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Taxes, the Economy, and a Capitol Police Officer Dead
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

It is very clear our economy is still in trouble.” - President Joe Biden

Those were the words uttered by America's “Placeholder-in-Chief” but a few short weeks ago right before he released his now infamous infrastructure plan...a plan that involves a whopping $2 trillion in corporate tax increases over 15 years with individual corporate income taxes going from 21 percent to 28 percent on U.S. overseas earnings, coupled with a 21 percent “global minimum tax.” But what exactly is a “global minimum tax?” It's a renegotiation of current tax laws where the 140 countries participating in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) would agree “in principle” to the implementation of a minimum corporate tax rate as a way to try and ensure that big multinational corporations pay a set amount of tax no matter how and when they choose to “shift their profits” from one country to another.

A waste of time, effort, and money as what's being proposed, as of now, is “non-binding.”

In more simplistic and quite unnerving terms, what Biden is proposing is what I call “profit relocation guidelines”...guidelines not unlike those regarding “redistribution of wealth,” but this time it's redistribution of private companies profits on a global scale. Allowing this would give the federal government the ability to butt into both our and foreign countries private sector business dealings, thus translating into “big government” having a say in not only our private business dealings but in other countries private business dealings as well...and of course visa-versa.

But the question remains, would such a global tax be levied at the expense of American businesses? The answer to that is yes, but it's a two-fold answer with the first fold being that the $1.9 trillion stimulus legislation Biden signed into law was financed in total by additional federal borrowing which yet again raises the national debt leaving little available aid for U.S. small businesses in trouble, and with the second fold being that a global tax as proposed would remove the still in place rule that allows U.S. companies to pay no tax on the first 10 percent of their returns when they locate investments in foreign countries. Basically, this would end what's referred to as “inversion,” the practice by which U.S. companies can avoid paying taxes by moving their headquarters to different countries when they need to do so to protect their bottom line profits. And it's here where Biden and crew hope to raise hundreds of billions of dollars more in revenue from what amounts to taxing profits of American owned businesses now residing in what's called “tax havens.”

And while large corporations do garner more times than not huge bottom line profits, profits protected in said “tax havens”...“offshore bank accounts” as they are more commonly called...what Democrats refuse to understand is that large corporations are essential in not only keeping our economy thriving and moving forward, but that the American worker themselves would be the ones actually having to shoulder the cost of higher corporate taxes. In fact, right now between 50 percent and 70 percent of corporate taxes are actually carried by said workers with the remaining being carried by company shareholders. And why these large numbers? Because economics 101 dictates that “capital” itself is and will remain mobile while “labor” will remain stationary, meaning that the escalating cost of corporate taxes has nowhere else to go but upon the shoulders of the American worker as American companies looking to invest overseas would now have to pay an additional tax on their profits to the U.S. government with said raise in taxes being passed onto the company's employees...a normal business practice.

Translation: Biden's corporate tax hike together with the “global minimum tax” plan was proposed solely to help pay for his socialist leaning domestic infrastructure plan, and is extremely detrimental to both our economy and to the American worker while at the same time hurting U.S. competitiveness by its encouraging multinational firms to relocate abroad instead of here in America.

But as bad as this rise in the corporate tax rate is...a rate President Trump's 2017 "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" (TCJA) lowered from 35 percent to 21 percent to help make us more competitive in the world market...coupled with the global minimum tax...still sees Biden promising to raise taxes on “We the People.” And his proposed tax increases, the largest since 1993, has Biden claiming that it would address the “inequities” in the tax system itself while making said system more “progressive” by including the doubling of the capital gains tax, a second death if the first wasn't bad enough...expanding the estate tax's reach, as well as initiating major income tax increases for “the wealthy” in those like himself who earn over $400 thousand a year. But what Biden doesn't understand is that all of the above would actually slowdown economic recovery by reducing the pool from which needed funds are drawn for new investment start-ups (which usually are initiated by “the wealthy”), will slow down the actual creation of jobs, and will either freeze or decrease wages across the board.

And worst of all, all this combined would surely afford the federal government an even bigger role in the economy than it already has with the government then accounting for 20% or more of our annual economic output, as in the value of all sales of goods and services combined. Simply, America's all-important private business sector will become but a shadow of its former self, if even that.

Makes one wonder just how the Democrat's claimed 80 million American citizens, illegals, and dead folks who “supposedly” voted for Joe Biden feel about him now...doesn't it.

And while my personal feelings about the “Placeholder-in-Chief” are obvious to my readers and our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio listeners, so are my feelings about the media...the “Fourth Estate”...especially when it comes to their ability to frame both political and social issues in a lopsided liberal-speak manner. Parroting what they are told to say by the Democrat powers that be, today's media has become the champion of pushing forward the left's counter-culture narrative that everything bad that happens in today's America stems from their self-perceived notion that America is inherently a racist nation and that white people are the sole purveyor of evil. And this can clearly be seen in how white and black folks are treated by the media when police officers are involved.

Take the case of black thug, convicted felon, and hardcore drug addict George Floyd who was “supposedly” murdered by the knee of a white officer no matter that the official autopsy report says otherwise. But instead of the media reporting that critical truth they instead helped to feed into the rhetoric that white cops deliberately target black men for arrest...a blatant lie pushed forward by desperate politicians trying to appease the black community for abandoning them in favor of brown-skinned illegals. And it's this lie that has led police departments to foolishly be defunded and/or disbanded across our nation...that and the fact that Democrats have been manipulated into allowing 13.4 percent of the population to dictate to the rest of us what we can and cannot say, do, or even think when it comes to race.

Simply, in today's America blacks can do no wrong, whites can go straight to hell, and no white person dare say anything negative about a black person for to do so means that they are indeed says the current powers that be aided by their media cohorts.

So this means that when a nasty black man in the act of committing a crime kills a white police officer in cold blood the black man's race must automatically be hushed up because it doesn't fit the Democrat's pro-black, anti-white narrative, but when a white officer in the line of duty kills a black man it becomes 24/7 news especially when the “court of public opinion,” in their misplaced wisdom, collectively deems the white officer guilty. Another example of this can easily be seen in how the media chose to omit certain key facts in its reporting of the recent Capitol “incident” where a white officer was killed by a black man...a black muslim in fact...a double must be hushed up media whammy if you will.

Briefly, on Friday, April 2nd, the U.S. Capitol was locked down due to an "exterior security threat" after a man deliberately rammed his car into a barrier where police officers were standing. Officer William Evans, an 18-year member of the USCP died and another officer was injured, with the assailant being (rightfully) shot and killed by police after he exited his car and began attacking them with a large knife...which should have been a tip off as to who and what he was. As per news reports the assailant, in what at the time was described as being a “lone wolf attack,” was 25-year old Indiana native Noah Green, a man with recent ties to Norfolk, Virginia. And while on the surface this seemed like cut-and-dried reporting of the “incident” (oh how the left loves that word), what was omitted until outed was that not only was the officer killed white and Green the assailant black, but that Green was a devout follower of Louis Farrakhan's black nationalist Nation of Islam group where he was known as Noah X.

So in an orchestrated attempt to help hide these facts, social media giant Facebook immediately removed both Green's Facebook page and Instagram account saying his page violated their Community Standards regarding “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations.” Therefore, my question is, why then hasn't Facebook removed all Nation of Islam pages and all black hate group pages? And the answer obviously is that Facebook, like with the media, gets its “marching orders” directly from the pages of the Democrat's progressive playbook where “selective enforcement” becomes the order of any given particular in white people bad, black people good, and saying anything bad about muslims is strictly off limits.

And the media's hushing up of ones race...if one is black that is...can further be witnessed by Joe Biden's very statement expressing his sorrow over the death of Officer Evans while nary a word was said in condemnation of his muslim Noah Green...nor did Biden make any mention of the hateful ideology that most probably inspired the attack. Instead, Biden chose to allude back to January when a mostly white, media-called “mob” stormed Capitol Hill to protest what even he knows was a stolen election.

And when the president himself practices racial appeasement in full media view, you know that racial equality was never intended to become the new norm. After all, such equality would take the fuel out of the Democrats and the media's race-based agenda. Remember, fueling hate coupled with instilling fear of change is both big business and what allows politicians to remain in control of the narrative while at the same time playing the uninformed masses as fools. Like lambs to the political slaughter we should go with the media happily leading the way. And all I can say is I want my country back as it was... identity, counter and woke culture, along with race-baiting be damned.

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