Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Litigate This: Article IV, Section IV

Here’s the thing. The left has no use for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the founding principle of this great nation — individual rights. Which is why the Trump presidency is so delicious. He is challenging them on every power grab, every suppression of our rights, every usurpation of freedom over the past decade (and beyond).

This is why the Supreme Court is so critical. The left wants to shred the Constitution. They sell their swill by calling the Constitution a living document open to change and judicial activism. No. It is the bones of our Constitutional Republic and the court’s role is to enforce it, not destroy it.

Above: The Statue of Freedom, with a shield and laurel wreath in her left hand and a sword at her right, stands atop the Capitol dome. President Trump has no option under the Constitution but to protect each state against invasion. Is that what we’ve reached in the current war?


Article IV, Section IV

Editorial of The New York Sun | February 6, 2017:

While the State of Washington sues President Trump over refugee visas, we will have a weather eye out for the part of the Constitution known as Article IV, Section 4. It is a sui generis part of our national parchment. Much of the document is concerned with granting, enumerating, and separating powers for things the government can do. Much of the Constitution is given over to listing what the government, and in some instances, the states, can not do. It is only in Article IV, Section 4 that the Constitution sets down things that the United States must do.

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