Monday, February 20, 2017

Lawmakers probe US embassy funding George Soros groups

This is skulduggery of the Obama’s State Department. And no enemedia coverage on this subterfuge.

Macedonia: Leading Republican House representative Christopher Smith announced an investigation in the activities of the US Embassy in Macedonia, and the allegations that it has acted in an openly partisan way in the past years, supporting the left wing SDSM party. The call comes after the Embassy failed to respond to a letter signed by Smith and five other GOP representatives, who demanded answers over meddling in domestic politics, but also over Embassy funding for activities of the George Soros led Foundation Open Society Macedonia.

“The US Ambassador should have absolutely no role in forming a Government and taking sides in putting together a coalition. That is not the place of the United States of America or its representative in Skopje. I asked specific questions in this letter. We asked, the group of members of the House of Representatives whether or not there was any collaboration with the center-left parties on when elections should take place. We should have no role in that! We should be talking about free and fair elections, unfettered access to the media, but in no way should we take sides. So, if this Ambassador has taken sides, he should be fired! He should be fired immediately!”, representative Smith told the Macedonian Television correspondent in Washington D.C.

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