Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Left discovers jihad, blames Trump for emboldening “jihadist” Saudi Arabia                 By / Jihad Watch

This war on jihad terror gets stranger by the day. Many leftist purveyors of “Islamophobia” propaganda are resistant to the very word “jihad” and the reality that normative Islam is jihadist at the core and is very much driven by Islamic texts. Yet now CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, of all people, has written about “jihadist terrorism” in claiming that Trump “was played” by Saudi Arabia:
But most important, it will do nothing to address the direct and ongoing threat to Americans — jihadist terrorism. I thought that Trump’s foreign policy was going to put America first, not Saudi Arabia.
So now CNN is actually supporting Trump’s “America first” and anti-“jihadist terrorism” initiatives?

Hardly. The CNN alarm about Saudi Arabia has everything to do with being anti-Trump and little to do with authentic attempts to combat the global jihad.

The virulently anti-Trump Washington Post sang a similar tune:

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