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Steve Scalise Says Law Required Trump To Ask Ukrainian President About Corruption 
Bronson Stocking / Townhall Tipsheet
Steve Scalise Says Law Required Trump To Ask Ukrainian President About Corruption House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La) told ABC's "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos that Trump had a legal requirement to ensure that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was rooting out corruption before Trump could legally send foreign aid to Ukraine. Rep. Scalise said the National Defense Authorization Act passed last year requires the president to certify a country is rooting out corruption before the president can send taxpayer money to that country.

"Well, first of all on that call [President Trump] was not talking about the 2020 election or political opponents, he was talking about corruption relating to the 2016 elections. By the way, when Russia tried to interfere, George, when Russia tried to interfere with our election, it was Barack Obama who was president, not Donald Trump. President Trump has a legal requirement to ensure that the country given foreign aid, in this case Ukraine, is taking steps to root out corruption. And he and President Zelensky talked about that. Zelensky, in fact, was asked, did he think it was inappropriate, was there pressure put on him, and President Zelensky said he wasn't pressured. And he got the money ultimately. He got the money."

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Briefing: Sharia “Thirst,” Christian Persecution, and Islamic Antisemitism (Video)

By Andrew Bostom / Jihad Watch


Briefing: Sharia “Thirst,” Christian Persecution, and Islamic Antisemitism (Video)
Andrew Bostom, Center For Security Policy Briefing, 10/24/19 “Sharia is a way of life that suits our culture. Egyptian customs and traditions go in line with Sharia. The Egyptian society does not accept Western liberalism”…“People are thirsty for Sharia.” —Vox populi expressions of Egyptians a from December, 2012 representing the 74% who want “strict application” […]

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Impeachment...Still A Wild Goose Chase
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal."
- the words of Pastor Robert Jeffress as quoted by President Trump on Sept. 29, 2019

Let's start with two indisputable president in U.S. history has ever been removed from office by impeachment nor will President Trump be the first to be so removed. Another fact is that if impeachment is properly and correctly served as per Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution, it would only be served for indisputable, “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” and not waste every body's time with the knowingly mundane that in the end will go nowhere. And the last fact here is that nothing President Trump has been accused of...not collusion with the Russians not even the innocuous in no way "quid pro quo" telephone conversation he had with Ukrainian President Zelensky...reaches anywhere near such a level as to require he be impeached.

Impeachment in regards to President Donald J. Trump is simply a partisan driven case of revenge coupled with Democrats misplaced atonement for Hillary Clinton's loss, a loss that the party hierarchy is being blamed for what with it (thankfully) denying Barack HUSSEIN Obama not only his dream of seeing his “fundamentally changing America” coming to fruition, but also denying him his much coveted third term in office attained only by his being the one to pull what would then be President Hillary's decision making strings.

The Democrats lost the White House prize they so wanted, and like a whiny two-year old they're now throwing a temper tantrum in the guise of impeachment as a means of revenge not only against Trump for winning, but against we half of the American populace who voted for him. And as an added bonus the House Democrats are still collecting their paychecks while chasing a dream they know will go nowhere in the Republican controlled Senate as they relish in not doing the actual jobs their constituents elected them to do.

An impeachment driven “cash cow” if you will, coming on the heels of these same Democrats having ignored the past administration's what truly were many impeachable offenses, all while the mainstream media aided them in what actually was a successful cover-up job. And that cover-up job continues unabated to this day what with the Democrats and the media most assuredly not applying the same impeachment standards then to Obama that they now apply to President Trump.

And what of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the “supposed” first black president of these United States...the first bi-racial president actually...and his attempt to destroy both the American political system and America herself from within. He surely got away with all that he did... Benghazi and the 5-for-1 Taliban trade being but two of way too many...simply because the then Republican controlled Congress were deathly afraid of the ramifications that could arise if they were successful in impeaching the country's first “supposed” black president. To them it seemed not to matter that the man's very actions bordered on, if not crossing over into finely-tuned acts of treason...for what was Obama's many acts of “aiding and abetting” the enemy if not treason.

And yet the Republicans themselves have inadvertently obstructed what could have been justice served via their omission of charges regarding what was most obviously Obama's criminal and traitorous actions and his equally traitorous lack thereof. Also something never addressed by both Republicans and Democrats...mostly mainstream Democrats that is...was Obama's deliberately and ever so maliciously dividing our country along racial lines. And those on the Republican side who knew about his administration's blanket corruption... Uranium One and the I.R.S. scandal are but two instances that immediately come to sees certain Republicans again undermining via omission what should be the truth seeking process regarding President Trump...a process we can no longer trust solely to Republicans as too many turncoats...too many RINOs...are now within their ranks.

And why is that trust as well as their loyalty coming into question...because recently 129 Republicans in the House voted with the Democrats in condemning our president for his withdrawing our troops from Syria. And if they can do that in regards to Syria just image how the RINOs amongst them will vote when and if true "articles of impeachment" are ever leveled against President Trump...against an innocent man.

Loyalty seems tenuous at best to some Republicans as they willfully forget how Democrats joined together to circle the wagons around then President Obama during his many times of political woe...joined together to protect a man they knew was a traitor to this country and yet they protected him. And here we have President Trump having committed no crime whatsoever, but because Democrats squawk the loudest we saw 129 Republicans siding with Democrats against a rightful action taken by our president to break the cycle of America being involved in endless wars not of our doing...sided with the Democrats no matter another campaign promise was kept.

So with the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the collective known as the “Never Trumpers”...led by turncoat Mitt seems imperative that President Trump be impeached no matter the cost, no matter the time wasted, and it's a call that began even before Trump was officially sworn into office. And this leads to the sad truth that the Democrat members of the House...members who care nothing about the Constitution...the document they claim is “old and outdated”...are now using that very document to try and take President Trump down. And they know they can try and try again because the Constitution sets few procedural parameters for impeachment nor does it specify how impeachment proceedings are to be initiated. Basically, all the Constitution states is that the House of Representatives "shall have the sole Power of Impeachment" (Article I, section 2), and that "the Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments…[but] no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present" (Article I, Section 3).

Think of it this way because the Democrats surely have, in that their Constitutional right to impeach a sitting president is along the same line as criminal charges being brought by a grand jury, with a judge and/or jury than deciding the defendant's fate. But the difference in President Trump's case is that the Democrat's hope that with enough of their vitriol and lies spewed that they can sway the court of public opinion to such a degree that some RINO Republicans in the Senate will start thinking their way.

A plan simple in concept yet convoluted in application as right now it's but an impeachment inquiry not a formal call for impeachment itself.

And to that affect, last Wednesday the House Democrats unveiled the text of a resolution that laid out procedures for public hearings as the impeachment inquiry enters its so-called "public-facing phase." After reading the text the White House said the resolution actually "confirms" that the inquiry "has been an illegitimate sham from the start." Personally, I saw the resolution as being the mother of all Trump witch hunts.
The resolution itself directed "certain committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, and for other purposes." Translation...the procedural resolution laid out the framework for public hearings and eventual proceedings in the Judiciary Committee...the very committee tasked with crafting any potential "articles of impeachment" if the inquiry was to go so far.

And so last Thursday after the procedural resolution itself passed the preceding day, said resolution went to the full House for vote. And as expected the Democrat controlled House saw it being passed mostly along party lines. The vote was 232 to 196, with all Republicans voting "nay" while two Democrats, Reps. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota, also voted against the fact they were the only two Democrats to vote against the resolution even moving forward. Kudos to them I say. And former Republican turned Independent, Michigan Rep. Jason Amash, voted, as expected, with the Democrats in support of the now formalized inquiry resolution.

So now the House Intelligence Committee is officially authorized to hold public hearings and compose a report to be delivered to the Judiciary Committee, where President Trump and his counsel will have the right to cross examine witnesses and review evidence. Also, the Republicans can request testimony from witnesses in either committee, subject to the approval of the Democratic chairman or a full committee vote. Something sure stinks here as Trump's now arch enemy Adam Schiff would be the one making the decision...Adam Schiff would be the judge and jury of it all.

And Republicans are rightfully not happy at all...not about the resolution vote, not about the partisan railroading of an innocent man, and surely not about this inquiry now turning into a phishing expedition to try and accomplish what Robert Mueller's investigation could not.


But here it's important to understand that an impeachment inquiry...official or otherwise... differs greatly from an actual Senate impeachment hearing/trial. For starters, an inquiry relies on depositions being used as the main tool for congressional fact-gathering as opposed to witnesses being called to testify in an actual open hearing. And it was here where Republicans questioned the legality of the inquiry itself because until last Thursday no resolution had been voted on by the full House that would allow such an inquiry to formally go forward. Remember the Democrats hemmed and hawed over this as long as they could even while holding closed door meetings where Republicans could not bear witness to the evidence gathered...evidence Democrats claimed was of a “sensitive nature” and thus was more appropriate for closed-door meetings.

Now it should become obvious to all as to why President Trump rightfully called this entire inquiry process nothing but a “sham.”

And to add more credence to Trump's claim now comes the fact that the whistleblower's cover has been blown and there's no real surprise here. His name is Eric Ciaramella, he's a CIA analyst and a Ukraine expert, a former National Security Council staffer, and (again no surprise) a registered Democrat with direct ties to Joe Biden (as in his "point man" on Ukraine), John Brennan, and Adam Schiff, as well as his having been appointed to the White House detail by Obama himself during the transition the word "sham" puts it mildly...the words "orchestrated setup" puts it more directly.

Simply, this road to impeachment is a road paved solely with revenge for the Democrats White House loss in 2016 as witnessed by their new 2020 battle cry being, "Impeach Him Because We Can't Beat Him!" And this obvious shill, I believe, will in the end signal the death knell for this impeachment nonsense.

So while the inquiry itself now technically has some legality to it, one still has to wonder why the Democrats were holding closed door meetings...meetings that didn't allow the one being accused to face his accuser...and were any legalities breached when the Democrats claimed that no actual resolution was required under the Constitution or House rules, in that other impeachment efforts to remove officials, like judges, started without such a vote.

And again as expected the Democrats got another ally in Obama appointed Washington D.C. Federal District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell..who "declared" that the House's impeachment inquiry was both “legal and legitimate” no matter that at the time the full House had not yet voted on any resolution to actually authorize an inquiry. And why is this important...because it involves secret grand jury testimony that AG William Barr “supposedly” tried to withhold...testimony that Judge Howell now ruled the House Judiciary Committee is entitled to see. And what does this evidence involve but evidence gathered by special counsel Robert Mueller...evidence that Congress normally would have no right to see. Saying that the committee's right to view said evidence outweighs any need to keep the information secret from lawmakers,

Howell based her decision upon the fact that back in both 1974 and 1997 the courts permitted lawmakers to see such materials as they decided on whether or not to impeach then Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton respectively. But there's one big difference between this inquiry and those two impeachment inquiries in the fact that there is no independent counsel to gather documents and interview witnesses for Congress, so lawmakers are doing it themselves.

And yet Judge Beryl Howell decided that the Democrat controlled House was involved in the exact same legal process being focused on President Trump as it was on Nixon and Clinton decades ago. But this activist judge in her ruling actually denied Republicans subpoena power that would have allowed them to carry out a so-called “parallel investigation” into the "questionable" actions of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter regarding Ukraine, as well as denying the calling of witnesses that could have countered and debunked the charges made against President Trump.

But even though President Trump and House Republicans have now taken a legal hit because of the procedural resolution passing...a resolution that is anything but fair and impartial...they can still use this impeachment farce, especially with the partisan hack of a whistleblower now being outed, to help raise doubts in the eyes of the voters while continuing to hold the “trump card” regarding the fact that nothing of substance is being accomplished in Congress what with the Democrats remaining focused on what was, is, and will always remain an impeachment wild goose chase.

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