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Shell-Shocked FBI Employees On Trump's 2016 Win: Trump Voters Are 'Poor, Lazy Pieces of S**t' 
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

Shell-Shocked FBI Employees On Trump's 2016 Win: Trump Voters Are 'Poor, Lazy Pieces of S**t'

So, the Department of Justice’s inspector general dropped his report today. There were little notable nuggets here and there, but the most damning was a) saying then-FBI Director James Comey’s actions concerning how he handled the Hillary Clinton email probe during the 2016 election were extraordinary and insubordinate. So, there goes the liberal talking point that President Trump axed Comey to obstruct justice; Comey was given his pink slip in May of 2017. The second controversial aspect is the bias assessment. Besides Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, there are clear examples of bias from FBI employees. Comey is no exception either, especially at the outset of his book tour. But what people hang their hat on is the report saying there was no evidence that political bias generated partisan outcomes. That’ll be touched on in a separate post.

The examples of bias have been illustrated with the Strzok-Page, which number in the tens of thousands. The two FBI officials were having an extramarital affair, the texts were explicitly anti-Trump, and we now know Strzok assured Page that they would stop Trump from being president. Keep in mind, again, that Strzok was a top counterintelligence agent, he signed off on the counterintelligence probe into possible Russian collusion in July of 2016, and was part of the Hillary email probe.
UN sides with Hamas against Israel over Gaza clashes, ignores “Palestinian” violence

By Robert Spencer /  Jihad Watch


This is no surprise, given the UN’s ongoing targeting of Israel, but it is inexcusable. The UN should be defunded and expelled from New York City. After all, what good does it do? “UN sides with Hamas against Israel in Gaza clashes,” World Israel News, June 14, 2018 (thanks to Inexion): The United Nations General […]

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IG Report Eerily Reminiscent of Comey’s Exoneration of Hillary; Long List of Violations, Yet None Affected Key Decisions of Case

The long-awaited DOJ Inspector General (IG) report concludes that, although many FBI officials “exhibited inappropriate hostility and political opposition to then-candidate Donald Trump,” their biases did not harm the integrity of the investigation.

The report is oddly reminiscent of Comey’s Hillary Clinton exoneration statement. It lists numerous violations of standard DOJ/FBI operating practices in their investigation, yet the IG concludes that none of them affected the core judgement of top officials.

The IG excused one wrongful act after another in this stunning report. Allegations were made, and then dismissed, due to the lack of evidence connecting specific allegations to the key decisions of the case.

“Death by a thousand eighths” is a Wall Street expression, which refers to a stock losing 1/8 of a point in value each day over a long period of time. Eventually, an investor has a major loss on their hands. But it happens so slowly, and the loss per day is so small, that the investor remains in the position believing the price will turn around. One day, the investor must face the facts and take the loss.

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