Thursday, January 4, 2018

'Bomb cyclone' winter storm hits US East Coast: What is it?

Bundle up! Brutal winter weather – with strong winds, snow and subzero temperatures – has hit much of the eastern U.S. and is expected to continue through the weekend.

The National Weather Service warned of a wintry mix expected along much of the Atlantic seaboard – from Florida to North Carolina. Blizzard warnings have been issued for parts of Delaware; Virginia; Maryland; coastal New Jersey; Long Island, N.Y.; and coastal New England. 

Many of those areas could see at least a foot of snow.

This storm has been dubbed a “bomb cyclone” or “bombogenesis” by meteorologists as it is expected to rapidly intensify.

What is a “bombogenesis”? 

The term "bombogenesis" is used by meteorologists to refer to a rapidly intensifying area of low pressure, Fox News’ Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said Wednesday.

Trump: I've Axed The Voter Fraud Commission
Trump: I've Axed The Voter Fraud Commission Well, President Trump’s search to root out possible voter fraud during the 2016 election is over. He signed an executive order axing the commission, citing prolonged legal battles that would cost the taxpayers too much money. Also, there were a lot of states that refused to comply with the commission concerning turning over voter data from the 2016 election (via AP):
President Donald Trump is disbanding his controversial voter fraud commission amid infighting, lawsuits and state officials’ refusal to cooperate.
Trump convened the commission to investigate the 2016 presidential election, after alleging repeatedly and without evidence that voting fraud cost him the popular vote. Trump won the Electoral College.
The White House blamed the decision to end the panel on more than a dozen states that have refused to comply with the commission’s demand for reams of personal voter data, including names, partial Social Security numbers, voting histories and party affiliations.

Trump: Palestinians unwilling to talk peace, so “why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


For years the U.S. has been showering billions upon various entities, hoping to buy their loyalty or at least compliance. We’ve been played for easy marks by the sharpies of the world. President Trump is calling a halt. He is the first President even to threaten to call a halt. This is the first administration […]
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PHOTOS: ISIS at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and at World Trade Center

Of course they are taunting us. And why not? We elected a mayor who dismantled critical counter-terror programs, which led to the mass murder of eight people on Halloween. Of course, more is coming. Perhaps jihad-aligned Mayor de Blasio can ask his terror pal Linda Sarsour for a sit-down with these “misunderstood” savages.

COPS are hunting alleged Islamic state supporters who took selfies on the streets of New York alongside ISIS logos.

Among the chilling images is a recruit holding a phone bearing the terror group’s flag in the shadow of the rebuilt World Trade Center.

‘ISIS selfie’ at Met stirs NYPD probe

The New York Daily News, January 3, 2019:

The NYPD is investigating images of what appears to be ISIS supporters taking selfies outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in view of One World Trade Center.

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