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Results Continue to Come in From the Iowa Caucuses But the Math Doesn't Seem to Add Up

Results from Monday night's caucuses in Iowa are still coming in. As of now, 92 percent of precincts are reporting and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is currently in the lead, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a close second.

Many of us have wondered what the hold up is and why the math is taking so long to calculate who came out victorious.

According to Lulu Friesdat, the founder of SMART Elections and a writer for The Hill, it looks as though there are rounding errors in the precinct math worksheets.
Republicans take action against Nancy Pelosi for tearing up speech at State of the Union

"Nobody is above the law. She must be held accountable."

Republicans took several steps against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for tearing up her official copy of the State of the Union address as a rebuke to President Donald Trump.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) tweeted that he had filed an ethics complaint against the Democratic leader.

"Her conduct was beneath the dignity of the House, and a potential violation of law (18 USC 2071)," he tweeted. "Nobody is above the law. She must be held accountable."

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GOP Investigation: Thousands Of Obama Admin Docs Under Review Regarding Ukraine White House Meetings

Democrat perfidy boomerangs.

GOP Investigation: Thousands Of Obama Admin Docs Under Review Regarding Ukraine White House Meetings


By: Sara Carter, February 4, 2020:

The National Archives is in the process of reviewing several thousand documents related to meetings held between senior Obama Administration and Ukrainian officials at the White House in 2016. The trove of documents was discovered after a request for documents was submitted by two top GOP Senators in November of last year, this website has learned.


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On Trump's Middle East Peace Plan
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“It is only reasonable that I also have to do a lot for the Palestinians, or it just wouldn’t be fair.”
- President Donald Trump on his recently released Middle East Peace Plan

Last week President Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing by his side, unveiled his long awaited Middle East Peace Plan. And while there are good intentioned aspects to this plan...a plan mainly brokered by Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner...there is one aspect that I personally will never agree with, that being Israel giving up even one inch of its precious land in order to attain peace. And while this plan is a hoped for pathway...a jumping off point if you a Two-State Solution, the only saving grace in my eyes is that under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinians will not go along with this plan thus exposing to the world the Palestinian leader's true in of all of Israel...a Jew-less Israel...and nothing less. Was what would be a tenuous peace at best President Trump's media marketed “Deal of the Century's” true objective...possibly...or was this Trump's calling the Palestinian leader's bluff...something that seems more likely. I'll get into that in a bit.

Surrounded by 22 Arab nations...a few now Israel's friend, most still Israel's up either God-given land or land garnered as the fairly gotten spoils of war is not now nor is it ever a wise idea. And while our president is trying to be fair in regards to a people who've been playing the victim card since being invented by Yasser Arafat in the 1960's to further his PLO cause...those very people have found an ally in Jordan's King Abdullah who under Trump's plan would become the Palestinians caretaker of sorts...which is akin to the wolf guarding the hen house. Why so...because it's King Abudllah himself who could have ended this conflict years ago by welcoming back into Jordan the very people who hold his country's citizenship and passports. Even his own father, the late King Hussein, admitted there were no Palestinians, there were only temporarily displaced Jordanians.

Was President Trump aware of this...I don't know. But Jared Kushner most likely was but decided to take a gamble with fingers crossed for luck I suppose...a bad judgment call if nothing else or is there a method to this madness. And madness it is for trading land for peace has been proven throughout history not to work out in the long run, and I do not believe it will work out now even with certain caveats being placed upon the land Israel would be turning that will more than double the Palestinian territory and provide for a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem. In fact, President Trump stated that we would open an embassy there when a Palestinian State is officially declared.

A Palestinian those words do not sit well...for I believe such a state has no right to exist for it would be a state born to placate a basically non-existent people. And besides, on November 29, 1947, the U.N. passed a resolution regarding British called Palestine stating that said land was to be partitioned between Arabs and Jews... the Arabs turned it down and thus Israel... the Jewish State of Israel...was born.

And know that for better or worse such a Palestinian State is this plan's hoped for ultimate goal...or is it...for creating a nation for a made-up people...a people born of hate for the Jewish people coupled with a misguided want for the Jewish homeland... is not what one would think is a good thing. And while under this plan, as it's currently written, Israel would remain in control of security for both the Jordan Valley and the newly designated Palestinian lands, at least for the foreseeable future, know the land that Israel would be giving up is now being propagandized as but a swap...a swap for Israel remaining in sovereign control of its own rightful and legally existing settlements already in the West Bank. But even that comes with caveats of sorts for at the same time Israel gives up their land they're also facing a four-year ban on new construction on the very land they have sovereign control over. So not kosher in my opinion.

Yet the fact remains that no matter how said swap is packaged and sold, what's being downplayed is Israel's basically surrendering East Jerusalem for as per the plan it would become the capital of a Palestinian State. And this specifically includes the part of East Jerusalem made up of Abu Dis, Kafr Akab and half of Shuafa, thus seeing Jerusalem... which Israel assumed complete administrative control of after the Six-Day War...being divided instead of both the East and West sections remaining both part of the whole and the Jewish State's capital alone. Remember, the plan's saying that Jerusalem remains Israel's undivided capital simply means West Jerusalem does.

This is "the last opportunity they will ever have," so said President Trump...I say this is the so-called Palestinians last opportunity to force and secure a division in a city that must never be divided.

Jerusalem as a divided matter the deals good intentions...actually harkens back to Israel's founding when in 1948, biblical Jerusalem was divided in two. And while Israel, as per U.N. mandate, was given control of the western section of Jerusalem and held said control from 1949 to 1967, Jordan was given control of Jerusalem's eastern section...the very section that includes the sacred old walled city containing both sacred Jewish and Christian holy sites. But when Israel finally re-annexed East Jerusalem back into Jerusalem proper after their winning the Six Day War, Israel said Jerusalem would never be divided again. But this “Deal of the Century” does just that using the old U.N. boundaries to acquiesce to the U.N.'s demand for a Two-State make East Jerusalem the capital of a non-existent people's state.

And besides East Jerusalem, Israel is giving away the non-Israeli settlement areas in the a fore mentioned West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip and areas to its south, with those would be Palestinian lands being connected by a series of tunnels and bridges. But I say tunnels and bridges that would afford easy access for terrorists and other unsavory sorts to enter Israel proper no matter how said access points were reinforced or guarded.

And even with President Trump stating that acceptance of the plan would lead to $50 billion in new commercial investment in now what would be Palestine and that if “executed well” it could create one million new Palestinian jobs, being overlooked is the fact that this plan also gives the Palestinians time to meet the criteria for autonomy...criteria including their formally recognizing Israel as the Jewish State as well as their denouncing terrorism... basically giving these people a four-year time frame to start acting like civilized men. But how can those who have for generations been indoctrinated from birth into a culture of Jew-hatred suddenly change their mindset in but four-years...simply they cannot thus leading me to believe that this plan was but a time buyer until either Mahmoud Abbas or King Abdullah is gone, at which time the so-called Palestinians could return to their rightful homeland...Jordan.

So, was this plan designed to fail in order to expose the truth about the so-called Palestinian people? I believe it was for why else would the plan have been preemptively rejected by Palestinian leaders...why else would Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat say the plan was but “copied and pasted” steps that Netanyahu wanted to see implemented, adding that, “It's about annexation, it's about apartheid.” Why else indeed. Again the answer lies within the very words of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who immediately dismissed President Trump's plan as a “conspiracy” calling it “dead on arrival,” and that it was “impossible for any Palestinian, Arab, Muslim or Christian child to accept” a Palestinian state without all...both East and West...of Jerusalem as its capital. Makes me wonder just when did Mahmoud Abbas became the Christians spokesman...ever so sarcastically said.

Now consider this point as well...a spokesman for United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said the U.N. position regarding Trump's Peace Plan was that it defied numerous Security Council and General Assembly resolutions. “The United Nations remains committed to supporting Palestinians and Israelis to resolve the conflict on the basis of United Nations resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements and realizing the vision of two states - Israel and Palestine - living side by side in peace and security within recognized borders, on the basis of the pre-1967 lines,” were his actual words said. Notice the last four words “the pre-1967 lines” in before the Six-Day War...again shows that the U.N. sides with the Palestinians and wants Israel returned to its former what would be easily compromised borders.

In fact, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, one Nickolay Mladenov, said that Israeli annexation of any part of the West Bank would end the possibility of resuming Israeli-Palestinian negotiations toward a peace deal, once again harkening back to Israel's pre-'67 borders.

Both President Trump and Jared Kushner had to know this would be the U.N.'s reaction beforehand as the U.N. has never vacillated from either position. And both had to know that the Palestinian reaction to their plan would as unusual be violence and disrespect.

And while Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and the UAE... countries no longer Israel's foes...all issued statements welcoming Trump's plan as a starting point to peace, all their statements had certain telltale words which can best be summed up with the Saudi's words. “The Kingdom reiterates its support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian cause” and “to move forward the peace process to reach an agreement that achieves legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.” Missing from here and the others statements is what about the rights of the Israeli people to live as they alone see do as they alone wish to do in their God-given ancestral homeland.

And even with Egypt saying it will go along with the plan if it's adopted, I bet they're not too happy with even more Palestinians living along their border...a border with the Sinai Peninsula where Egypt has enough problems with parts of it now being a terrorist stronghold...they sure don't need Hamas supporting Palestinians adding to their problems.

So what was the reaction in Israel herself to a plan that while it supposedly sees Israel getting “overriding security responsibility and control over entire territory from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea” as per U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Freidman, it still places Israel’s identity as both a Jewish and democratic state in jeopardy for it gives what are a made-up people not only Gaza and the majority of the West Bank, but East Jerusalem as its capital as well. Simply, Trump's plan was greeting with a politically mixed reaction at best what with the Palestinian leadership, as previously stated, wanting no part of a plan they claim was both drawn up unilaterally and negates their belief that the Palestinians have the “inalienable right to self-determination,” while Israeli's from both Netanyahu's Likud Party and Gantz's Blue and White Party are at least happy with the fact that the White House took the “unusual step” of getting a sign-off and plan approval from Benny Gantz before being publicly revealed, thus avoiding Trump's plan being seen as a political maneuver to aid his friend Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming March election.

But for me Joel Rosenberg, co-founder of the Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem, might have revealed Trump's plan's true intentions with his words, “Seeing three Arab Gulf leaders at the ceremony, he (Trump) just might have succeeded in threading the needle.” I guess “threading the needle” is better than not threading it at all especially since set-in-stone benchmark conditions must be met by the Palestinians if said plan has even an inkling of a chance of succeeding. But if giving these made-up people East Jerusalem as its capital is its true objective then this particular plan remains a "no go" to me.

Sorry BiBi, sorry President Trump, if and only if this is the plan's true goal...and while I will always support and stand by you both...I cannot abide surrendering any part of Israel's ancestral land ...especially surrendering to those wish were all Jews dead. But if this plan indeed was designed to show the world that the Palestinians are not really serious nor interested in peace...than it was a gamble worth taking. After all, it's well known that leopards never change their spots...I doubt a non-existent people would do so as well

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