Friday, January 27, 2017

Just a Thought...
Traitor Thy Name is Obama
Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

America's 44th Barack HUSSEIN NOT only the worst president ever but he is the epitome of the consummate TRAITOR as he's fooled the sheeple, the misinformed, and the clueless into thinking he's theirs and America's savior.

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  1. Obama is our First Traitorous President. Raised by communist mother , and with a muslim communist father, he was taught hatred for the U S from childhood on. And sadly he never learned better.

    He could never understand that the United States became so prosperous because it recognized each individual's God given freedom to pursue happiness as he saw fit. Steeped in the Islamic idea of a Slave Master god he was never able to understand that God is actually the Loving Father of all mankind. With the Islamic example of wealth through conquest and plunder as his model, he never understood that the right way to wealth for a country is from production not plunder. And he lied continually to the American public with one lie or fraud after another, from the fraud of man caused global warming through the fraud of blaming a video for Benghazi , on and on with lies and distortions. Probably his most outstanding betrayls were the way he destablized the middle east and allowed ISIS to rise and murder thousands of christians, jews, and other non muslims, and the way he helped Iran on its way to nuclear bombs and missiles.

    And so he infiltrated our government with muslims whose first loyalty is to Islam, not to the U S, and he sought to handicap the U S for the benefit of countries who are poor primarily because they are run by communist or Islamic type dictatorial regimes and lack the freedom that the U S enjoys.

    Hopefully the American public will never make the mistake of electing another like him.