Thursday, November 17, 2016

George Soros Allies Mull Judicial Watch-Like Venture to Stymy Donald Trump

George SorosBillionaire George Soros and his team of hard-left partisans have reportedly met to discuss the formation of a new organization with a mission of filing legal petitions against the newly seated Donald Trump administration – ostensibly, performing the watchdogging role Judicial Watch fulfilled under President Obama’s two terms.

More to truth, the Soros venture is the liberal world’s partisan answer to Judicial Watch, which proved to be a political annoyance to Obama’s administration for years.

As Politico reported:
“There is … discussion of forming a liberal equivalent to the right’s Judicial Watch, which spent much of the past eight years as a thorn in the Obama administration’s side filing legal petitions under the Freedom of Information Act — and tormented Hillary Clinton with aggressive investigations into her email habits.”
Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell was quick to respond to the reports.
In a tweet, he wrote: “@JudicalWatch may be imitated, but NEVER duplicated. America’s Watchdog!”
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