Saturday, October 8, 2016

Russia moving nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad as it suspends nuclear R&D pact with United States


Obama and Hillary’s legacy. What an unmitigated disaster.
Even during the Cold War things were never this bad, U.S. officials say. On 5 October, the Russian government suspended an agreement with the United States on nuclear R&D cooperation and terminated another on retooling Russian research reactors to no longer run on weapons-grade uranium fuel.
[…] Russia also pulled out of another agreement with the United States on 3 October in which the two countries were working to eliminate 34 tons of plutonium stockpiled in both countries—enough for about 17,000 bombs. (more here at Science Magazine)
“We were really sorry to see the Russians do this,” says an Obama official. What reckless buffoonery.
Russia moving...

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