Saturday, November 12, 2016


In case you missed last night's RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Broadcast where Craig and I discussed the presidential election, where I explained how an Obama pardon of Hillary can be overturned, and where Craig gave a snarky and oh so funny take on the election...the show will be rebroadcast tonight at midnight and throughout the week on American Political Radio at

Or you can listen to it at the time of your choosing on the cloud at:…/right-side-patriots-111116

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  1. I agree that Hillary might get an Obama pardon, but will Trump take time to go the route of trying to stop it? I believe you said there was one route to stop this pardon, or negate it(besides the foreign route): to prove that Obama was complicit with Clinton, or trying to cover-up what he did. Obama claimed he knew nothing of the e-mails; yet, didn't he e-mail her using a false name. If he knew nothing of her account, then how could he e-mail her? I would like to see Rudy Giuliani as the new Attorney General. At least we will be a nation of laws again. I agree with will be nice to see the end of Dingy Harry Reade.