Saturday, June 9, 2012

Drip, drip...the leaks are turning into a flood
By: Diane Sori

With a straight face on the verge of a smirk, Barack Hussein Obama stands before the media cameras and emphatically denies that the recent intel leaks of classified information about terrorist ‘drone kill lists’ and cyber-warfare against Iran's nuclear program was done to make him look good for his re-election bid. 
"The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive," Obama said.

Not as offensive as you are, Mr. Obama, that’s for sure.

However, as the inquiry into these leaks continues, the tide is turning against Obama as the Justice Department’s National Security Division partly recused itself from the FBI inquiry, with Representative Mike Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, rebutting that the recusal suggests that “some of these leaks could have come from sources within the D.O.J.”

Hmmm...DOJ involvement in yet another scandal; I wonder how Mr. ‘Fast and Furious’ himself, Attorney General Eric Holder, will try to squirm his way out of this one for as the head of the DOJ he’s up to his eyeballs in this.  Obama and Holder are again linked together in yet another scandal.

Want to end all this...does the word polygraph come to mind.  Make the whole damn Obama administration take a polygraph test and be done with it.  You could end the two scandals at the same time, and save us taxpayers a hell of a lot of money on the obvious dog and pony show that will go nowhere!  Somehow, some way, Obama and crew will get away with this just as they will get away with ‘Fast and Furious’ unless irrefutable information or a ‘plant’ comes forward.

But I digress... 

During an election year when Obama cannot run on his domestic policy successes (because there are none), his jobs creation numbers (because any such numbers have been grossly over-inflated), or the economic recovery (because there is none), he is obviously trying to run on his foreign policy record and on an image of being a strong, no nonsense commander-in-chief, which BTW, he is not. 

Even Mr. RINO himself, Senator John McCain, is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the leaks he claims are designed to portray Obama as a strong leader on national security issues.

Obama knows that a special investigation and hearings, with all they entail, can sometimes take months or even years until a verdict is reached and that is just what he is counting on...a nice long, drawn out process that extends past November.  

However, Mitt Romney believes Obama should take charge NOW in order to stop the leaks in their tracks and not put any more lives in danger because of those leaks.

"Leadership starts at the top.  It's his (Romney’s) sincere hope that the president is using all means at his disposal to put an end to this harmful practice," said Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg..

Of course Barack Hussein Obama will NOT do this, we all know it.  He will, however, continue to put on a phony look of consternation on his face and will continue to play the innocent victim before the TV cameras for he knows all too well that in an election year even negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.

And his people will continue to deny that any leaks were done for political purposes.

However, as Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says, "They can deny it all they want.  But it would require a suspension of belief to believe it's not being done for political purposes."

And ‘We the People’ agree.