Sunday, March 13, 2016


Here is our March 12th RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show for any who missed it and want to listen in...and as always...we stand by every word we said.

Craig and I discussed Thursday night's presidential debate, 'A Foreign Policy Disaster in the Making', 'Prosecuting a Lie', and a special Q&A with Trumpers.

Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles are falling into the jihadists’ hands
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles are falling into the jihadists’ hands
Courtesy of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. “Isis in Libya: How Muhammar Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles are falling into the jihadists’ hands,” by Jonathan Broder, Independent, March 11, 2016: Deep in the Sahara, in the sun-baked Libyan town of Sabha, a ragtag group of gunmen agreed to show Timothy Michetti their most prized weapons. Mr Michetti, an […]
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Hamas hacks into Israeli TV and threatens: ‘Terror will never end’

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

This smells like ISIS cyber fiends. Hamas-ISIS cooperation is ongoing.

It’s all of a piece — Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram, al Shabaab, al Qaeda. They are all armies for Islam.
“Hamas hacks into Israeli TV and threatens: ‘Terror will never end’” By Times of Israel staff,  March 12, 2016:
Gaza’s Islamist rulers interrupt private satellite feed of Channel 2 ‘Big Brother’ to tell Israelis to ‘get out of our country’. Rockets fired soon after.
Some satellite viewers of Israel’s Channel 2 reality show “Big Brother” found their broadcast interrupted on Friday night, to be replaced by a message of hatred from Palestinian terror group Hamas.
The adventures of house-bound reality stars were suddenly...
Let me make three unequivocal statements about the wave of protests and violence at recent Donald Trump events.

First, anyone attempting to attack Trump supporters, let alone trying to attack Trump directly, is completely wrong and without any justification.

Second, the protesters that shut down the Friday night Trump rally in Chicago were not just anti-Trump. It appears that many of them were ultra-liberal and would be no friends of the conservative movement as a whole.

Third, Trump bears some responsibility for these outbreaks because of his inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric.

As Senator Marco Rubio stated, words have consequences, and you cannot run for the highest office in the land and be so irresponsible with your speech without expecting unfortunate results.

Again, this does not justify the spirit of the protesters, but it does illustrate that, for the most part, Trump is bringing out the worst in Americans, not the best, and this is hardly the way to make America great again.

Last August, in an Open Letter to Donald Trump meant to be constructive rather than destructive, I wrote, “Why shoot yourself in the foot when you have a legitimate chance of becoming the President of the United States?

“Proverbs 15:1 says, ‘A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare’ (New Living Translation).”
For a long time, I tolerated Trump. When people criticized him and called him a conservative, I straightened them out and told him he is no conservative, but now I believe he is also no Republican. I don’t know what this man stands for other than himself and “Make America Great Again” which is a slogan he attempted to copyright four years ago. The current mantra is there is a civil war in the Republican Party which I don’t get since I don’t know any element of the Republican Party that supports this man.

Here are some of the issues that define Trump as not being a conservative or a Republican:

1. Kelo – I have never met a Republican who was not apoplectic about the Kelo vs. New London decision. This decision redefined eminent domain to allow the little twerps with none of their own money at risk, who got college degrees in city planning, to design cities and force people to give up their property for commercial purposes. No one disagrees with the fact we need eminent domain to build roads and bridges, but shopping centers? Especially ones that raise more revenues to feed city coffers and inflate overpaid government employees’ compensation. This is crony capitalism at its very worst and Trump embraces it.

2. Lawyers – Trump loves lawyers and suing people. I realize that anyone involved in as many businesses as he has been in over the years will be confronted with frivolous lawsuits, but this man brags about how tough he is about lawsuits. He embraces lawyers. He embraces the legal system. He has used it to his own benefit many times. There is not one Republican or Conservative who does not want to break the back of the Lawyers’ Lobby (Big Law). They feed the Democrats. Go to his website and see his seven-point plan on healthcare – There is no tort reform. Getting lawyers out of our healthcare system is central to controlling costs and stopping doctors from performing frivolous procedures to protect themselves from lawsuits, but there is no mention of tort reform in Trump’s plan.