Thursday, December 23, 2021


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Putin urges West to act quickly to offer security guarantee
2014 the Russia-Ukrainian conflict has killed over 14,000 people
Associated Press / FOXNews

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the West on Thursday to move quickly to meet Russia’s demand for security guarantees precluding NATO’s expansion to Ukraine and the deployment of the military alliance’s weapons there.

Speaking during a marathon annual news conference, the Russian leader welcomed talks that are set to start in Geneva next month, but sternly warned that Moscow expects the discussion to produce quick results.

"We have clearly and precisely let them know that any further NATO expansion eastward is unacceptable," Putin said.

Last week, Moscow submitted draft security documents demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and roll back the alliance’s military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe. A key principle of the NATO alliance is that membership is open to any qualifying country.

"Is it us who are putting missiles near the U.S. borders?" Putin said. "No, it’s the U.S. who came to our home with their missiles. They are already on the threshold of our home. Is it some excessive demand not to place any offensive systems near our home?"

The pet food shortage is real, and owners are scrambling. ‘It’s been a waking nightmare’
Food shortage had led some owners to feed their pets whatever they are eating at the moment
Wall Street Journal / FOX Business
After an online order didn’t show on time, Phyllis Pometta stopped at five different stores before she hit pay dirt. There it was on the shelf: beef stew-flavored dog food.

Ms. Pometta scooped up about four cans, which weren’t her preferred brand. She was desperate, with supplies of the food she usually bought for her dog nowhere to be found online or in stores.

Karmaa Pomeranian rescue, wasn’t as desperate. She sniffed the food and rejected it.

Ms. Pometta coaxed the dog to try it by adding beef-flavored treats, which gave Karma an upset stomach for days. After that, Ms. Pometta said she resorted to making Karma’s meals herself, cooking chicken with rice, carrots and peas on her stovetop, which Karma is happy to eat.

"It’s hard enough feeding [five] people," Ms. Pometta said, referring to her family. "I don’t want to be making dog food."

While shoppers scour stores and online vendors for videogame consoles and bicycles, pet owners like Ms. Pometta are questing after puréed fish and properly sized kibble, as supply-chain problems disrupt pet-food supplies.