Tuesday, November 8, 2016

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...LIVE...Election Night Coverage!

We'll stay on until a winner is declared.

May the best men win today...DONALD TRUMP for President, MARCO RUBIO for Florida Senator, and BRIAN MAST for Florida Congressional District 18.


  1. This was an overall up day for Americans! I know Marco took his Senate seat back, but that is all I know. When I saw how close Florida was without the panhandle, I knew Trump would take Florida. Ohio and North Carolina I wasn't so sure about. How about Trump taking Pennsylvania? Even with all the dead people in Philadelphia voting for Hillary, Trump took the state. Quite frankly, I turned on the TV thinking to turn in off by about 9 PM in Hillary's favor. I was mistaken!

    I wonder what Muhammad would say about all of this.

  2. Muhammad would be crying to his camel right now saying WTF happened...LOL