Sunday, November 20, 2016

Massachusetts Officials Say Only ‘Peaceful’ Jihad Preached in Prisons (with al-Qaeda Tapes)

muslims-prison-usPrisons are hotbeds of radicalism and jihad recruitment and have been for some time but like any evil left unchecked, it’s reached unprecedented levels.

The problem is the refusal by authorities to recognize this obvious problem.

This has been going on well over a decade. What better candidate for jihad then vicious, violent, broken men? In the UK, for example, Muslim ‘extremists’ are taking over UK prisons. Muslim ‘brothers’ provide protection inside.

Non-Muslim inmates are being pressured to convert to an “Islamic protection racket” which forms the largest “power block” in the jail. Muslim inmates in four of the UK’s category A prisons, which are reserved for the most dangerous criminals, bully others into either converting into Islam or paying a tax as prescribed by sharia law, a government inquiry has allegedly found.

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