Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just a Thought...
This is Wrong on Many Levels
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

And so it seems that an imam will be at the president's traditional Interfaith Inaugural Prayer Service this morning as a show of unity. This is so wrong on so many levels for we are NOT united with islam and NEVER will be...we are a Judeo-Christian nation...period. And besides, we are at war with islam...all of islam...and having an imam present at a church service...or any service for that a slap in the face to all our troops who died at the hands of the enemy as well as those who died in islamic terrorist attacks here on American soil.

And while in NO way do I believe that Donald Trump had anything to do with this I do believe he should put his foot down and say NO!


  1. Islam is a Hybrid Ideology - a totalitarian political ideology combined with religious dogma and calls for world conquest by moslems and the extermination of all non muslims except for those who Islamic leaders decide to enslave or make second class citizens with special taxes and civil disabilities. Accordingly Islam should never be respected or protected as a religion because it is wrong to respect or protect a totalitarian political ideology.

    Islam teaches that moslems have a duty to wage jihad against non muslims, that moslems can never be true friends to non moslems, that moslems have a duty to lie to non moslems to advance Islam, that moslems always owe their first allegiance to Islam, and that moslems who become apostate are to be killed. Islam's sharia law is against our basic constitutional freedoms. And Islamic terrorists, doing what Islam and Mohammed teach, have committed more than 30,169 deadly acts of islamic terror , killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people, in just the short 15 years since their twin tower attack.

    This compound hybrid ideology is as different from religion as water is from water mixed with cyanide. We do not protect water mixed with cyanide water. We call it poison. And Islam is just as deadly a poison to the body politic as is water to the body physical.

    Islam should be legally declared by constitutional amendment to Not be a religion. This is a very important step to be taken in keeping America free and safe because it will deprive the political totalitarian ideology of Islam from its tax free status and from its claim of religious discrimination whenever its efforts to impose sharia are resisted. And it will make it much harder for Islam to inflitrate our Congress, our Courts, our military, our institutions and our security agencies.

  2. Obviously, hopefully, the last sentence of the third paragraph of the above post should read " And Islam is just as deadly poison to the body politic as is water mixed with cyanide to the body physical."

    1. No problem as I figured that is what you meant.