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Remove Her From Office x Three
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

I believe that anyone running for elected office here in these United States should be unabashedly pro-American no matter if there's a D or an R next to their name. No one running for office should hold allegiance to a foreign government, to a terrorist group, or be allowed to accept monies from those known to wish America harm. And those running for office should never put their personal religious beliefs above the very foundation upon which this great nation was in the Constitution...the law of our land.

And if these things do get in the way of someone doing the job they were elected to do then said someone should be removed from office for the good not only of their constituents but for the good of our country as a whole. But know I do not mean removing someone from office for legitimate political discourse or disagreements, but solely for what amounts to traitorous actions that not only jeopardize our country and “We the People's” safety, but jeopardize the safety of our allies as well.

And these actions are happening today as some newly elected to serve have shown they have no love for this country nor for certain sectors of our population. Using their new high-paying positions...hypocrites all to the socialist agenda they espouse...these sorts love nothing better than to take to twitter or go on TV to verbally assault those they deem unworthy while at the same time trying to bring our America to her knees. Being way more dangerous to our way of life than what some on our side call the “complacent establishment” could ever be, sees at the forefront of this hate three women leading the call for America's demise.

Three women...two muslimas and one who truly is as dumb as a box of rocks now has me wondering about the mentality of those who voted these dangerous women into office. All those voters can't be as dumb as the one from New York, the one who thinks “the weather” will be the death knell of us all, nor can they all be terrorist condoners like the two muslimas being from Minnesota the other from Michigan. So there must be a commonality that somehow links this diverse constituency together...oh wait there's called “free stuff”...or should I say the promise thereof.

And let's start with whom I consider the worst of all, the muslima from Minnesota, one Ilhan Omar, who just a few short weeks ago I called to task in my article Poison to America, Poison to Israel. In that article I wrote not just of Omar's islamic roots but of her unending anti-Semitic rhetoric as well. And while most Democrats seem to be excusing her islamic nature for fear of being deemed politically incorrect, Omar's hatred of the Jewish people and Israel grows stronger by the day. And now she has a national platform by which to spew that hate if for no other reason than hate speech is now a ratings bonanza.

But thankfully, even some Democrats are now fighting back against Ilhan Omar...whose 5th Congressional District is the terrorist recruitment capitol of the U.S. as per FBI statistics.* Believing she is being pressured to support Israel, Omar tweeted that “support for a foreign country should not be a prerequisite to serving in Congress”...which in a way it should be when that foreign country is an Israel most assuredly is. And Omar again went too far when she spitefully restated her previous comment that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America. 
In fact, House Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Elliot Engel (D-N.Y.) condemned Omar for “suggesting that pro-Israel lawmakers hold allegiance to a foreign country,” which in turn led Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) to call for Omar to “engage in further dialogue with the Jewish community” to understand why “anti-Semitic tropes that accuse Jews of dual loyalty” are not just offense but racist as well. 
Offensive indeed and to such a degree that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now being pressured by fellow Democrats to remove this vile muslima from the House Foreign Relations Committee on which she now sits as well as censure in full her nasty anti-Semitic, anti-Israel comments.
But Ilhan Omar could care less how her hateful words about Jews and Israel...and even America...are perceived for this woman's true allegiances are in plain sight. How so...for example Omar not only supports both the terrorist group Hamas and their American counterpart the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)...whose goal is to “advance justice and empower muslims” to do God only knows what...but Ilhan Omar will be speaking in her capacity as a United States congresswoman at CAIR's 4th Annual Valley Banquet on March 23rd. And not only will she be speaking but she will be raising money for what is a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-American extremist group at this same time.

Remember, Hamas and CAIR are intrinsically linked together. In fact, the banquet's host and a member of CAIR's hierarchy, one Hussam Ayloush, recently compared Israel to ISIS, while Hassan Shibly, the chief executive director for CAIR-Florida, repeatedly calls our U.S. troops terrorists to which Omar agrees. And both men hold a mutual admiration for Ilhan Omar with that admiration being returned in kind.

Makes you want to wash the stench off now doesn't it.

And let's not forget that CAIR...who claims to be moderate while being anything but...continues to promote the islamic agenda while at the same time encouraging American muslims to support jihad against both America and Israel. Also remember that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) case... a case where five islamic leaders were convicted of providing material support to Hamas...the very organization President Bill Clinton designated as a terrorist group back in October 1997.

So basically what Rep. Ilhan Omar has done is not only align herself with the terrorist group Hamas but is now raising money for them via her using a CAIR fundraiser as her proxy. And for that reason alone...note that her vile hate speech against Jews and Israel remains protected under the First Amendment...Omar's allegiance is proven to lie not with America but with a foreign terrorist entity which translates into treason, and should be grounds enough to remove her from office.

If the candidate wins the primary election, his or her principal campaign committee may pay him or her a salary from campaign funds through the date of the general election, up to and including the date of any general election runoff,” as per Federal Elections Commission provisions.

Then there's Michigan's newly elected foul-mouthed, disrespectful...Rashida Tlaib (D), a self-avowed Israel-hating anti-Semitic muslima, who as per her filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), showed she paid herself many tens of thousands of dollars from her campaign’s funds during and after the midterm election. And while it is legal for a candidate to pay themselves after an election, they can only do so for “activity” that occurred up to the day of the election. And herein lies Tlaib's no-no for this greedy muslima cut herself a $2,000 check on November 16th and did so again to the tune of $15,500 on December 1st...both well after the election. And both sums are above the average of what she paid herself during the campaign.

As per the filed FEC report...on May 7, 2018, Tlaib paid herself directly from her campaign committee...Rashida Tlaib for average of $4,000 per month except for August which saw two checks of $3,000 each. And from May 7th until the election on November 6th, Omar paid herself a total of $28,000 from said campaign committee. Again, this is allowed for first-time candidates but only up until the day of the general election.

In other words, when Rashida Tlaib stopped being a candidate and became an elected official on November 6th she continued to pay herself a salary as if she were still a candidate. Channeling her inner “crooked Hillary” I guess.

Also, while campaigning Tlaib stated that she was on a leave of absence from her job at the Sugar Law Center, a Detroit-based “economic and social justice organization,” but she actually still worked there seven hours per week, garnering $28,712.79 in pay up until May 2018 when she started paying herself from the campaign. However, according to her official disclosure forms Tlaib received a $42,500 salary from the law firm in 2017, in addition to $68,307 in salary for a “Leadership in Government Fellowship” in 2017. Now here is where it gets sticky as Rashida Tlaib did not not...I repeat did not... disclose the name of the organization who provided the funding for said fellowship as required by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics.

Well guess who provided the monies for that per the Free Beacon who spent a considerable amount of time delving into Rashida Tlaib's questionable was none other than George Soros' Open Society Foundation. In fact, on page 97 of the 2017 tax forms filed for the “Open Society Institute”...the actual legal name for the Open Society Foundation...there is an expenditure of $85,307 made out to Rashida Tlaib for a “Leadership in Government Fellowship.” Awarded to her in the fall of 2016, Tlaib's fellowship project focused on “increasing the civic participation of disenfranchised urban communities of color”...which is fine if you buy into that nonsense...but the $85,307 Soros’s organization reported paying to Tlaib differs from the $68,307 she reported on her financial disclosure for said fellowship.

And while the difference in dollars might seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the $225,180 Tlaib received from Soros’s organization throughout 2016 and 2017, it's still a discrepancy that must be seriously looked into.

So while Soros' spokesmouth Jonathan Kaplan claims that when Tlaib told them she was running for Congress her fellowship was suspended with no further payments being made...would mean that as per both Rashida Tlaib and the "Open Society Institute's" tax forms one or both parties are lying. In fact, Kendra Arnold, the executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a government watchdog group, said that the fellowship payment was indeed “problematic” given that candidates are required to disclose all sources of income, and Tlaib did not report that monies came from Soros’s “Open Society Institute.”

So it's my opinion that Rashida Tlaib deliberately and with malice lied on tax forms and financial well as accepted monies in the guise of a fellowship from a man and his organization who are known to be not only hostile towards America herself, but who are suspected of being one of the financiers of “highly questionable” domestic and foreign (terrorist) groups... groups out to do America harm. And the fact that Tlaib became a conduit for what I call “dirty money” and an exploiter of said money for personal gain, should see her being removed from office before doing even more of what most muslims in positions of power seem to in spread hate. And in Tlaib's case it's with the help of a man who should be number one on “America's Most Wanted” list.

And lastly comes New York's 14th Congressional District Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...Ms. 'Green New Deal' herself...the darling of the new Democratic-Socialist party...a woman who truly is dumber than a box of rocks. Not only has the media dubbed her...tried to push her America-hating socialistic agenda down "We the People's" collective throat, but she has done so by not only appearing on camera every chance she gets, but by actually rivaling President Trump in the number of tweets she daily puts out. But the difference is that our president's tweets speak truth which the media will not, while AOC's tweets are full of lies and misinformation she deems okay because her “passions are behind them.”

Rocks indeed would be smarter than she is if AOC hadn't learned, in just three short months, how to manipulate the media into doing her bidding...sad but true isn't it.

However, the woman who salivates waiting for impeachment proceedings against President Trump to begin; the woman who thinks the “weather” will kill us all; the woman who referred to Israeli settlers in the West Bank as “occupiers of Palestine;” the woman who refuses to condemn Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic rhetoric while defending charges of racism being leveled against those who cut-and-pasted a photo of Omar onto a 911 poster; that woman now finds herself in serious trouble...trouble that might be grounds for her removal from office. 
How seems that both AOC and her campaign manager Saikat Chakrabarti are under investigation by the Federal Elections Committee (FEC)** for violating campaign finance law by “working to funnel” over $1 million in contributions into two separate super PACs*** that then moved said money into two private companies that Chakrabarti owned...perhaps to try and hide what the money was being used for. That's in addition to her boyfriend Riley Roberts being accused of having the campaign funnel money through one of the super PACs to himself.

Not only that, but AOC and her congressional staff could also be facing major fines and jail time if it's found that she and they knowingly violated the law by hiding their direct control of the “Justice Democrats” PAC. How so...because said PAC may well have “effectively supported” OAC's 2018 congressional primary campaign in excess of what's within normal legal contribution limits.

Guess on both accounts our little socialist from New York is as greedy as the a fore mentioned little socialist from Michigan. Politically ill-gotten gains do catch up with one...eventually. And being thrown in jail obviously translates into removal from office...even rocks know that.

And let's not forget how AOC spoke out against law enforcement...I.C.E. agents most especially...a harbinger of her goal to turn America into an open bordered free-for-all, even while knowing that will cause America's economy...hence America collapse. And with said economic collapse comes the fruition of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's fundamental changing of America...a change from a capitalistic society and a nation of laws into a third world socialist cesspool. And in AOC's happily supporting, defending, and promoting such actions she forgets that treason...that “aiding and abetting the enemy” a jailable offense.

So for the good of our country these three America-hating newbies should either step down or legally be removed from office for if one elected to serve shows themselves to be a blatant enemy of this these three women are...then those who sit back and do nothing about it are just as guilty as they are. Case closed.
* As per FBI statistics: 45 Minnesota Somalis joined the ranks al-Shabab or ISIS, with a dozen plus being arrested in 2018 with the intention of leaving to support ISIS. These numbers are higher than those of terrorist wannabes who left or attempted to leave the U.S. from other areas of our country where muslim refugees have been resettled.
** The charges were brought by the Nations League and Policy Center (NLPC) and the Coolidge Reagan Foundation
*** The two super PACs are the a fore mentioned Justice Democrats and the Brand New Congress, which is the lobbying wing of the Brand New Congress LLC

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