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These NYT Reporters Wanted To Destroy Kavanaugh...They Ended Up Gutting 'Believe All Women' Instead

These NYT Reporters Wanted To Destroy Kavanaugh...They Ended Up Gutting 'Believe All Women' InsteadSo, did these gals just think they could sneak this in and no one would notice? We all know about how The New York Times totally ate it over its botched story about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The writers claim there was another accuser who alleged, like Deborah Ramirez, that the young future Supreme Court jurist shoved his genitals in another woman’s face at a drunken party at Yale. The problem: the woman doesn’t remember the event, but somehow that lends credibility to Ramirez’s account. It doesn’t. Sorry—that’s not how this works. The Times edited the op-ed piece, added that portion that totally renders the new allegation/bombshell story worthless, and these two women decided to blame the editors. They swear that this portion was included—trust them, right?

Iran’s Rouhani: Jihad attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities was a “warning”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iran’s Rouhani: Jihad attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities was a “warning”
Sunnis and Shi’ites have been waging jihad against each other for 1400 years, as The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS demonstrates. There is no reason for the U.S. to get involved. “Iran: Attack on Saudi oil facilities was ‘a warning,'” David Rosenberg, Arutz Sheva, September 18, 2019: A recent attack by Iranian-backed forces […]

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PM Netanyahu to Likud: ‘We will do everything to prevent a dangerous government’

This is what happens when a country has been safe for an extended period of time. It’s how the USA elected Obama, the worst, most dangerous president in American history.

Netanyahu to Likud: ‘We will do everything to prevent a dangerous government.’


PM addresses formation of right-wing bloc for coalition negotiations. ‘2 options: A gov’t led by me, or one that relies on Arab parties.’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened members of the Likud faction at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem, addressing the election results.
By Israel National News

“I come here after a meeting with the leaders of the National Camp parties,” said Netanyahu. “We unanimously decided that we will go together into negotiations for the establishment of a government headed by me.”

“We will conduct the negotiations with one delegation, Yariv Levin will be at the head.”

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Uncle Joe...The Democrat's 2020 Nominee
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Last week's third Democrat debate in Houston, Texas was a rehash of the same tired old Trump bashing coupled with each of the now down to ten candidates again trying to top each other to see who can give away the most “free stuff.” However, we were also treated to a few laughs courtesy of the always comical gaffes of Joe Biden. But this time his gaffes came with a decidedly telling twist...a twist showing that no matter how often he deviates from the truth, there really are only three candidates of any “substance” left to take on and then lose to President Trump...three candidates alone who meet the Democrat hierarchy's version of ever vacillating “substance” that is.

It's now and has really always been a three person race...Joe Biden v. Bernie Sanders v. Elizabeth Warren. A three person race between touchy-feely Uncle Joe, socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders, and the woman who will forever be known as Pocahontas, one Elizabeth Warren. And while Uncle Joe cannot get through a single debate without putting his foot in his mouth at least once...and while “Feel the Bern” Bernie Sanders is but a shell of what he was just four short years ago...Pochantas' numbers are slowly creeping up soon to take over Bernie's number two position. And yet Uncle Joe hangs on as the number one contender for the Democrat presidential nomination, leaving one scratching their head and wondering why.

Wondering why for sure. And know it goes way beyond Sanders and Warren splitting the so-called “crazies” vote...a vote which now makes up the majority of the new AOC not Nancy Pelosi led Democrat-Socialist party. So what is it about Uncle Joe that makes him somewhat palatable and seemingly invincible to the mainstream Democrat masses? Simply it's his persona of standing the middle ground by not leaning so far to the left that he becomes unappealing to mainstream Democrats...Democrats not totally enthralled with their party's overtly socialist agenda. And Joe Biden has what many Democrats consider “electability” over the other candidates running...he was Obama's vice-president after all... but having “electability” and getting elected are two different matters entirely.

And while Joe Biden remains the de facto leader of the Democrat party’s more moderate faction, his campaign agenda remains as it has always been...a “sound bite” based campaign playing solely upon his blanket statement of ending the Trump presidency. Nary a true laying out of any tangible or workable policy ideas that would show Democrats why he and his policies would be better suited for our country than our current president's are... Biden tries to ignore the fact that we now have a president whose successful economic policies have put more of our our hard earned dollars back into our collective pockets instead of seeing them being divvied up elsewhere...elsewhere being socialism's calling card. So this simply means that Joe Biden's appeal regarding mainstream Democrats either comes down to a party line loyalty vote or something the Democrat hierarchy and the media dare not say...something some of us paying attention have come to know well.

So let's start by saying that Democrats love to play up the erroneous fact that it's they alone who care about racial inclusion and equality...that the racial divide they refuse to admit Obama started no longer exists...that America must surely become a nation of “brown folks” in their striving for a "blending of the races"...a "one size fits all" mentality where it's the federal government who becomes our collective caretaker. But with Joe Biden having not yet played the race card as all his fellow candidates have done, leaves Biden alone as someone white mainstream Democrats can more easily identify with, after all white America, no matter one's party affiliation, is long tired of the liberals politically driven skin color game...tired to the point where Biden's white skin color might just become one of his greatest campaign assets...and he knows it.

How much as the Democrats...aided of course by their propaganda arm known as the mainstream media...want you to believe that America is no longer a “white majority country,” the truth remains that it is, most especially in regards to voting. The majority of Democrat affiliated white voters...those not of the socialist leaning kind...continue to favor Joe Biden over any of the male or female candidates “of color,” and that number increases by the day.

Doubt me...than how come according to a September 8th Washington Post-ABC news poll, the three top candidates...all white...are the only ones who have garnered much needed double digit support with Joe Biden alone leading all the other single digit candidates...including all those who claim to be “of color” by at least eleven percentage points. Translation: in the 2020 election one's skin color in regards to “electibility” matters whether Democrats will admit it...whether Democrats will publicly say it or not.

So with skin color and “electability” remaining one of the key components for mainstream Democrats...after all the Democrats have no real platform of's the “electability” aspect that also has the above poll showing that Uncle Joe's matter his many gaffes... remain solidly loyal to him even more so than do white socialist Bernie Sanders' or white Elizabeth Warren’s supporters do. In fact, 61 percent of Biden's supporters say they will definitely vote for him thus giving him a huge lead over both Sanders and Warren who both see just 38 percent saying they are definitely going to vote for either one of ifs, ands, or buts.

And when you also factor in that a 'New York Times' poll taken the day after the September 12th debate shows Joe Biden at 26%, Bernie Sanders at 17%, and Elizabeth Warren at 16% of the national polling average, this surely means that unless Joe Biden slips up big time...unless he cannot remove the foot from his mouth...he will be the Democrat nominee to go up against Donald Trump...a nominee that the white mainstream Democrat masses will head to the polls to vote for...yet they will still be casting votes in a losing effort against President Donald J. Trump.

So why is this a losing effort...for no other reason than logic itself dictates that due to the success of our economy no Democrat running will beat President Trump, and no made up last ditch attempt to fabricate a story about our country heading into a recession will stop the Trump juggernaut. The additional monies in voters pockets speak louder than any socialist agenda ever could, especially with working class middle aged and older white voters of either political party. This reality itself then dictates that even more mainstream white Democrats then in 2016 will cross party lines and vote to reelect President Trump.

And while Elizabeth Warren will in the end surge ahead of Bernie Sanders...remember Bernie's main supporters are millennials who love to talk the talk but who in reality are quite lackadaisical when it comes to actually getting out and voting...she will not secure the nomination. And again why...two words...Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and her “made for TV” theatrics, I believe, have ruined it for women wanting to be president for some time to come or more simply put, America is not yet ready for a woman president, especially one who claims she is one thing while DNA tests prove she is quite another. America did not trust Hillary Clinton, they surely don't trust this faux Indian...for if you lie about one thing you'll surely lie about other even more important things.

As for Kamala Harris...the woman who pretends to be black...after her giggle-fest failure at the recent debate...she now sees much needed donors jumping off her sinking campaign ship, and besides she has no real path on which to make a comeback...meaning, I believe, she will soon be pulling out of the race. And while there are other women still in the nomination race...white women in fact...they are women with numbers so low they are not even worth mentioning, and they too will soon be pulling out of the race, save for Elizabeth Warren of course. After all, a "token women" is needed so that the Democrat party can “save face.”

And that again brings me back to Joe Biden as being the Democrat's nominee no matter his recent debate gaffe that Trump was the initiator of the “children in cages” brouhaha. But make no was Obama himself who initiated that policy as Uncle Joe knows very well but who conveniently and selectively forgets it at just the right photo-op moment. But notice how just a week after the debate there's little to no mention of it in the media.

And as for the men still who for the most part are clamoring for both the minority and the illegal vote...not one of them can touch Joe Biden numbers wise, and it's numbers that matter above all else. Even Julian Castro...the man who fancies himself the “brown Obama” and who mimicked Obama in saying that, “Muslim Americans for generations have been part of the fabric of our American family. They have helped make America the great nation it is,” the only man I once saw as being a true tangible threat to Joe Biden.

But that man has basically now seen himself being all but removed from the nomination because of his erroneous remarks concerning a comment Joe Biden, just minutes before, had made at last week's debate. And to make matters worse Castro followed it up with a cowardly personal attack regarding Biden's age and mental state. Castro knew the words he was spewing were not only a lie but decidedly cruel...words actually proven to be lies even by the mainstream media...words spewed he cannot take back as video tape doesn't lie. And this leads me to believe that Julian Castro will be voluntarily pulling himself out of the race within a short period of time...his “brown” skin color not withstanding.

Skin color and/or gender seems to be the bottom line crux of the 2020 Democrat nomination race for the leftist socialist propaganda runs strong with both the candidates   "of color” and with the white candidates as well whether they be male or female. Appeal to minorities in hopes of them banding together to sway the vote their way, nevermind that their Democrat platform is comprised of useless and maniacal cost prohibited agenda items. Nevermind all this, just vote the color of your skin or your self-perceived gender, that's what the Democrats want you to do as they strive to further divide America along racial and self-perceived sexual lines. What Obama started they intend to finish.

And so the bottom line is “brown” person nor any woman running today...can beat President Trump...most especially when our economy is still running strong and shows no signs of abating. And the Democrat hierarchy knows well that in order to at least not see a repeat of the 2016 Electoral College trouncing Hillary Clinton received, that they need to have a more moderate white male to go up against our current "no holds barred" white male president. And that brings it back full circle to more “moderate and more palatable" to the Democrat masses Joe Biden...who the Democrat hierarchy will probably force to pick a woman as his running mate, whether she be “of color” or not, to help balance out the ticket in hope of drawing in some semblance of the minority vote.

But no matter as Donald Trump will get his second term in office for while the Democrats focus on minorities, gender, and skin color, our president remains focused on keeping America both great and safe...and isn't that exactly what a president of these United States is tasked to do...I most surely think so.

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