Friday, June 2, 2017

Bloomberg: There's A 55 Percent Chance Trump Is Re-elected Because Democrats Will Eat Each Other
In April, self-described feminist Camille Paglia sat down with The New York Times’ Frank Bruni, where she said that Donald J. Trump was heading for a second term because the Democratic Party is in disarray, and that they’re overplaying their hand. Keep in mind that Paglia is no conservative, having voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 election. She’s also a Bernie Sanders supporter. She’s not the only one to acknowledge that Democrats will probably secure a second term for Trump.

Bruni recently interviewed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said—more or less—that Democrats are going to “step on each other” fighting Trump, giving the president a 55 percent chance of getting re-elected:
Ah, politics. I knew we’d get there. Bloomberg, an independent who opposed Donald Trump, said that Democrats never found an effective message. “Hillary said, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad,’ ” he said.
They’re still searching for the right issues and words, he said, and too many have visions of 2020 dancing in their heads.
“They’ll step on each other and re-elect Donald
Trump,” he told me, estimating “a 55 percent chance he gets re-elected.”
Fifty-five percent? Whether good for my longevity or not, I need a cookie.
The Left will eat each other. Well, given the friction between the Bernie wing of the party and the more establishment camp, though still thoroughly left wing; it’s not an insane projection. Moreover, many thought that Trump wouldn’t win last year.

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