Saturday, November 5, 2016

Oh My: Hillary Clinton Emailed Daughter Chelsea Information Now Deemed Classified The latest Clinton email disclosure from the State Department shows that Hillary Clinton emailed her daughter Chelsea information now deemed classified relating to global climate talks (via Politico):
The email originated with White House Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Froman and was forwarded to the former secretary of state by her policy aide Jake Sullivan. Hillary Clinton sent it along to her daughter's email account with the notation: "See below." 
The subject matter of the message is unclear, but it appears likely to relate to global climate change negotiations.
Froman sent the first message in the chain on December 19, 2009, the day after Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama took part in whirlwind talks in Denmark over a possible international agreement to combat global warming. Among those sent the earliest message was White House environmental adviser Carol Browner.
The original pair of messages from Froman were given the lowest classification stamp, "Confidential," about a year ago when they were released. Notations indicate the information was classified because it came from a foreign government or pertained to diplomatic exchanges.
The now-classified message to Chelsea was among 74 documents totaling 285 pages released by State Friday afternoon pursuant to a court order.
Politico added that 2,100 emails found on Clinton’s server, which she turned over to the FBI are now viewed as containing classified information. Still, the publication added that the bigger bombshell was FBI Director James Comey announcement that the bureau would be reviewing the latest trove of Clinton-related emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, who is the estranged husband of top Hillary aide Huma Abedin. Abedin and her Weiner shared the device. The FBI was reviewing the laptop in a separate investigation regarding Weiner’s online interactions with an underage girl. That’s how the emails were discovered—and they are indeed new ones that were sent during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. The contents of these new documents remains to be seen, but this fiasco isn’t going away after Election Day.

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