Monday, January 30, 2023

The Blame Game Continues
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

So many love to place blame on others yet those who do so are the very ones who refuse to accept blame for occurrences even of their own doing. And no one person or group is the masterful orchestrator of the blame game more so than are today's Democrats. In fact, Democrat failures and promises broken are of epic proportion, yet those failures always seem to be the Republicans fault. Take for example that our economy is in a shambles due to Biden's disastrous policy failures what with inflation at a 40-year high and gas prices being laughable at best...for OPEC that is; our Strategic Petroleum Reserves are dangerously low; and our southern border is in such a mess that why do we even have a border at all...which for all intents and purposes we do not, at least not for the time being that is.

Now in regards to the border, about ten days ago the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officially released the number of those who illegally crossed into our country in December 2022...numbers to the tune of border patrol agents and immigration officials having over 251,487 so-called “encounters” with ILLEGAL persons...I will not call them immigrants nor migrants for these folks, for the most part, are anything but. One quarter of a million ILLEGALS, comprising an invading army of sorts, crossed into our country in that one single month alone, not including the over 70,000 so called “gotaways”...“gotaways” who are now freely roaming America's streets...70,000 including drug dealers, gun dealers, murders, rapists, and God only knows what else...with even a bonafide terrorist or two, or three, or most likely more, thrown in for good or should I say bad measure.

And while the numbers stated were not only a record breaking monthly high, said numbers were actually the highest number ever...a record that even now is set be broken what with 717,660+ ILLEGAL “encounters” in the first three months of Fiscal Year 2023 alone, and that's not including the newest batch of “gotaways.” And if those numbers stay on track, it's projected that FY2023 will see roughly 2.9 million ILLEGALS crossing our southern border with most not legally eligible for asylum.
And who do the Democrats still blame for those numbers...Republicans of course and most especially President Trump no matter the fact that during his years in office the numbers alone show that ILLEGALS successfully crossing our southern border was at an all time low. In fact, in February 2019, 97,000+ ILLEGALS crossed our border according toUS Customs and Border Protection dataand of those 70,100+ were actually turned away.

So why do Democrats continue to blame Republicans, and especially President Trump, for the now ever increasing number of folks illegally still entering our country today? It's simply because when Biden dismantled most of Trump's initiated border polices...policies he put in place in order to regain control of the situation at our southern border...Trump exposed a system both rife with fraudulent “asylum” claims along with a seemingly unending backlog of cases. And Democrats could not and would not accept as fact that their deliberately broken immigration policies were being reversed back to what were long-standing, on-the-books immigration laws that actually worked. And with the bonus for Republicans being a decrease in the number of ILLEGALS being given Democrat marked voter cards upon entry, the Democrats were literally besides themselves for an increase in Democrat voters is what the border is really all about.

And besides the border of course Republicans do get the blame for our economy basically being in the toilet for no matter how much Biden bloviates about an increase in jobs numbers, the fact is that the recent small rise in said numbers is simply due to holiday part-time hiring coupled with some folks being forced to take on more than one job just to pay for a carton of eggs. Simply, our economy is that bad because we are indeed now in a “recession” no matter the Democrats saying we are not...or at least they're not willing to admit it yet...which is something they might never do.

Why so...simply because the truth is a very hard pill to swallow let alone admit to especially when it comes to Democrats.

The definition of a “recession” is simply when a significant decline in economic activity occurs leaving a nation’s economy to experience negative gross domestic product (GDP) over a given back-to-back period of time, coupled with rising levels of unemployment, falling retail sales, and what's called “contracting measures of income and manufacturing” also occurring within a given but extended period of time. And while “recessions” are actually a normal part of the business in the “regular cadence of expansion and contraction that occurs in a nation’s economy” today's Democrat initiated economic cycle "We the People" as well as the economy itself have become victims of their out of control spending which has directly led to excessive debt piling up as witnessed by both the national debt and debt ceiling cap continuing to rise.

And with us still being in the throws of “inflation,” along with a corresponding rise in interest rates, all this when put together means “We the People” could be facing the very real possibility that in time “deflation”...which is when prices decline over too short a period of time causing wages to contract thus further depressing prices as both people and business stop spending...will leave us to see an already bad economic situation becoming even worse.

So how did the “tax and spend” Democrats create the current “recession” we now find ourselves in...simply by Biden's reversing the highly successful economic policies that President Trump put in place when he assumed office back in 2016. And when you couple that with the Democrats out of control government spending and their believing...or their at least their crossing their fingers behind their backs...that running up the national debt has little to no consequences, the disastrous state our economy now finds itself in clearly does rest on Democrat shoulders. And yet they again blame Republicans and most especially President Trump. But why blame Trump...because to Democrats Donald J. Trump remains now and forever the “villain” who stopped Hillary Clinton from not only becoming America's first woman president, but a president who would outwardly and ever so happily initiate in full Barack HUSSEIN Obama's “fundamentally transforming” socialist agenda as America's new everyday norm.

After all, everything for the Democrats is about wanting government control of the masses...a social agenda and especially a socialist based economic system would do just that.

And then there's the matter of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (the SPR)...our so-called “rainy day fund of oil”...a manipulative tool now being used by the Biden administration in the applying of both domestic and foreign policy. Established in the 1970's to help reduce the impact of disruptions in supplies of petroleum based products as well as to aid those here in the U.S. and elsewhere in times of natural disasters, these federally-owned oil stockpiles, which used to be at a high of 714 million gallons stored before Joe Biden took office, dropped to 405 million barrels by mid-October 2022, its lowest level since 1986. And why...because Biden has not been able to replenish these reserves due to his halting all domestic oil drilling and gas leases, plus his canceling of the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office...all being done in the name of his and the Democrats nonsensical anti-drilling, anti-American, climate change agenda. Remember, just like with Obama, Biden cannot and must not allow our nation to become energy independent like it was under President Trump...America's enemies and especially Obama, his now and forever puppet master, would not like that at all.

And so the man who in 2022 not only shipped millions of reserve barrels overseas...including selling one million plus barrels to a Chinese government owned gas company that routinely not only buys Russian oil, but where his infamous son Hunter has engaged in years of potentially criminal business activity. And Joe Biden also released millions of barrels here at home in a doomed to fail attempt to reduce inflation...doomed because prices at the pump had actually begun rising again. And this is the same man who not only bought into the hype that it's America who needs to address worldwide oil supply so-called “imbalances,” but who will continue to diminish our much needed strategic oil supply in the name of “oil equity.”

But even with this the Democrats still claim that it's Republicans and President Trump who must shoulder the blame for our strategic oil reserves running so low and not Joe Biden. And why...because Trump did not replenish said reserves while in office. But the fact is that President Trump did indeed try to replenish the reserves, especially it being a time when oil prices were low. But the Democrats relished in stopped him by cutting the funds needed to do so...cutting the funds out of their massive stimulus spending bill it was included in while at the same time claiming the request for said funds was nothing but a Trump “bailout” for the oil industry, which it clearly was not. 

And if Trump had been able to do what he proposed, we taxpayer would have saved many billions of dollars by us having remained energy independent...the very thing the Democrats and Biden's puppet master Barack HUSSEIN Obama...would not and could not allow.

And so the Democrats blame game against Republicans and President Trump continues on and always will. But it's not just because of the fundamental ideological and political differences between the two parties, but because as things stand now with a lack of personal responsibility becoming the new accepted societal norm coupled with the Democrats laissez-faire attitude of anything goes, our country will remain an America most of us no longer recognize. And with that 2024 cannot come fast closed.

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