Saturday, April 18, 2015

It was a dull day for the broad market, but there were individual winners. A resurgence of the initial public offering (IPO) market was relatively quiet, save for the high- profile debut of Box Inc. (BOX) and Shake Shack (SHAK). And until this week, with SHAK soaring, both IPOs were seen as a cautionary tale that buttresses the notion that 2014 was the top.
Last year saw the most IPOs since the year of the crash, raising almost as much money.

The following blew away the consensus:
  • Etsy Inc. (ETSY) +88%
  • Virtu Financial, Inc. (VIRT) +17%
  • Party City Holdingco Inc. (PRTY) +22%
Yesterday, high expectations on the first day of trading added to the chorus of bears and curmudgeons (the number of people that are angry about the bull market is baffling, but it is a sign of the times).

So, is this a sign of the top or something else?

Let’s look at the names:
  • VIRT could be the insiders looking to unload before laws curb high-frequency trading.
  • PRTY was public; it was anything, but a party. Perhaps it will be different this time.
  • Etsy (ETSY) was up 100% at one point in trading, which is more compelling.

“You must kill children without compassion” for the “path of Allah”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“You must kill children without compassion” for the “path of Allah”
“You must kill children without compassion, you must kill women, Jews, infidels and Shiites,” as “this is the true path, the path of Allah.” To try to combat this, “the authorities have already banned the use of the veil for female students, admission of children to mosques and forced thousands of students who were studying […]

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