Thursday, September 15, 2016

Investigative Report
Hillary's 'Episode'...The Truth Exposed  
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

In trying to decipher Hillary Clinton’s medical issues, and she obviously has medical issues, there are two codes, if you will, that must be cracked.

First, there is the matter of the official Hillary team explanation regarding what transpired over the weekend at Sunday’s 9/11 event.

By now everybody knows about Hillary leaving the event early, being helped from the venue to a spot near the curb while she and her handlers…or spotters as the case may be…waited for Hillary’s custom van/ambulance to arrive and second, there was the whole aspect of Hillary’s spotters catching her as she went limp and then was literally dragged and loaded into that van.

As to the official story…


  1. Ummm...If she really had a mini-stroke, they would have had to rush her to the hospital. However, Parkinson's Disease is gradual and people get used to the symptoms. It seems to me that all the people were well coached in how to handle Hillary's health crises. If this were a mini-stroke, how many has she had it in the past? It would seem she must be having mini-strokes lots of times for everyone to take it so nonchalantly.

    It would seem this blog is telling us that all those other episodes could have been "mini-strokes" as well. How many damned strokes can a woman have before she gives up the ghost? Maybe she is a dynamo!

    I'm calling this editorial piece bologna!

  2. I am an inside source and know about Ms. Clinton and her alcohol problem. Ms. Clinton did use drugs to solve the blood clot problems which were derivative of her alcohol problem. She fell because she was blind drunk; she bobbed her head up and down because she was drunk. She obviously doesn't want this to get out!

    The other day at the 911 Memorial, Ms. Clinton was blind drunk! She leaned against a bollard because she was drunk; she fell into the car drunk. Once they got her to Chelsea's apartment the magic formula that brought her back was black coffee and lots of moving around.

    When she was told to keep talking during a political rally, that was her personal coach to help her get through the speech. As soon as the event was over, it was back to the Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.

    Hillary needs our prayers as does Ms. Sori. She tries so hard to get things right, but is always off by a mile.

    1. I do NOT believe one word of what you said. Sure Hillary drinks but in NO way was she drunk on 9/11 and her fast recovery when she emerged from Chelsea's apartment proves it. And you an 'inside source'...oh are as delusional as Hillary is.

  3. If this run for president doesn't work out, what will Hillary do? The Clintons are obviously poverty stricken. What will she do with all those pant suits? On the radio the Clintons are freaking out about the polls; they are going back to the birther movement - which she founded by the way. They want Trump to denounce the birther movement. Trump wants to talk policy, but lying Hillary wants to discuss where the Kenyan came from. If I were Trump, I would say something like this: you release all your records regarding your health, the Clinton Foundation, and all those speeches you gave to Wall Street and I might consider your offer.

    Hillary could be a side kick on shows like Letterman where she would be the Paul Schaeffer.

    This blog needs more pictures of winners like Trump vs whiners like Marco Rubio. What a loser; ugly picture too! Who is that ghastly looking medusa to his left?

    1. I post plenty about Trump and MARCO...whose campaign I am on. The reason so much is on Hillary is because I and my fellow conservative bloggers need to convince people NOT to vote for her.