Sunday, January 29, 2017

Netanyahu Backs Trump on Wall: 'Great Idea'
By Todd Beamon / NEWSMAX
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Saturday praised President Donald Trump as being "right" for his executive order to begin building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration, calling it a "great idea."

Netanyahu made his comments on Twitter:

In addition, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro noted how Trump's decision might affect the relationship between the United States and Israel.

Trump and Netanyahu will meet in Washington next month.

Here is Shapiro's tweet:

Trump signed the order Wednesday at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, fulfilling a longstanding campaign promise.

American taxpayers are expected to pay for the upfront costs, though Trump continues to assert that Mexico will reimburse the money through various unspecified means.

The order was among 12 directives President Trump signed since his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Israel built its border fence with Egypt in 2013 — completing the project the following year — and it has drastically cut the number of immigrants and refugees from Africa who cross into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula.

Trump also cited the Israeli barrier in his interview Thursday with Sean Hannity on Fox News.
"The wall is necessary because people want protection, and a wall protects," he said. "All you have to do is ask Israel.

"They were having a total disaster coming across — and they had a wall.

"It’s 99.9 percent stoppage," Trump said. "A proper wall."

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