Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cruz, Graham Join Forces to Defund United Nations

By Sandy Fitzgerald / NEWSMAX

Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham were fierce rivals last year for the presidential nomination, but said Thursday they're now joining forces to achieve one common goal — defunding the United Nations unless it rescinds its Security Council's vote against allowing Israeli West Bank settlements.

"What brings us together today is an issue that I think really unites Republicans but also unites Americans, and that's standing with Israel," Cruz told Fox News' "Fox and Friends" program. "If you look in the last month what [President] Barack Obama has done, I think it's been nothing short of shameful. It has been striking out against Israel, really showing his true beliefs."

Cruz said he and Graham will file their legislation to defund the U.N. on Thursday, and hope to "end it all unless and until they reverse this anti-Israel resolution."

Also appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, Graham noted that 22 percent of the money for the United Nations comes from the American taxpayers, and he does not think "It's a good investment for an American taxpayer to give money to an organization that condemns the only democracy in the Mideast, takes the settlement issue and says that's the most important and only issue in term of impediments to peace."

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