Saturday, October 18, 2014

San Francisco: “Denounce [truthful] Muni bus ads on Islam as false”
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Our ads are up on 100 buses in San Francisco. And, of course, the dissemblers, apologists, and intellectual frauds come out from under their rocks to denounce them.

But when tens of thousands of Muslims and their leftist lapdogs call for the annihilation of the Jewish State, or Jews are attacked in the streets of NYC and LA, or a Rabbi is shot in cold blood in Miami, these quislings stay silent.
 “Denounce Muni bus ads on Islam as false”
By Abby Michelson Porth and Michael Pappas
October 16, 2014 | San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday, advertisements appeared on San Francisco Muni buses depicting Islam as evil and claiming that devout followers of the faith are bound to be violent. This proclamation is utterly false and an attempt...



  1. I realize this is off topic, but Jarad Taylor put together a youtube video in response to the two recent shootings in St. Louis by white police officers.

    For those of us who think that there is more institutionalized white hate than just the Muslims deliver, this film addresses those timely issues.

    By the way, in reference to Pamela Geller's piece, I consider her a patriot and wish her Godspeed. The same left that supports out-of-control black behaviour supports out-of-control muslim behaviour.

    Notice in Taylor's film, the same tactic is used: lies against the truth. They claim that Brown was trying to surrender, or the other black had a sandwich in his hand. The left uses lies constantly to obfuscate the truth, but the truth will prevail.

  2. Hey...Diane Sori...I don't know if you are reading these posts, but if you are, I could tell that Mohammad was lonely. The only happy Muslim is one with a sheep or goat to keep him company. Please tell Craig Andresen to find Mohammad a goat or a sheep (preferably by Wednesday).

    I want to hear some BAAAH...BAAAH....BAAAH!

    If I know Craig, he would insult Mohammad by getting him a date with a pig! A real squealer!

    Please pass the message on that Mohammad needs a DATE!

  3. Hi Diane, the war has begun and has been going for quite some time:

    I know there is the desire to assimilate black people with us, but the evidence shows that blacks will never assimilate into our society. Oh…5% will!

    When will Tea Party people admit that this diversification experiment is a complete failure and accept their white heritage and stop hating themselves?

    The blacks of St. Louis and Baltimore hate you because you are white. You and your family would not be able to walk safely in their neighborhoods.

    Seriously…why don’t you and Pamela Geller take an ounce of the disgust you feel for Muslims and apply it to blacks?

    If you read the above story, tell me ONE instance where whites did this to a black family?

    Tell me ONE instance where a white person beheaded a black grandmother?

    This would be ALL over the news if the black/white roles were reversed!

    Black America is every BIT as bad as Muslim America! Prove me wrong!