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Cringe: Dem Colorado Senator Admits He Has No Answers on Rising Obamacare Costs, But He's 'Aware' Of It

One Colorado politician was unusually candid about the rising health care costs Americans can expect as the president’s Affordable Care Act goes into full effect. In a painful interview with The Daily Sentinel this weekend, Sen. Michael Bennett (D) basically said that consumers in western and central Colorado, who face the most expensive health plans in the country, are out of luck.

“I don’t have answers for Grand Junction, but I’m aware of the problem,” he said.
Because Obamacare lowered the threshold for Medicaid and allowed working-age adults to reap the program's benefits, it doubled enrollment in Colorado from 358,000 to 721,000, explains The Colorado Statesman. The financial consequences were not pretty.
As a result, general fund spending on Medicaid grew from $1.15 billion in 2009-10 to $2.67 billion in 2016-17. Add to that nearly $1.5 billion from the “hospital provider fee” and matching federal funds. Total spending on the department that oversees Medicaid has grown to more than $9 billion — fully one-third of all money spent by the State of Colorado.
Bennet is simply left speechless.

Mysteriously MIA: State Department Can't Find Emails From Hillary's IT GuyThe State Department can't seem to find correspondences relating to Hillary Clinton's former IT specialist at the State Department, Bryan Pagliano. While the agency's spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said they've located archived emails, all emails dated from sent or received from May 1, 2009, to Feb. 1, 2013, are mysteriously missing. Yet, Trudeau ensured reporters the department is vigorously looking.
“We are continuing to search for Mr. Pagliano’s emails,” Trudeau told reporters on Monday. “We are conducting a thorough search.”
Pagliano, you'll remember, is the guy who set up that infamous private server. Any emails to or from him are bound to be relevant in the FBI investigation. Yet, they're MIA.

Maybe he wiped them with a cloth.

Pagliano was given a pass in March when the Justice Department granted him immunity as a thank you for cooperating in the investigation.

Just last week we found out how easy it was for foreign entities to hack into Clinton's private server during her tenure as secretary of state. If the Obama administration really wanted to get to the bottom of how badly Clinton jeopardized our national security, they could at least be more convincing. 

Whistleblower fired from CENTCOM after speaking out against how data was cooked to downplay ISIS threat
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Whistleblower fired from CENTCOM after speaking out against how data was cooked to downplay ISIS threat
“After all, if cursing were really a fireable offense in the military, every soldier, sailor, Marine, and Defense Department civilian would have to be sent home.” Indeed. All those responsible for the firing of Carolyn Stewart should themselves be fired. This is obviously yet another attempt to cover up how the Pentagon has fudged the […]
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Iran Threatens to Block U.S. Passage in Persian Gulf: ‘We have no other enemy in the region except for America’

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

In this image released Sunday Sept. 27, 2009, on Iranian state TV cannel IRIB, purporting to show Gen. Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, as he tells reporters that Iran tested a multiple missile launcher for the first time. Iran said it successfully test-fired short-range surface-to-surface missiles during drills Sunday by the elite Revolutionary Guard, in a show of force just days after the U.S. and its allies condemned Tehran over a newly revealed underground nuclear facility that was being secretly constructed. TV showed pictures of at least two missiles being fired. (AP Photo/IRIB, via APTN) ** IRAN OUT TV OUT **Herein lies the catastrophic consequences of denying reality. This is but another stunning example of Obama’s fantasy crashing head on with reality. Foreign policy 101 – do not empower, enrich and sanction your arch enemy.

Gen. Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force.
Iran Threatens to Block U.S. Passage in Persian Gulf,” By Adam Kredo, WFB, May 9, 2016:
‘We have no other enemy in the region except for America’
A top Iranian military official has threatened to block the United States’ free passage through a crucial international shipping lane in the Persian Gulf, according to recent comments in which the commander insisted, “We have no other enemy in the region except for America.”

FLORIDA: Broward County Sheriff candidate is running to get sharia-compliant CAIR-affiliated Muslims off the police force

Bare Naked Islam


HamzeBroward County Sheriff candidate David Rosenthal said he doesn’t necessarily want to harm Muslims but just doesn’t want them around, especially in law enforcement. That’s why he’s running to replace Scott Israel as Broward sheriff because Israel hired as his deputy sheriff, Nezar Hamze (photo above), leader of a Florida chapter of designated terrorist group CAIR. “I hate Islam. Islam is evil,” Rosenthal said. “Ideally, I would ban Islam in the United States.”

mhNewTimes  (h/t Mike F) Rosenthal is now on something of a jihad against one particular Muslim, Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Nezar Hamze, saying Hamze, who also serves as a director at the Florida chapter of the designated terrorists group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), is unfit to serve in law enforcement, in part, because he refuses to renounce Islamic law, or Sharia. The anti-Islam group also called for Sheriff Scott Israel, who refused comment for this story, to resign for hiring Hamze last year.

The Blame Game Begins
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on http://americanpbn.com/

"You're not the presumptive nominee until you hit 1,237 [delegates] - that being the case, I'm just stating the obvious."
- RNC Chairman Reince Priebus after Donald Trump's Indiana win

And so Reince Preibus' words will sadly come to pass as Donald Trump will soon have the delegates needed to become the GOP nominee...on the first ballot no less...much to the chagrin of we true conservatives everywhere.

And in no uncertain terms now comes the blame game...and rightly so...for 'reality TV star' Donald Trump is a 'sound-byte' candidate and nothing more. Beating out more qualified, learned, and experienced candidates, Trump...actually the consummate politician never mind his words otherwise...secured the nomination by stirring up the anger of the masses and by feeding into their hate of all things 'establishment'...a term...as is 'RINO'...media fabricated to divide and fracture the Republican party...which they successfully have done.

But beating out the others puts it mildly for Donald Trump's big mouth bullied, name called, and out-and-out lied about those running against him, all while he flip-flopped on both the major issues and the social issues...telling the masses what they wanted to hear not what he truly believed. And he was aided in his quest by the free nonstop media coverage he was afforded, whether it be good press or bad press it was press none the less and it helped keep his name in the forefront of the public's collective mind. And it did so while his name and antics brought in viewership which turned into ratings, which translated into dollars for the media whores both networks and talking heads alike... networks like what proved to be the anything but 'fair and balanced' FOX News with its talking head Sean Hannity...Hannity who turned his nightly show into 'The Donald Trump Hour' so much so that one has to wonder if he was actually on Trump's payroll.

But even with Trump's media love-fest...a love-fest not unlike the media's twice anointing of Barack HUSSEIN Obama as the supposed savior of us all...the media alone is not the sole reason why Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee come July...there is equal blame to go around...equal blame if not more so that must be laid at the same feet of those who cost Mitt Romney the presidency back in 2012...and that is the ever-vocal Evangelical Christian movement who deems all they say and believe to be gospel truth...gospel truth that must be followed by all or else.

And or else can be both witnessed and attested to when in 2012, the Evangelicals (and of course I do not mean all) found Mitt Romney not to be their brand of Christian tea because he is a (gasp) Mormon...and with them deeming Mormonism a cult not unlike islam, Romney became the enemy. "Better a muslim we know than a Mormon we don't know" became the Evangelical battle cry as they urged their fellow Evangelicals to either stay home and not vote or vote third party...in effect handing the presidency to Obama. Remember, Romney lost by about two to three million votes...the exact number of Evangelicals who stayed home and did not vote.

And now the Evangelicals have done it again, but this time they have done so by thumbing their nose at the very Bible they so love to quote and say they live by. Voting for a man who not too long ago supported abortion...including partial birth abortion...and a man who throws wives away if they dare to age and can no longer appear on his arm as the epitome of a 'trophy wife,' Donald Trump himself is the poster boy for greed, selfishness, vanity, and narcissism for the words humility and humbleness...so very important in the Evangelical movement...do not exist in his vocabulary...for Donald Trump is all about himself, and his all-consuming never-ending quest for winning...winning at all costs no matter the price paid both figuratively and otherwise.

But why did the Evangelicals abandon their faith and fellow Evangelical candidate Senator Ted Cruz...a man of principal and high moral values...for a man (I believe) of little or no true faith...are they questioning their beliefs as a whole or is it that some are simply more conservative in their beliefs both politically and religiously while others are more moderate, especially on the social issues. Are hell and damnation no longer the once feared outcome for those who do not tow the biblical mandated line or has modern society reached a point where hell is no longer feared because they believe hell already exists here on Earth...I mean do some Evangelicals see hell in the guise of a political arena not to their liking...not to their beliefs.

And while many Evangelicals do not religiously go to church...and know they like to chastise others for not doing so...many still identify themselves as Christian, as witnessed by all the brouhaha over gay wedding cakes, pizza parlors, and a Supreme Court ruling over the legalities alone of same-sex marriage. For this they united claiming the wrath of God will be on those who condone their self-perceived abomination called homosexuality...for this they united as one voice...yet now that voice is silenced with the older more religious folks more politically conservative and voting so, while younger Evangelicals are showing to be more politically moderate...more with the times if you will...more in line with the Trump ideology of live and let live...basically liberal light.

'Make America great again'...the Trump mantra repeated ad-nauseum...rings loud and clear with the younger Evangelicals for they feel the Republican party has abandoned them. Seeing the mistakes of the past becoming their likely future they are rightfully scared... scared that the bills of others will come 'due' in their lifetime if conservative rhetoric rules the day. So why not try the 'other side' even though the 'other side'...as in Donald Trump...is now just masquerading as one of them. They find his 'sound-byte' policies, no matter that they lack in substance, both logical and inspiring, while believing promises that cannot be fulfilled...and letting what they believe to be a disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country guide their choice of candidates...no matter that this logic is illogical at best.

"Believe me...believe me"...Trump repeats over and over and the Evangelicals believe him because they no longer have faith that the Republican hierarchy will do their bidding, choosing instead to believe lies and at best half-truths because they are angry and disheartened. And history has shown time and again that this type of thinking does come back to bite one...eight years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama should be proof enough of that. And the Evangelicals having allowed Trump's lies coupled with his bully tactics to become their new truth, and with their overwhelming support for this Democrat dressed in Republican clothing...'Made in China' clothing I might add...proves that they indeed have allowed history...2012's history...to repeat itself.

But while the Evangelicals and especially the media are to blame for Trump's presumptive Republican nomination they are not the only ones for that blame must also be shared by the angry white working-class voters who are hurting economically...and who are vocally espousing that anger for all to see...as they are losing jobs to both illegals and to the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries. But what they do not understand is that while Trump's economic policies might work well in the private sector of high dollar business dealings, they will not work well for the business of government and especially not for the middle class.

With Trump proposing that the way to stop American companies from going overseas to take advantage of cheap labor, what he calls China's illegal export subsidies, along with taking advantage of many countries lax environmental standards, is to place a 35% tax...raising tariffs actually...on goods coming into the U.S. But what Trump doesn't say is that by doing so prices will not only be raised on said goods coming into this country but will correspondingly rise...to a tune of 10% to 15%...on 'Made in America' goods as well, thus not only slowing down but actually negating any recovery...albeit a very small one...we currently have. And why...do the words 'trade war' ring a bell. And what Trump's economic proposal actually does is indirectly subsidize U.S. manufacturers via the setting of higher prices...higher prices which would result in across the board inflation which then in turn would lead to even higher unemployment numbers, and that in and of itself would hurt the angry white working class and the poor even more.

And yet these angry folks turn a blind eye to these facts for their anger is what drives them forward and again, like with the Evangelicals, anger will prove to not serve them well as Trump's economic policies actually benefit the rich like himself with the middle class and the poor be damned.

Remember, free trade not higher tariffs benefits poor and middle class Americans, but that is not what 'silver spoon' born Trump is about for this man has no idea what it is to be middle class let alone poor.

And let's not forget one other group that is directly responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, and that is the so-called 'establishment' who have because of their inactions allowed a non-conservative...a Democrat pretending to be a Republican...to (presumptively) secure the Republican nomination. How Lincoln and Reagan must be turning in their graves.

Starting with the fact that once Republicans secured control of both the House and the Senate they then did not a thing of substance to stop Obama's agenda from moving forward...including their watching the debt ceiling being raised, watching questionable executive order and after executive order being signed and implemented, and watching as Congress sat back and allowed Obama to turn America into a laughing stock while he lead from behind on the world stage. And saddest of all is that while Republicans won many local and state elections, they forgot that winning elections also means following through and getting things done as well as keeping promises made.

And while these are the four main groups who are directly responsible for Donald Trump steamrolling over all the other Republican candidates...candidates with actual tangible and workable policies not just media driven sound-bytes...I think FOX's sole Trump critic, Charles Krauthammer, said it best when hearing that Trump had won Indiana, "What are we just witnessing happening tonight is one of the major American parties changing its political ideology, radically," he said, rightfully adding that, "It was... for the last 50 years, going all the way back perhaps to Eisenhower, the conservative party in the country. As of tonight it's being led by a non-conservative populist."

And how right Krauthammer is for now we have a Republican candidate whose strings are being pulled by his true liberal and progressive ideals while the angry amongst our ranks refuse to see that they have been conned by the ultimate con man...Donald J. Trump himself.