Monday, January 25, 2021

Sarah Sanders Announces She's Running For Arkansas Governor

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday that she is running for Arkansas governor in 2022. 

If Sanders were to win, she’d follow in her father Mike Huckabee’s footsteps, who served as the state’s governor from 1996-2007.

In a message posted on Twitter, Sanders said, “I’m in,” and included a link to and a video message.

 "My dad always said the real test of a leader is not the way you handle the issues you know are coming, it's rising to the moment in a crisis you could never plan for," she said in the nearly eight-minute message. "I've been tested under fire."

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TREASON: Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Elections Forever
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Like a third world dictatorship – we’ll need the military to step up and stop the communist takeover of America.

The actual bill here — “For the People” — Yes, for the People of Communist China.

The fraud in this past election was massive, the worst ever in recorded history, but it is nothing when compared to what the Democrat (Communist) Party has in store for the future of the USA and the world.

In their first act, this Congress led by true communists apparently, is ready to pass a bill allowing all future elections in the USA to be run exactly the same as any communist regime in history.


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A Revolution of Truths Still Untold
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

The movement we started is only just beginning.”
 - President Donald J. Trump's words at his Farewell Address at Andrews Air Force Base
And so it took but a few short hours for Joe Biden to behave as expected what with talk of “unity,” being but a campaign promise made not kept. After all, nothing says “unity” quite like picking up a pen and executive ordering away most all of the good policies set into place by the previous president, a president who quite literally had just left office. And said action is especially grievous when the policies removed not only benefited “We the People,” but were policies removed simply because they initiated on the other side of the political aisle. And so now we are faced with at least four long years of governmental policies implemented out of the need for revenge or simply as a means of payback aimed at the 74 million of us who understood all along that Obama's fundamental change of America would come to fruition in a relatively short period of time via a President Kamala Harris for Joe Biden is and always was but a placeholder, if even that.

And when the hierarchy of any given political “mob” rules the roost...think both Democrat and Republican hierarchy here...and is allowed to get away with any and everything both questionable and illegal...our "Constitutional Republic" is dead or at least is on life support...long live misplaced "democracy" the very thing our Founders and Framers feared most. Smart men our Founders and Framers were for they knew well that the promoting of "democracy" actually comes at the expense of “We the People's” personal liberty, and that the greatest threat to said liberty is the government itself whether it be well-intentioned or not. And here's where the very twisting of the meaning of "democracy" comes into play for America was never meant in its governance to be guided by popular opinion, by popular vote, or by the shear collective will of but the majority. Translation: the abject tyranny of majority rule can be simplified into two words...“mob rule.”

But while today's Democrats want you to believe that ultimate power lies solely within the acceptance of their party's highly politicized version of “mob rule,” they do forget that this was the very concept for which “We the People” not only took up arms against two and a half centuries ago, but that 74 million of us also did so at the ballot box but a few short months ago...minus the arms of course. But two questions remain, first, for how long can and will we be silenced by those who are the actual ones trying to overthrow what is our "Constitutional Republic," and second, why even pose such a question? 

The answer to both questions is really is quite simple...because we who understand the underlying meaning and truths behind the American Revolution actually never counted on this or any election actually being successfully stolen, especially an election the other side heralds as not only being "democracy" in action but the most secure and fair election ever held...which we all know...which even Joe Biden and Kamala Harris truly but a lie.

And while an armed revolution is not something that we true patriots or anyone else really wants, know “We the People” who truly love our country and who embrace her Constitution can only be pushed so far. But never to be forgotten is that our "Republic" was indeed born of revolution, a means by which to escape from what was a then colonial government mired in the tyrannical rule of a British king. And while the actual time frame regarding any sort of revolution, thankfully, still remains open-ended, know that contrary to the media's lies about insurrection and their trying to push the dialogue of an eminent overthrow of the now newly sworn in president, there did remain the all-important peaceful transfer of power, something essential to our "Constitutional Republic's" very survival...something which in the end also helped to temper down a bit the media's ever continuing musings of a revolution of sorts already having started to take place courtesy of President Trump's claimed to be inciteful words...words he most assuredly never said.

But here also know that while the Constitution itself does not actually mandate a peaceful transition of presidential power or that said transfer has to be friendly in nature, our Founders and Framers put into the Constitution...obviously fearing both the influence of foreign powers as well as internal political strife...that we are to hold free and fair presidential elections and that the winner of said election, via the Electoral College vote, does become the president. And as per amended election laws that allow for the counting and resolving of any and all legal challenges to said vote before the actual transfer of power takes place...which to the Democrats chagrin President Trump had every legal and moral right to do...know that the bottom line in this rightfully contested election boils down to the fact that we, as a nation, must be more protective of our election process. We must go back and look to the Constitution not just for guidance but to make sure the disbelievers truly understand that this country is not now nor will it ever be a "democracy," pure or otherwise, and until that is understood and accepted as fact we stand on the abyss of revolution... whether it be peaceful or otherwise.

And while we know that no government is perfect, not even our own, a government designed for and by the people must first and foremost assure the integrity of its election process. And this most assuredly means that each and every election held is both fair and above all honest so that the rule of law can prevail, because without such elections our vote is really not our own but is a vote manipulated into helping choose whomever the then leader of the “political mob” wants elected. And when one party specifically singles out the votes of some as being more protected and powerful than the votes of all others, the end game becomes that said chosen minority of voters actually controls the reins of power thus rendering our Constitution as being but an adjunct to adjunct that can in time be replaced by abject “mob rule” where the wishes of a few actually become the law over many...something we have already seen starting to happen.

Simply, a Second American Revolution must never be ruled out especially when those now in power continue to try to breech and nullify both the very foundational cornerstone and the vision laid out for our "Republic" by our Founders and Framers as set down in the U.S. Constitution. But also, do remember that history has shown more times than not that revolution, whether it be a success or a failure, is very rarely something that happens without forewarning.

And this is most decidedly true when the majority of we who call ourselves patriots, rightfully believe that the election system currently in place is knowingly corrupted and has been for over the past decade or so. And this in turn means that our system of governance itself is no longer working for “We the People” but is actually working against us via a no longer free, fair, and impartial election process. And when the judicial powers that be, as in both the lower courts and most especially the Supreme Court, will not give credence to or let alone hear our grievances what is there to do but see an increase in nationwide protests taking place...protests originating from both sides of the political aisle with random far left and far right fringe groups thrown in for good or bad measure. 

And when said protests turn ever violent in nature, as we know many times they do, the violence committed, for the most part, is overwhelmingly perpetrated by those whose political allegiances lie with the Democrat-Socialist side of the aisle. And we also know that these violent folks do overwhelmingly go unpunished, thus once again sadly proving that in today's America when injustice is exposed for all to see it tends to morph and become but a leftist, politically driven, single-edged, very sharp sword.

And with violent protests orchestrated and led by so-called “political alternatives” the likes of BLM and Antifa...groups, that for the most part, do not operate within the parameters of acceptable civilized society while they fuel the fires of hate via injustices only they perceive as happening...they're even more dangerous than that which appears on the surface for they are not only heralded but are egged on in their endeavors by the Democrat hierarchy...a hierarchy that includes now Vice President Kamala Harris as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And this reality, in turn, has directly lead to organized resistance movements being formed...resistance movements who know well who the true winner of this just past presidential election was and whose calling card will always be the Constitution as written...resistance movements whose banner taken into battle will be the Second Amendment, if it ever were to come to that.

So while I say “if it ever where to come to that,” know that even peaceful resisters, like I said before, will only allow themselves, their cause, and their movement, to be pushed or boxed into a corner up to a point before they will fight back against what is now an outwardly socialist-driven administration with an overtly socialist administration not willing to listen to even the most innocuous of opposing view administration whose goal is hell-bent on destroying our "Constitutional Republic." And again, “if the time comes”...which hopefully still can be a time avoided...know that the collective voices of all who resist...of all who strive to preserve our freedoms and our God granted liberties...will indeed set off a political explosion whose proverbial “shot” will once again be the “shot heard 'round the world.”

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