Tuesday, January 28, 2020

One of the Greatest Presidential Speeches Ever Given
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political radio

"Slipped the surly bonds of Earth, to touch the face of God."

On January 28, 1986 the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral killing all 7 astronauts aboard. A day I'll personally never forget nor will I ever forget President Reagan's speech memorializing both the mission and those lost as it was one of the greatest presidential speeches ever given.

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75 Years After Being Liberated, Auschwitz Survivors Remember the Horrors They Faced

On Jan. 27, 1945, the Russians liberated Auschwitz, one of the Nazi's most infamous concentration camps. Those men and women who survived the harsh conditions gathered at the concentration camp in Poland on Monday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of their liberation. Their march through the front gates is a way of remembering and honoring the 1.1 million European Jews that were killed at that camp.

'A poignant moment': Trump lawyer hits Nancy Pelosi for impeachment signing ceremony from Senate floor during trial


During the Senate's ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Monday, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for handing out souvenir pens after signing the House's articles of impeachment last month, complete with

During his remarks from the floor of the Senate, Sekulow said that he wanted to "contrast the solemn nature of these proceedings and what has been laid out before us, from a both historical and constitutional perspective ... with what took place in the House of Representatives upon the signing of articles of impeachment."

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