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Analysis: Trump Is Not Responsible For the Actions of a Mentally-Disturbed Supporter
Analysis: Trump Is Not Responsible For the Actions of a Mentally-Disturbed SupporterThe biggest story of the day is the arrest of a Florida man, in connection with the series of mail bombs sent to prominent critics of President Trump.  In addition to reportedly having a criminal record for minor offenses and threats, the suspect appears to be a mentally unstable and cartoonishly-fanatical Trump supporter.  This is unsurprising information.  As I wrote yesterday, based on the identities of the bomb targets, Occam's Razor suggested that these acts of terrorism were politically-motivated.  It now seems likelier than ever that they were.  Allow me to make a handful of non-mutually-exclusive observations:

(1) Our country would be better off if our public officials and other prominent political figures debated issues with more substance, greater civility, and less hysteria.  This very much applies to the president, who likes to claim -- among other things -- that his opponents "favor" or "love" ruthless gangs who murder Americans.  It also very much applies to Democrats, who frequently frame Republican proposals as world-ending, or tantamount to mass killings.

(2) Overheated partisan rhetoric that falls well short of direct incitement to violence can be grotesque and counter-productive, but it should not be blamed for the actions of disturbed people.  It's possible, if not likely, that this bomber heard Trump's words and decided to take it upon himself to punish or eliminate Trump's opponents.  If so, that's a reflection on the bomber's evilness or mental illness, not Trump.  Similarly, it's quite likely that the Congressional baseball shooter heard the words of numerous high-profile leftists and decided he needed to save the country by assassinating Republicans.  That was a reflection on the shooter's evilness or mental illness, not the leftists he followed or favored.

NBC Hid Information That Proved Kavanaugh Not Part Of An Abuse Ring

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She also told them that she never witnessed Kavanaugh touching women inappropriately. NBC knew all of this but chose to keep quiet, proving once again that it is not a news site, but rather an arm of the DNC.

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NBC News and Avenatti played a huge role in this obscene smear campaign. One notable example was NBC breathlessly publishing and airing an assault allegation against Kavanaugh that was quickly exposed as a hoax.

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