Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Piece of American Garbage
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

By now we have all seen or know about the absolutely horrific photo of President Trump...a photo I will NOT post even though others have...a photo a piece of human garbage named Kathy Griffin was so proud of...and we all know about her phony apology where she cared more about people's reaction to the photo than the content of the photo itself.

With that said, what is just as grievous is that many Democratic Representatives and Senators refuse to speak out and condemn both Griffin and the photo, thus proving what we have known for over eight years now...that the Democratic Party is beyond merely being out of touch with reality but are actually traitors to our beloved America. And notice nary a word from Obama or Hillary condemning the photo or the vile person who did it, but if what was depicted in the horrific photo was depicted being done to either of them there would be riots in the streets and lynch mobs demanding justice with both of them fueling the call for revenge on.

Sad to say but the entirety of the Democratic party and its members are truly today's enemy within...and maybe they always were (we know for sure they were for at least the past eight years) for mindset like that of Griffin and her ilk takes generations to cultivate.

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