Friday, August 30, 2013

Still at the RightOnline Seminar and the 
Defending the American Dream Summit.  
Here are a few pics...

Guess who this is with me...sans his famous cowboy hat...

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindhl was amazing and brought the audience to its feet.  Definite VP material.

Texas Bea (my fellow Lady Patriot) & David Horowitz.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio...Rubio/Jindhl...
Rubio/Cruz...Cruz/Rubio ...all possibilities I like for sure.

Black Ninja &Wild Bill                                                              

Wild Bill & Javier Manjarres...'The Shark Tank' on Radio Row           



  1. You are CRAZY scary lookin' Diane. Hate to attack your appearance. I generally find that a poor tactic for critique, but you look just as I suspected you would. What's with the freaky bangs and the dye job?

  2. Wild Bill hasn't been skipping any meals now has he?