Wednesday, October 5, 2016

To All My Blog Followers...

In case I am not on to do my blog for the next few days please do not think I've deserted you or shut my blog down, because I haven't. The thing is I am in 'the cone' of 'cat 3-4' Hurricane Matthew and there is a possibility of a direct Florida hit within the county where I live.

Either way...if it does make landfall here or not or just skirts up the coast...the next few days will not be pretty...we probably will lose power off and on making being on the computer iffy at best.

So to all my Florida blog followers stay safe, get prepared, and know that just like in times before we will make it through this as we Floridians are a tough lot having weathered many hurricanes before.


  1. God bless you, and the main things that I wish that we had was a charger for my phone for my car. We lost electricity for 3 weeks. Ice, Canned meat, a generator if you can afford it. We ran our small a/c in our bedroom and lived by flashlights, and lots of batteries.

    1. We will get through this...we Floridians are tough and most of us have been through this before with Andrew and Wilma.I've got two car charges and an independent battery charger for my phones and computers as well. Stay safe.