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Venezuela...A 'Hostile Act' in the Making?
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

There's a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice about the life of Argentinian leader Eva Perón called “Don't Cry for Me Argentina”...and today there should be a new song called “Do Cry for Me Venezuela” for the country once referred to as the “Venice of the Americas” has turned into a third world cesspool and done so solely in the name of socialism.

Socialism...where other people's money fuels an economy and drives societal norms...that is until you run out of said other people's money or in the case of Venezuelan dictator Nikolas Maduro you don't see the handwriting on the wall...handwriting as in the Venezuelan people have had enough.

Gotten into power in what many believe was a rigged election, Nikolas Maduro...who followed the infamous Hugo Chavez into power...started a second term in office on January 10th of this year in what Venezuelans called a “boycotted election”...with many foreign governments refusing to recognize the election results. In fact, on January 23rd, Maduo's challenger National Assembly opposition candidate Juan Guaido...whom Maduro describes as a U.S.-backed puppet...invoked article 233 of the constitution to assume an interim presidency thus declaring Maduro a usurper. Then he declared and swore himself in as Venezuela's rightful interim ruler, at which time President Trump publicly recognized Juan Guaido as Venezuela's duly-elected leader as did other Western nations, all while Maduro accused Guaido of staging a coup and ordering his arrest.
But Guaido...whose bank accounts were immediately frozen...secretly entered into neighboring Columbia in defiance of both a government travel ban and said orders for his arrest. And he did so with help from his supporters within the ranks of Venezuela's armed forces in order to try to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela, but sadly, as we all know, his attempt failed.
And while that first attempt failed, just this past Tuesday, Juan Guaido announced from Bogota, Columbia that after his successful meeting with regional leaders and with Vice President Mike Pence, he will return to Venezuela in the coming days and resume his political activities in open defiance of a Venezuelan Supreme Court order. “My role and my duty is to be in Caracas despite the risks,” this brave man said for Juan Guaido knows well that he risks being arrested immediately upon his return as long as Nikolas Muduro remains in power.
But Maduro's days could be numbered...wishful thinking perhaps...for while some of his own military have starting to turn on him and defect to neighboring countries...more on that in a bit...others loyal to Maduro continue to fire on unarmed civilians who have no way to fight back. And why is that...because in 2012 dictator-for-life Hugo Chavez had his “rubber-stamp legislature” pass the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law”...a law that stripped Venezuelan citizens of every firearm and round of ammunition they owned...thus leaving them helpless to defend themselves.
So while Venezuela's general public foolishly supported said legislation back then, I wager that now they truly regret that that translated into nothing but total civilian disarmament...something the Democrats want to do to us here. And we know...or should know... that a disarmed populace is a dangerous thing indeed for freedom's basic premise holds that without firearms as a check against government tyranny all freedoms are lost...something Venezuelans are now sadly bearing witness to.
And so this once prosperous nation is now, under Muduro's leadership, in total economic ruin. Simply, oil-rich OPEC broke, people are starving, and even basic supplies and necessities cannot be had anywhere. And chaos reigns in the streets as the far left of Venezuela's populace is being fueled on by government lies that it's the U.S...and most especially President Trump...who is behind all the country's ongoing economic distress. But nothing could be further from the truth as it's Nikolas Maduro and his fellow corrupt government cronies who are the villains here and who are blocking and destroying not only U.S. humanitarian aid but any and all aid coming into the country... humanitarian aid government forces are destroying and in some cases setting fire to instead of it going to Venezuela's starving people.
And so abject punishment is being used against starving people who no longer want to support the government's socialist party line, even while Maduro himself keeps saying that there is no crisis, there is no food or medicine shortages. But surely there is for Venezuela remains in a “hyperinflationary economic meltdown” that has led to widespread food and medicine shortages throughout the entirety of the country leaving Venezuela's citizens to wait on “breadlines” for what little rations there are left to give out.
Just days ago, as the world watched, the tyrant in Caracas danced as his henchmen burned truckloads of food and medicine, and murdered civilians”...Saturday was a tragic day for the families of those who lost their lives...It was also a tragic day for the suffering people of Venezuela.” - Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Bogota, Columbia.

And this very destruction can be witnessed as per an occurrence that happened last week on a bridge along the Colombia-Venezuela border...a bridge that saw Nikolas Maduro's government forces actually using force to block U.S. shipping containers containing humanitarian aid packages from being delivered to distribution centers. And not only did that raise the ire of President Trump but the ire of Brazil as well, which in turn led the Brazilian government to formally “condemn” Maduro's government forces who still continue to block all aid shipments from crossing the border.

And it was that very condemnation that led directly to last week's violence along Venezuela's frontier border with Brazil, where in one incident four people where killed by gunfire and another 24 were injured after “colectivos” in pro-government militias... opened fire on civilians and military alike. That's in addition to the gunfire near the Simón Bolívar bridge, where Maduro's forces reportedly also shot off volleys of tear gas which resulting in dozens of people being treated for tear gas inhalation as well as for injuries that occurred from the stampede of those trying to escape. Sporadic gunfire was also being reported as being heard in other zones near the western border between the two Latin American countries.
And all this violence has led to at least two, if not more, Venezuelan national guard soldiers defecting to Brazil, which is in addition to the 60+ military officials (as I write this) who have already defected to Colombia after pro-Maduro forces opened fire at yet still another border crossing near Venezuela's border with Columbia. So while all this violence directly stems from the many failed attempts to bring in humanitarian aid from Venezuela's neighboring countries, it's also a ploy of sorts to test, if you will, the military’s loyalty to Nikolas Maduro by encouraging his government forces to disobey the orders to keep the much needed aid out...basically to end Maduro's cruel means of using starvation as the fastest way to capitulation.
So while Maduro himself is now saying that he's cutting off all diplomatic ties with Colombia and that Colombian diplomats will be expelled from Caracas post-haste, his anger against the U.S. is growing what with Columbia and now Brazil siding with the U.S. and joining in the call for Maduro and his socialist government's ouster as well.
And with Maduro now also facing international pressure to step down after the world was witness to last week's teargassing and gunning down of civilians as well as government forces setting fire to and destroying much needed humanitarian aid, President Trump is rightfully continuing our support of the people of Venezuela by imposing additions sanctions on Maduro...specifically sanctions that block oil assets in the U.S. owned or controlled by Venezuela’s state-owned oil company in order to cut off Maduro and his cronies from all oil revenue sources, while at the same to preserving those critical assets for the future of the Venezuelan people.

And know that President Trump has assured the people of Venezuela that we will continues to provide humanitarian assistance to them and that food and medicine will remain exempt from any sanctions we impose.
So as Colombia just this past Wednesday, called on the U.N. to take action to end Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis and bring about a political transition leading to free elections, some might ask why all the interest in this one country when other countries are in as a bad a shape and probably worse.
Do the words the “Monroe Doctrine” ring a bell...if not let me explain.
The "Monroe Doctrine" is simply a key principle of U.S. foreign policy, originated by President James Monroe in 1823, that states that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the U.S.
The U.S. established diplomatic relations with Venezuela in 1835, and it would be a huge mistake to treat the crisis in Venezuela as solely an internal issue with no “hostile” consequences to the U.S. because “hostile” consequences to the U.S. are many.
For example, Nikolas Maduro's government, just like the strong-armed government of his predecessor Hugo Chavez, is a sponsor of FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, who are on the FBI terrorist list. This self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist organization...Columbia's largest rebel group...not only continues to try to overthrow the democratic government of Colombia contrary to their signing a supposed peace deal back in September 2016, but still makes money...lots of money...from drug trafficking and kidnapping...truly “hostile acts.”

And while most of us are well aware of the serious drug situation at our southern border, what many of us are not aware of is that two nephews of the first lady of Venezuela were sentenced to 18 years in prison in November 2017 following their convictions in New York on U.S. drug trafficking charges...charges of transporting a very large amount of cocaine into our country...on Maduro's orders perhaps.
By willingly confessing their connections to FARC shows just how “hostile” Maduro and his government are to the U.S. for he knows well the dangers drugs pose and the situation at our border, but as long as drug money lines his pockets...and know that it does...he simply doesn't care. And if that money happens to come from capitalist-hating, America-hating FARC so much the better for that allows Maduro to placate the “hostles” he sponsors while at the same time stabbing the U.S., who he sees as “hostiles” in the back. And if for no other reason than this the Monroe Doctrine surely applies.
Another example of outright “hostile acts” towards our country can be seen in the economic policies of the Maduro government itself, who again like with Chavez's government, has complete control over Venezuela's key oil industry. And not only has Muduro seized control of the oil but he has also seized control of some of the most important adjunct factories in the country, thus allowing him to institute controlled-price policies...policies that serve him not us well. And with Venezuela being the third largest exporter of oil into the U.S. that means that some American money we pay to Venezuela is surely being used by Maduro to fund terrorist groups like FARC who are outwardly “hostile” to American interests, something Maduro relishes in.
And dare we not forget that simply by default, the continuing instability in Venezuela means more uncertainty for the energy industry in our country as we, sadly, still rely on foreign oil for a certain percentage of our energy needs, and Maduro knows this as fact.
Also, not to be forgotten is the humanitarian abuses themselves...abuses that have already seen more than three million people fleeing Venezuela since 2015, with that number increasing to over five million by the end of says the U.N. And guess where a great number of those people are fleeing to...America. And while not a “hostile act” per se, it will still put a strain on our economy already strained by illegals crossing our border.
But the most “hostile act” of all has yet to fully be seen for while the unrest in Venezuela continues and as the U.S. is being blamed for all Venezuela's woes being overlooked is the fact that America's enemies Russia, China, and even Iran are starting to make inroads into Venezuela. And their presence being so close to our our country is the most unsettling “hostile act” of all.

So as President Trump reaffirms that America will stand by Juan Guaido, by Venezuela, and by her people, Vice President Mike Pence summed it up best last week in Bogota when he met with Guaido. Saying, “To the good people of Venezuela: Seek your freedom...We will go with you....You go with God. Vayan con Dios.”  

And what more can I say to that than...amen.

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