Tuesday, November 1, 2016


New York Times Tries Desperately to Clean Up For Hillary and Huma


The NYT, in trying to clean up for Hillary and act as if she is distancing from Huma even if she isn’t, is diving into the sexual scandals engulfing Anthony Weiner, and spreading the scandals around.

They even cited the email after midnight in which Hillary tells Huma to knock on her door if it’s closed “for a chat.” Lol — “for a chat”? How do they know?? How do they know why Huma came to Hillary’s bedroom after midnight? It could have been to give her pyridium, but they had to tell us rubes that it was “for a chat.” How do they know??? Afraid we’ll think something else when we hear about a knock on the door to Hillary’s bedroom late at night? If Hillary wanted to...


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