his Senatorial re-election campaign, Marco himself said we need to vote for Donald J. Trump because Hillary cannot become president, and that’s good enough for me. As for Ted Cruz, all convention wrangling aside…wrangling that as a supporter of #freethedelegates I stood strong with…I’m sure in the end he too will stand with Trump for like I keep saying, the alternative cannot and must not be allowed to happen.

So now that Donald J. Trump has officially secured the nomination…something Hillary so not wanted to happen…and did so with a final count of 1,725 votes on the first ballot…the party must unite behind a man who hopefully will surround himself with good people…a man who will hopefully pick a cabinet that will serve ‘We the People’ well…and a man who will hopefully appoint true conservatives to the Supreme Court as vacancies come due…because we doubters but now supporters…albeit some of us with the proverbial clothespin on our noses…will surely hold his feet to the fire to keep his promises made.

And to those in the #nevertrump, #freethedelegates, and #delegatesunbound movements, and especially to Kendal Unruh, I so congratulate you for trying your best, but as proven time and again sometimes our best just is not enough. And if only Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich had united together as one, Donald J. Trump would not have been the nominee as together they garnered 842 votes, meaning Donald J. Trump would have come up short by 145 votes.

But that did not happen and like I said he is our nominee and it is he…Donald J. Trump…who will get my vote. And hopefully he will get yours as well for like I keep saying, the Hillary Clinton alternative is truly a hell of a lot worse.


  1. stephanie wilsonJuly 20, 2016 at 1:20 AM

    trump's a d-mn hypocrite. he takes gwb to task?? screw him!! [trump] he was not in the oval office that day! btw, he supported the war as well! trump has been lying about that too! it's bad enough the gop tossed pres gw bush under the bus, as well as many conservatives, but now they tell me to get behind a man who lied about & trashed the bush family! it really pisses me off that the gop rewards a guy who trashes not just gwb, but othe republicans too. a guy who funded the clintons for decades, as 4 9/11, there was no ''ACTIONABLE'' intell to stop it. that bush just let it happen is a fat azz lie!! btw, bush did indeed call our enemy radical islamic terrorists. newt gingrich lied & many repeat his lie! i heard many of bush's speeches. 4 some reason, most only focused on ONE. i'll support trump when he repents of his klies & conspracy theories.

  2. The option of Hillary was NEVER an option...we have NO choice as it's Trump or Hillary as NO third party candidate has any chance of winning. And while I will vote for him I am still NOT a fan.

  3. Great job Diane! You are are great American!

    1. Thanks...and so re you my friend. :)

  4. Great job Diane! You are are great American!

  5. NEVER HILLARY! That should be the uppermost thought in everyone's mind as we go forward. Donald may not be perfect, but he will undoubtedly be far better than Hillary. Trump loves America. He loves Americans. And he loves free enterprise. We will remain free and prosperous and become safe under Trump.

    1. I wanted MARCO but Trump it is and with Trump NOT being a socialist or a murdering traitor he gets my vote.