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20 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask in 2018 America
20 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask in 2018 AmericaThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of
As politics has become more tribal and geared toward demonization instead of debate, it’s amazing how many important questions don’t seem to be asked any more. Instead of discussing issues rationally, people are stuck in little boxes based on where they fall on an issue.

Whatever happened to actually assuming that there are two potentially legitimate sides to a debate and hashing them out based upon which one makes more sense? Of course, to do that, you’ve got to get beyond political correctness to ask the basic questions -- questions that are deemed racist, sexist, fascistic, etc., etc., as part of an effort to shut down necessary conversations. At the end of the day, if you want to actually prove someone wrong, you’ve got to engage him on his ideas and make better, more logical points. If you can’t even handle the basic questions so many people have, then maybe you don’t have the best ideas.

1) Are we really doing transsexuals a favor by pretending they can change into another gender and allowing them to mutilate themselves via surgery or are we actually setting them up for failure when we pretend that they’re not mentally ill?

2) Couldn’t you make just as good an argument that America is a matriarchy as a patriarchy? Life expectancy for women is 79 in the United States while it’s 72 for men. Men are expected to pay for everything on dates. Men are required to sign up for the draft; women are not. Divorce courts are notoriously stacked against men. Fifty six percent of college students are female and only 44% are male. In the United States, 78.8% of murder victims are male. In 2015, men suffered 93% of the workplace fatalities. In other words, if you want to claim one gender is at an advantage or disadvantage in the United States, doesn’t it almost entirely depend upon what factors you pay attention to and what factors you ignore?

Pulse Nightclub jihad mass murderer’s wife found not guilty of aiding his jihad
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“Prosecutors relied on a confession Ms. Salman gave F.B.I. agents in which she admitted she had known about her husband acquiring weapons, watching Islamic State videos and discussing possible locations in apparent preparation for the June 12, 2016, attack. Defense lawyers argued that Ms. Salman’s statement, obtained after more than 11 hours of questioning without […]
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Why Is the U.N. Defining Judaism As a War Crime?

The United Nations Human Rights Council just held its 37th session. And among the members’ discussion?

A call by several participating nations for blacklisting of companies doing business with the Jewish people — or, at least those Jews living east of Armistice Line drawn in 1949.

But that’s not the worst of it.

The worst is that the United Nations itself characterizes the state of being Jew — Judaism itself — as a war crime.

From United With Israel:

At the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), multiple countries spoke to endorse one of the many anti-Israel reports calling for a blacklist of companies doing business with Jews who live east of the 1949 Armistice Line.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Here’s How A Liberal Father Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien Is Fighting CA’s Sanctuary Law

Here’s How A Liberal Father Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien Is Fighting CA’s Sanctuary Law
California could easily become ground zero for the immigration fight. It became a sanctuary state earlier this year, prompting a Department of Justice lawsuit, saying the state is hampering federal agencies enforcing federal immigration laws. Los Alamitos already voted to opt out of the sanctuary law. Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that not only do they support the DOJ lawsuit against California’s sanctuary status, but will publicly post inmate release dates to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest illegals who shouldn’t be here. Yet, for one father, the fight began almost ten years ago. Don Rosenberg of Westlake Village, California, which rests outside of Los Angeles, is not a raging Tea Party conservative. He’s a liberal. His son, Drew, was also a liberal, went to college, spent a year in London, and had visited San Francisco many times.  Drew spoke highly of then-Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. On November 16, 2010, Roberto Galo, killed his son in a motor accident. He was an unlicensed driver, who had entered the country illegally, though the district attorney told him that Galo had Temporary Protective Status. Rosenberg still maintains that an illegal alien, who was spared the justice of the law, killed his son...

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Al-Qaeda top dog: “Jihad” is the “effective way” to defeat US, goal is to restore caliphate
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Doubtless Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper are on their way now to visit Zawahiri and explain to him that jihad just means dropping off the kids at school and getting to the gym regularly. “He goes on to identify the primary goal of al-Qaeda’s jihad as restoring the ‘rightly guided Caliphate’ and all […]
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IG Launches Probe Into DOJ, FBI For Alleged Abuse in Surveillance of Trump Campaign
The Department of Justice’s inspector general just announced an investigation into the Justice Department and the FBI to see if certain members of those agencies violated federal law by surveilling a member of President Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Remember when Trump said his campaign had been wiretapped and all the elites in the media and on the left howled and mocked?

Well now — here’s the next look at that whole matter.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has kicked off the review in response to requests from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and members of Congress.

Breitbart has more:
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Just a Thought...
"You're Fired"...Hopefully
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor


Today, Friday, March 30th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss John Bolton's appointment as National Security Advisor; the truth about last weekend's anti-gun march; and important news of the day.

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John Bolton...A Man of Strength and Credibility 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"They’re all out there on the public record. I've never been shy about what my views are. The important thing is what the president says and what advice I give him."
- Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on any past statements made

He's gone...well almost anyway. Now in the transition stage of turning his National Security Advisor position over to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on April 9th, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who will now also retire from his 34-years of military service, cannot go soon enough as far as I'm concerned...and I'll go one step further...he never should have been appointed to so vital a position in the first place, good little islamic condoner that he is.

You can read about those specifics in my article The Manipulation of Willful Ignorance as I have been a vocal critic of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster's appointment from the very day in March 2017 when President Trump announced that he'd be replacing embattled Gen. Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor with this man instead of John Bolton, the man some say Trump had always wanted.

And who advised President Trump to choose McMaster...none other then former Armed Services Committee Chair Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), and Secretary of Defense General Mattis. And while Gen. Mattis looked at the appointment from a military perspective alone and who has America's best interests at heart, and with good guy Tom Cotton I believe being misled by John McCain, it was McCain, one of the biggest Trump bashers and one who I also believe to be a Deep State swamp dwelling operative, who not only advised but pushed our new president into placing a fellow islamic condoner into a position that would see him crafting U.S. foreign policy and “framing” security decisions that make it to the president's decisions that have made us anything but more safe.

And while McMaster's leaving has been fodder for the D.C. rumor mill for quite some time now what with the rumors starting to affect his interactions with foreign officials and with others within the Trump cabinet, especially with his contentious relationship with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis being no fact McMaster has whined that Gen. Mattis “treats me like a three-star rather than a coequal”...on the surface at least it appears his leaving Trump's cabinet is quite amicable as Trump publicly praised McMaster for his “outstanding job” and saying that he would “always remain my friend.”

But that is something I seriously doubt because Trump and McMaster were often at odds on both a professional as well as on a personal level. Remember, as Commander-in-Chief, Trump pushed back hard against McMaster on his decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan, and on the personal side it is now suspected that it was someone in McMaster's orbit or even McMaster himself who leaked to the press President Trump's congratulatory call to Vladim Putin on his winning his latest election...a call most forget that even Obama made when he was president. And that coupled with McMaster being a man of many condescending words during the White House daily briefings, it left Trump, according to some, needing to put the rigid McMaster in his place on numerous occasions by telling him, “I get it, general, I get it.” So it should come as no surprise that H.R. McMaster, a military man truly not in the president's corner, had to go.

But know that John Bolton...who held both State and Justice Department posts under President Reagan and both President Bushes, including serving as Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs at the U.S. Department of State under President George W. a true professional who knows all the world's key players, how things are done, and what games to play in order to get them done...done to America's advantage that is...and is well-versed on issues both domestic and on the foreign policy stage. Truly a much better all around fit for President Trump than McMaster ever was, and a man who has stated that he will “absolutely go along with Trump," we have in John Bolton a strong willed, pro-military, unabashed foreign policy hawk and 'so-called' neoconservative whose views on issues like North Korea, Iraq and Syria will allow him together with Donald Trump to seriously kick not only islamic butt but North Korea's Kim Jong-un's butt as well.

And with Bolton's naysayers like Sen. Christopher Coons of Delaware, a liberal Democrat of course, saying that Bolton’s positions on Iran and North Korea “are overly aggressive at best and downright dangerous at worst,” you just know that President Trump has made the right choice not only in picking Amb. Bolton to replace Gen. McMaster as his National Security Advisor but in doing so right on the heels of his replacing so out of his league Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo. And with both these men now in place to form the strongest national security team we have seen in quite some time, you can be assured that changes in America's foreign policy approach are not just down the road but are already here.

One case in point, Bolton knows that the upcoming May talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un will not be a panacea for peace as some, including McMaster, hope they would be but that it will be just another in a long line of North Korea's dog and pony shows. In fact, in regards to North Korea know that John Bolton recently made a legal case for not only a pre-emptive strike against North Korea but for regime change as well by calling the man-child's regime an "imminent threat." So it should be quite interesting to see how this now three man tour-de-force takes on the oh so mad man-child with the oh so silly haircut.

And in regards to Iran, Amb. Bolton is a staunch supporter of the Jewish State of Israel and of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself, and like Netanyahu, Bolton so rightfully wants President Trump to let Obama's very bad nuclear deal... as in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) fall by the wayside...a total 180 departure from the wishes of Obama supporting, Palestinian supporting, Lt. Gen. McMaster. Writing an article last October in The Hill titled, Mr. President, don't put America at risk with flawed Iran deal...Amb. Bolton's words were in direct contrast to those of Gen. McMaster who urged President Trump not to abandon said deal warning him of serious consequences if he did.

But could McMaster's argument pass the proverbial 'smell test'...I don't think so and neither does Amb. Bolton who hopefully will now convince President Trump to see it his way and pull us out of a deal that should never have been signed in the first place. Saying that trashing the deal will of course “spur Iran to accelerate its nuclear-weapons program to rush across the finish line,” but even that means nothing in the scope of things for trashing the deal will not “induce Iran” to become more threatening or supportive of global terrorism than it already is. The real issue is how much worse Iran’s behavior will be once it gets deliverable nuclear weapons...something that McMaster never understood. 

President Trump continues to appoint true friends of Israel to senior positions. John Bolton is one of the most outstanding.” So said Israeli said Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

Now as far as Israel itself is concerned, with Israel being a key if not 'the' key player in the Middle East, John Bolton is rightly perceived as a man of action and a “stalwart friend of Israel.” His appointment also suggests to many in Israel that on May 12th...when the next scheduled deadline regarding the nuclear deal is reached...President Trump will indeed withdraw us from the 'very bad' Iranian nuclear deal.

And Amb. John Bolton is also opposed to a two-state solution in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as opposed to Gen. McMaster who not only publicly pushed for a two-state solution but who just about demanded it by his constantly referring to a Palestinian state existing before 1947. Fact: there never was a Palestinian state and hopefully there never will be one. And let's not forget that it was Gen. McMaster who had described Israel on many occasions as being both “illegitimate” and an “occupying power.” But with Bolton's appointment we and Israel will see not only a tougher U.S. stance towards the Palestinians, but also a new beginning for much needed sound American leadership throughout the entirety of the Middle East region...leadership that sees America standing by her allies not deserting them or stabbing them in the back as Obama did to Israel...and as McMaster, in my opinion, really wanted to do in regards to Israel.

As for the domestic stage, the differences between the two men can also be seen as it was McMaster who allowed for Obama cabinet official Susan Rice to retain her top security clearance even after she was accused of conducting illegal surveillance on American citizens...something Bolton would never have done as he has been a staunch critic of Susan Rice ever since she went on her Sunday morning talk show 'Benghazi blame game tour' if you will.

And when just a few weeks ago McMaster said there was “incontrovertible’’ evidence of a Russian plot to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election not only did he draw an immediate public rebuke from the tweet trigger finger of President Trump, but he saw John Bolton coming to the president's defense by saying on FOX News that he's been a long time skeptic of Russian interference in the presidential election and that all the media brouhaha over such nonsense was was nothing but a "false flag" operation showing no signs of Russia's fixing or tampering with the election results. And notice how I say fixing or tampering with not trying to influence which is a totally different animal. Bolton knew that critical difference...McMaster obviously did not. And dare we forget McMaster's publicly offered but widely scrutinized 'non-denial' denial that President Trump shared classified intelligence with Russians in the Oval Office.

A man so obviously not in Trump's corner...a man that should have been let go months ago...a man who never should have been appointed in the first place, but hey, non-politician Donald Trump is indeed allowed to make some mistakes. But in his now choosing Amb. John Bolton as the replacement for Gen. H.R. McMaster as his National Security Advisor, know that no mistakes have been made for John Bolton, who called the appointment "an honor" and said that he looks "forward to working with President Trump and his leadership team" to "make our country safer at home and stronger abroad,” both President Trump and 'We the People' have in John Bolton a man who will put America first and who will not be ashamed to do so.

Can we, our president, or our country ask for anything don't think so.
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For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen's blog The National Patriot to read his latest article A Manufactured March for Madness

Today, Friday, March 30th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss John Bolton's appointment as National Security Advisor; the truth about last weekend's anti-gun march; and important news of the day.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Just a Thought...
Drain the Swamp and More
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Uh Oh: New Texts Suggest Obama WH, CIA, FBI, And Harry Reid Colluded At Outset Of Russia Probe
Gun control might be on everyone’s minds, or at least those in America’s newsrooms, but we have yet another development in the ongoing and increasingly comical investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. There are new texts allegedly showing that the Obama White House, the CIA, the FBI, and top Democrats colluded at the outset of the Russia probe. FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who initiated this investigation in July of 2016, sent them to his mistress and bureau lawyer Lisa Page. That effort is now to be headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Strzok became a centerpiece of this whole saga since his extramarital affair with Page brought the probe’s credibility in question and that of the FBI itself.
Strzok texted Page saying that certain cyber intelligence should be given to the Obama White House on August 8, 2016.

“Internal joint cyber cd intel piece for D, scenesetter for McDonough brief, Trainer [head of FBI cyber division] directed all cyber info be pulled. I’d let Bill and Jim hammer it out first, though it would be best for D to have it before the Wed WH session,” he said.

London: Passover shoppers injured as car mounts pavement and plows into pharmacy
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


The people who were injured — Passover shoppers — and the fact that the car crashed right next to a kosher food shop suggests that this was vehicular jihad. A billboard in Nazareth that actually called for such attacks, as did “moderate” Fatah in 2014. And the Islamic State issued this call in September 2014: So […]
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Study: Nearly 22K Died While on Medicaid Waiting List

Image: Study: Nearly 22K Died While on Medicaid Waiting ListNearly 22,000 people on Medicaid waiting lists in expansion states have died since Obamacare began providing health insurance to qualifying adults, according to a study released in early March by the Foundation for Government Accountability.
The FGA documented deaths in 13 states: Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, as many other states did not track waiting list deaths or provided partial responses.

Maryland had the most deaths at 8,495, and individuals there had to wait an average of 7.5 years to be approved for services. In Louisiana, where the wait is up to 6.5 years, 5,534 died while waiting to be approved for Medicaid.

The Affordable Care Act is in its fifth full year of expansion, and coverage under Medicaid expansion became effective Jan. 1, 2014 in the 33 states that adopted it. The average wait time in New Mexico has reached 10.2 years.
Bolton to Set to Fire Dozens of Obama Holdovers at the White House
This is most welcome and long overdue. Those who were not willing to carry out President Trump’s agenda should have been fired on January 21, 2017. When before in American history have the staffers of a previous administration been left in place to sabotage the subsequent administration?

And when that administration was Obama’s post-American presidency, this becomes even more dangerous. Bolton is the right man for the job, and we can hope he will be able to do it thoroughly and without interference from Obama loyalists.

“Report: Bolton to Fire Dozens of White House Staffers,” by Rick Moran, PJ Media, March 24, 2018:

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the new national security adviser, John Bolton, will fire dozens of White House staffers when he begins working early next month.

Most of those leaving will be Obama-era holdovers, as well as anyone who isn’t loyal to Donald Trump.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

- The Washington Times
President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up as he boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, to travel to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, in Hawaii. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) ** FILE **
Resistance to California’s new sanctuary city laws grew this week as Orange County voted to join a federal lawsuit trying to block the laws, and the county’s sheriff said he will post information on every inmate’s release so the Homeland Security Department can see if there is anyone it wants to deport.

The Who’s in Jail database could provide a model for other law enforcement agencies chafing under SB54, the law that took effect this year prohibiting police or sheriffs from informing federal agencies when illegal immigrants are to be released.

By posting the entire list of inmates and release times, the department says, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement can get the information without the sheriff’s office having to communicate specifically.

The county’s board of supervisors added its voice to the resistance as well, voting Tuesday to condemn SB54 and asking county attorneys to join the Trump administration in a lawsuit seeking to block SB54 and two other sanctuary laws.

“We’re not talking here about law-abiding immigrants; we’re talking about criminals,” said Michelle Steel, a board member and an immigrant. “This SB54 is unconstitutional.”
Just a Thought...
Behind Every Blade of Grass...Just Saying
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Mattis Dispels Rumors He'll Find It Hard to Work with Bolton: 'Last Time I Checked, He's an American'

Mattis Dispels Rumors He'll Find It Hard to Work with Bolton: 'Last Time I Checked, He's an American'Secretary of Defense James Mattis dispelled reports Tuesday that he was apprehensive about working with President Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton.

"I'll tell you right up front, it's going to be a partnership, we are going to go forward," Mattis told reporters during a news conference at the Pentagon.

When asked about his differing world views with Bolton, Mattis responded, "I hope that there's some different world views. That's the normal thing you want unless you want group think."

Mattis acknowledged that the two hadn’t met yet but said Bolton was coming to the Pentagon later this week for discussions.

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

“I faxed– I emailed them, probably between my mother and my father and me, between 50 and 100 complaints. I was emailing him questions. I was forwarding him all these emails. I was demanding answers from him. And I never got anything back.” Yes, that’s today’s corrupt, clueless and compromised FBI, all right. To this […]
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Europe Told To Prepare For Another Wave of Refugees

The United Nations has set Europe on notice and told powers-who-be to prepare for yet another wave of refugees — or mostly Muslim refugees, to be specific.

Call it the total collapse of European culture and society.

World Food Programme executive director David Beasley said in a recent interview with the Associated Press that ISIS is currently moving from the Middle East to North Africa.
And that means those in the countries’ crosshairs have to prepare for a population fall-out.

The risks of terror attacks have just jumped in Europe, it seems.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has more:

Europe should prepare for another wave of refugees, a United Nations official claimed Monday.

Read entire article here:

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Just a Thought...
Taqiyya in Action
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Trump Sends Letter to Family of Parkland Victim - Here's What It Says

President Trump wrote a letter to the family of one of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, thanking them for coming to the White House a week after the shooting to attend a listening session.
The letter was posted on Twitter by Meadow Pollack’s brother, Hunter. Meadow was among the 17 killed in the February 14 shooting at the school.

“Our entire Nation mourns the tragic loss of Meadow. Our hearts are heavy for you and your entire family,” the March 12 letter says.

“I am deeply grateful for your presence at the White House for discussions regarding school safety. I was touched by the memories of Meadow you shared. It was clear that she had a bright future, full of tremendous potential—I know that you were so proud of her,” Trump wrote

“We will not forget her life, and we are resolved to confront the  evil that so senselessly took her from us,” he added.

Meadow’s father, Andrew, a Trump supporter, asked the president  last month to put an end to school shootings once and for all.

FTC Confirms Investigation into Facebook's Privacy Practices After Data Sharing Scandal
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed Monday that it is investigating Facebook's privacy practices after a week of data sharing scandals, including sharing personal user data with the research firm Cambridge Analytica and collecting phone records from Android users.

Tom Pahl, acting FTC bureau chief for consumer protection, said in a statement that the FTC is investigating Facebook’s privacy practices:
“The FTC is firmly and fully committed to using all of its tools to protect the privacy of consumers. Foremost among these tools is enforcement action against companies that fail to honor their privacy promises, including to comply with Privacy Shield, or that engage in unfair acts that cause substantial injury to consumers in violation of the FTC Act. Companies who have settled previous FTC actions must also comply with FTC order provisions imposing privacy and data security requirements. Accordingly, the FTC takes very seriously recent press reports raising substantial concerns about the privacy practices of Facebook. Today, the FTC is confirming that it has an open non-public investigation into these practices.”

Muslim in Sweden appealed for donations for ISIS for two years on Facebook, his account was not deleted
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Facebook was probably too busy working on ways to block access to accounts that oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression. Referrals to Jihad Watch from Facebook have dropped from over 20,000 a day in 2015 and 2016 to almost nothing — because we violate their hard-Left criteria for what is acceptable speech. This fellow, however, […]
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