Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ObamaCare Gets Personal...URGENT UPDATE!

Diane Sori's photo.UPDATE ABOUT CRAIG AND SUSAN...please guys help a fellow patriot as he, his wife, and pets are on the verge of homelessness...AND THE GOVERNMENT HAS DENIED THEM HELP! American citizens they deny...yet ILLEGALS are awash in free stuff!!!

Craig's words...

Friends...time is drawing short and things are dire. Our desperate situation is closing in on us.

We only have 3 weeks left before we are homeless due to the ravages of Obamacare. We live in a very small town in Nebraska...there are no rental properties of any kind...and we are scared to death.

With a down payment of $8,000 we can get ourselves into a small house nearby. It will be a struggle, as that house needs a lot of work, including a new roof, but with your help...we are up to the challenge. We are not afraid of the hard work it will take.

We know that times are hard for so very many and that there are so many facing our situation just as we are. We don't know what else to do except to appeal to the generosity and kindness of those who can help.

Please...donate the attached article and know that your help is more appreciated than words can express. We are simply running out of time and you...the good people who read and share this...are the only hope we have left.

Please read their story at The Patriot Factor..."Obamacare Gets Personal."…/normal-0-false-false…

And then go to to help out. Thanks to all.

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