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The Business of Covid-19 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Covid-19...China's little gift to the world that keeps on giving...a gift that has killed over 700,000 Americans since first coming to our shores. And while there are now vaccines available against the virus, the fact is that none of the vaccines currently in use have been proven to be the end all, be all, to said virus. And why...because not only are booster shots now recommended for the already fully vaccinated, but because “breakthrough” cases and corresponding deaths are on the rise amongst the fully vaccinated, which includes former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, the latest “person of name” to be hospitalized and die from an engineered virus...a virus that needed an antidote more so than it ever needed a vaccine.

Simply, Covid is still not under control and no mandates issued can bring a definitive end to a disease that will continue to mutate as time goes on.

And let's be honest here regarding the Covid vaccines themselves by saying that when President Trump first initiated the call for a vaccine to be produced via “Operation Warp Speed,” he did so to try to bring an end to the ongoing pandemic. However, while Trump's cause was indeed noble, it must also be remembered that the vaccine manufacturers themselves are in business to make money with the health aspects of what they're manufacturing always coming in second place to bottom line profits.

And while profits and profit margins are what a successful business is all about, remember that no business is solely designed to be a charity for millionaires, billionaires, or even for the federal government itself no matter the tax break or “write off” they might garner at year's end. Also, remember that when you’re talking about a business, even a business regarding the “health, safety, and welfare” of the American people, said business still requires a monetary investment to help kick start their operation, if you will. And in the case of the Covid vaccines, even though, for the most part, the government was footing the bill what with most drug makers accepting government grants...those grants themselves came courtesy of “We the People's” taxpayer dollars...which by definition means we too would expect a return on our investment.

Simply, any and all, including our government, who put money into the creation of the Covid vaccines, do indeed rightfully expect a return on their investment...which is basic "Economics 101" in action.

Breaking it down into simpler terms, it’s just like if you or I invested money in the stock market, wouldn't we expect to see a monetary gain on whatever we invested in...we surely would. Same goes for those who invested in the companies that actually produced the in those who knew all along that once the Covid vaccines were officially approved and went to market that huge “cash cow” rewards, in the area of hundreds of billions of dollars, would be both the companies and their investors reward. And said monetary rewards would then filter down to actual pharmaceutical company stockholders... which we have since found out includes members of Congress...48 of whom have stock in Pfizer; 47 with stock in Johnson & Johnson; and includes over 50 of those in Congress who attended a private briefing concerning the danger of Covid-19, and who then invested upwards of six figures or more each in the three different pharmaceutical companies that produced the vaccines used here in our country.

And this surely reeks of “insider trading” as it seems that those in Congress were indeed given a “heads-up” so to in “buy now, profit later” advice before the first vaccine was even produced, officially approved, and even before clinical trials regarding safety and long term effectiveness had been completed...which by the way still have not been as all the approvals were granted under the catch phrase “emergency use,” which means that the vaccines were approved without trial completion.

Now consider this “cash cow”...Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine is priced at less than $20 per dose, yet Pfizer expects sales of the vaccine...a vaccine developed in conjunction with the company total about $15 billion out of the $46 billion Pfizer expects to garner in total from its pharmaceuticals by the end of this year (which is five billion dollars up from 2020's total of $41.9 billion) which equates to a profit margin of nearly 30%. And those dollar numbers will probably go even higher now that Biden has mandated that all Americans be vaccinated...not that all of us will comply nor should we have to for the caveats of the “jab” seem to we the unvaccinated to far outweigh its supposed benefits.

And then there's this gem from Pfizer's own CEO Albert Bourla who recently stated (as in admitted) that, "Genetic mutations occur naturally during virus replication and spread, and therefore there is an increasingly probable scenario when it could become necessary within the next few years to boost COVID-19 vaccinated patients with a vaccine encoding the (newest) spike variant." Translation...even more sales and hence more profits for Pfizer and the other vaccine manufacturers, to be made from what would then be the newest incarnation of their vaccines.

And you can see that here in regards to Moderna, a company relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry what with it having had no FDA approved products for sale as recently as 2019. This company had only $60 million in revenue in 2019, however in 2020, Modern garnered $529 million in government and other grant revenues as well as $200 million from early on sales of its vaccine. And now by this year's end Moderna is projecting a revenue of $16 billion from just its vaccine sales as well as seeing its stock shares going up by over 187% within the last 12 months alone.

Simply...the “jab” is not just a “cash cow” but a monetary windfall, and like I previously stated not only for those who manufacture the vaccine but for the government, investors, and stockholders as well what with the average American being forced to be vaccinated yet not being able to share in the wealth so to speak.

So how does our government make money from the vaccine...simply by making use of the advance purchase commitment contracts that assured the vaccine manufacturers that there was a sufficient demand for their vaccines. In other words, the U.S. government basically underwrote Covid-19 vaccine development costs for our three main vaccine producing companies in exchange for licensing fees, which itself adds up to a pretty penny. In fact, Johnson and Johnson had a $1 billion contract for 100 million doses of their vaccine; Moderna had contracts totaling $4.95 billion to produce 300 million doses; and Pfizer had advance purchase contracts totaling $5.97 billion for 300 million doses, even before the first vaccine was administered. Imagine the licensing fees collected...a profitable turn of events I'd say especially when the government now gets to specify exactly how the grant funds are being used, when and where they are used, and how in the case of the manufacturers they will report said use.

Quite simply, the federal government now has an ongoing contract with the U.S. vaccine manufacturers where they get to monitor every move made to assure that the terms of the grants are being fulfilled to their, the government's, satisfaction.

And logic alone would also dictate that our government's now funding for global vaccinations would enable us to fully capitalize on our original monetary investment via said licensing fees as Covid will eventually go from being a pandemic to a vaccine manageable endemic not unlike the seasonal flu, which itself demands a “jab” for it not to become a pandemic. The dollars made here is astounding for flu shots are given on a yearly basis because the flu, like now being proven with Covid, “morphs” into a different variant of itself almost every year...thus equating to a different version of both the flu and Covid vaccines being needed every year.

But even with current profits being made there appears to be a downside on the horizon what with the World Health Organization (WHO) now trying to push ever so hard for “equity” in dictating to whom, when, and where the Covid vaccines should go. Claiming that without an additional U.S. commitment of between $15-$26 billion spread over the next three years to support global vaccine distribution "equally"...meaning to prioritize underdeveloped poorer countries...that our and the wealthier nations efforts to reopen the “global economy” could be jeopardized. But really, how can that be when underdeveloped countries...countries still mired for the most part in their tribal past...basically contribute nothing to the global economy. Just another effort and threat by WHO to dictate to us their version of how the world should be.

And so the bottom line is this...President Trump's altruistic reasons for pushing for a vaccine has seen the Biden administration with its vaccine mandates turning altruism into a simple money making operation for some while at the same time gaining, via mandates, control over “We the People.” And now with Dr. Fauci and the FDA saying that the three main vaccines and their corresponding boosters can be used interchangeably... which I would think is not a very good idea as each company's formulation while similar are not the same...the profit margin will in turn ratchet up. And this is never mind the fact that there is yet another option to help bring the pandemic under control except for the fact that the FDA is deliberately stalling the approval of said option until at least November 30th leaving some ill and others who will die in the interim. And why...because it's not in lock-step with the Democrats agenda as it would drastically cut hospital reimbursements for what is now extremely expensive treatments and usually needed long term hospital stays.

And here I'm referring to Merck's new antiviral pill Molnupiravir...a pill that has proven in major clinical trials to cut death and actual hospital administrations for high risk patients by 50% or more. And while that's a good thing for those who still are at Covid's mercy, as it translates into hospitals getting far less reimbursements for a $700 per course treatment involving the administering of a twice-a-day batch of four pills for five days (which in moderate to mild cases can even be done at home), compared to other Covid treatments that require way more expensive intravenous transfusions, what with a transfusion setup alone costing $1,000; with a course of monoclonal antibodies costing $2,100; and with remdesivir costing upwards of $3,100....coupled with a mandatory hospital stay.

And so even with other options available in the Covid fighting arsenal, the fact is that it's more advantageous to the agenda to force folks into getting three “jabs” plus a booster... after all we have to support the government's Covid money making machine now don't we...sarcastically said of course. Case closed.

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