Monday, May 3, 2021

Special Report
A Melting Pot of Aggression
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Where have they all gone? All those individual racist, hateful, radical and often times violent black organizations that used to rear their heads every four years around election time. Where are the New Black Panthers? Where is the Nation of Islam? Why is it that we just don’t hear from them any longer?

Those are the questions we at RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS found ourselves recently asking and we decided to look into it.

While the left has continued to decry all white hate and supremacy groups, they never took such a stance against those groups primarily made up of and run by members of the so-called “black community,” although that term is greatly misleading. The so-called “black community” is comprised of a definitive minority of black Americans whose goal has always been to cause upheaval, strife, divisiveness, and promote racism on their terms.

The left side of the political aisle, while well-known for their pro-slavery stand, starting the KKK, inventing and promoting Jim Crow laws and segregation, simply tolerated such black racist groups as the Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam for the purpose of political expediency. But there is a great deal of difference between tolerating such groups and accepting them.

We’ll get back to that later in this article, but before we do first let’s have a look at the aforementioned black-based, radical militant racist groups that seem to have disappeared from the social conscience.

First, the Nation of Islam.

Louis Farrakhan has led the Nation of Islam since 1977. It’s a racist, anti-Semitic hate group masquerading as a “religious” organization that promotes a radical islamic agenda. Basically, it’s a cult of sorts and members of it dare not cross Farrakhan lest they become targets of violence. Farrakhan is a “community organizer” who has cobbled together a supposed following of some 50,000, but is most likely much less impressive in number.

It used to be that Louis Farrakhan could whip a crowd into a frenzy, and that through the use of slick promotion could put together something like the “Million Man March,” but make no mistake for he and his organization always piggy-backed on whatever was the hot topic of the day to create a stir. Nothing Farrakhan nor the Nation of Islam has done under his so-called “leadership” has been organic or stand-alone as a Nation of Islam event.

Farrakhan used Jessie Jackson’s political ambitions as a vehicle for gaining press for the Nation of Islam, and for publicizing his “Million Man March” back in 1995. To this day he refers to it as the “Million Man March” even though there were less than half that many people at the event. In fact, Farrakhan threatened to sue the National Park Service because their head-count didn’t live up to his bragging.

In recent years, Farrakhan has been less and less the “leader” and more and more the figurehead of the organization due in part to health problems, and due in part to what appears to be flagging interest in his agenda. We believe that those who remain as the elite in that organization simply lack the charisma to engage their membership to any great extent.

Let’s be honest here. From it’s very inception in the 1930’s through its time under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad through the 1960's, the Nation of Islam relied heavily on high profile members like Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X to garner followers. Remember, islam isn’t a religion, it’s a political ideology and the Nation of Islam has never been anything but a political organization. As such, they have only appealed to a very radical rebellious element of black Americans and never reached the mainstream of black America the way that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did. But Dr. King was about being color blind while the Nation of Islam has always been a racist organization.

As the Nation of Islam’s approach became less radical in the early to mid 1970’s, in 1997 Farrakhan stepped in and revived the radical agenda for a new generation of black racists. To bolster his own self-promotion, in 1985, Farrakhan claimed to have been “teleported” aboard what he called the “Mother Plane” as though he were some sort of divine islamic prophet.

For a time, Farrakhan was the most charismatic so-called leader” a generation of black racists had and they followed him like sheep, but the Nation of Islam was about to be replaced by the early 2000’s, and it has been a shell of whatever it used to be ever since. To be clear, the Nation of Islam did not suddenly just sort of faded into the shadows while it’s dwindling membership and powerless elite looked for something to which they could hitch their broken down wagon.

But before we get into exactly whom they hitched said wagon to, know that other black racist groups were forming and spreading their own unique version of hate at the same time the Nation of Islam was still commanding an audience of sorts. And said audience included the Marxist-leaning Black Panther Party, the cornerstone of what became the Black Power movement...a movement that gave birth, if you will, to what amounts to today's militant black separatist groups. Founded in 1966, by college students Bobby Seale (one of the original Chicago Eight charged with conspiracy relating to anti-Vietnam War protests during the 1968 Democratic National Convention) and Huey P. Newton, the Black Panthers were so hell-bent on tearing down the very foundation of our country that back in the mid-1960s, then F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover labeled them the greatest threat to the internal security of the country.”

In fact, by the end of the 1960s, the Black Panther Party had been targeted with 233 F.B.I. counterintelligence operations...operations known as “cointelpro”...put in place to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” alleged subversive political organizations of which the Black Panthers was so designated as was their offshoot, the Black Liberation Army. Outwardly espousing an ideology of black nationalism, black separatism, white hatred, overt socialism, and armed self-defense...self-defense primarily against what they claimed was “police brutality” specifically directed against its members and black folks in sounds eerily familiar to today's ongoing situation.

And while the Black Panther Party remained notoriously active throughout the 1970's, the group officially disbanded in 1982 due to in-fighting amongst party leadership jockeying for power coupled with party defections and musings of criminal activities. And as membership numbers dropped so too did the group's importance in the political landscape. However, even in its disbandment the legacy of the Black Panthers lived on for they had successfully laid the foundation of hate upon which other black power movements would build on while assembling the framework for what has now become the Democrats and the media-driven charge of “systemic racism” being levied against our country.

And one of the first black groups to profit from the Black Panther Party legacy and push forward their own special brand of hate was a group who tried to capitalize off the Black Panther name itself...a group calling itself the “New Black Panthers.”

Founded in 1989, by Aaron Michaels after the murder of Black Panther founder Huey P. Newton by a drug dealing gang member of the Black Guerilla Family, the New Black Panthers tried hard to pass itself off as a “militant, more modern-day expression” of the original Black Power Party. However, when the group's main leadership switched from Michael's to Khalid Abdul Muhammad, a former member of aforementioned Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, the original Panthers ideology of black equality and self-defense against police brutality was thrown by the wayside as Muhammad started filling the New Black Panthers ranks with disgruntled ex-Nation of Islam members and other black muslims, which shifted the group's objective towards a more extremist and more dangerous form of black nationalism. And this including their seeing capitalism as the “fundamental problem” with the world, revolution as the solution, while at the same time acknowledging a universal spirituality with the infamous Nation of Islam.

And once again, this sounds eerily familiar what with the New Black Panthers also calling for the "right to self-determination" for black people, especially blacks here in our country, and garnering such by any means possible. And it's this that has led the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to designate the New Black Panthers as a racist, antisemitic, anti-Zionist hate group...which they are for they have publicly advocated for “the killing of Jews and white people."

And yet for all the New Black Panthers bravado...bravado many members of the original Black Panthers wanted no part of...said bravado included among other things numerous instances of voter intimidation and publicly sticking their noses into both the Duke Lacrosse scandal and the Trayvon Martin fiasco where they put a $10k bounty on the capture of his killer, George Zimmerman. But they, like the Nation of Islam, seem to a have disappeared from the political and public discourse because not only did they fail to made strong enough inroads into the majority of America's black communities, but their much needed cash flow dried up. Running a domestic terrorist group is indeed an expensive operation.

But, one has to wonder if both groups have really disappeared or have they combined forces and morphed into something else entirely? And it's here where the group known as Black Lives Matter enters the picture.

Black Lives Matter...the BLM...came into being in 2013 and took full advantage of social media to spread their message of racism, hatred, and violence. They capitalized on current events as both the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers had done, but they had something neither of those organizations ever had. The BLM had the backing of the mainstream media.

We believe that the Nation of Islam and for that matter the New Black Panthers, saw yet another opportunity to attach themselves like leeches to a host entity that would not only appeal to their base, but provide a much sought after wider base of acceptance.

We said earlier that there is a big difference between being tolerated and being accepted. And while the Democrat party...the party of liberal tolerated organizations such as the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers...tolerated them because they brought to the table a necessary voting bloc, the party itself never actually accepted them. That changed with the onset of Black Lives Matter.

Politically, liberalism could hold black Americans back from achieving the full potential of the American Dream. And while the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers added a needed component of the liberal agenda...racial division...into the mix...Black Lives Matter was able to expand that division with the assistance of the mainstream media playing to mainstream liberal voters...including white liberal voters. Suddenly, we saw white liberals, albeit mostly millennials, pretending to be in angst over their skin color and thus willing to support Black Lives Matter in order to gain a false sense of self-esteem.

Now seemingly out of nowhere, Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to being financially set overnight and trust us, that doesn’t happen without a major player propping them up from behind the curtain. We’re sure if you follow the money trail you’ll find George Soros, and to hedge his anti-American bet you can be assured he has also funded ANTIFA.

And while the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers were scrapping by financially, all of a sudden Black Lives Matter was flush with funding. So why wouldn’t dwindling organizations with a similar agenda get aboard the gravy train?

In fact, Farrakhan has recently spoken in glowing terms of the BLM in interviews, which adds to our belief that his organization has gleefully folded into the BLM radical yet more broadly accepted racist form of community organizing. The same can be said regarding the New Black Panthers as past and some still present members also champion the actions of Black Lives Matter.

So it seems clear to us that neither the Nation of Islam nor the New Black Panthers have actually vanished...they’ve just allowed themselves to be “absorbed” by Black Lives Matter for political and financial reasons. But if the BLM is now running those organizations who actually is running BLM?

Simply, it's our belief as RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS that former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama is and always has been the behind the scenes mastermind, if you will, of the entirety of both the Black Lives Matter organization itself and its ever expanding movement, and that the infamous George Soros is and remains their pocketbook.

Now we'll tell you why we believe as we do.

For starters, Barack HUSSEIN Obama still does not believe in the American dream no matter his words to the contrary. He believed first as a community organizer, then as president, and he still believes now in any and everything that goes against the founding principals of our great American Republic. When one thinks as he does that our country is a democracy and that our Constitution is an outdated document, a foundation has been laid for both misplaced and ill-conceived grassroots movements to take hold.

Remember, BLM started as a youth-led grassroots movement during the Obama presidency, with said movement being founded as a response to supposed state-sanctioned violence against black people. And with its having no particular titular head at its inception, the old adage that “revolutions begin not with the power but with the people” truly began to take hold. And who better to be a not so silent voice for the new movement than a young former Chicago based community organizer who just happened to be a scholar of what is called Critical Race Theory”...a theory by which legal scholars examine existing laws relating to race. In other words, to make race the center of all public and political discourse.

Sounds just like the mindset of certain far left-leaning individuals, most notably Obama, and also like the founding principals of Black Lives Matters itself. And with Obama becoming the world's most powerful man with his winning the presidency in November 2008, we bore witness to both American exceptionality and American pride becoming but a farce in the eyes of many...including many black folks who saw in Obama a chance to gain some semblance of equality with white America...white America who they still blamed for their continued sorry lot in life. And when Black Lives Matter now entering the scene, the disgruntled amongst said folks not only grasped onto BLM's rhetoric and messages of hate, but saw with Obama's inviting their now figurehead leaders to the White House a connection between the organization and the president, we believe, was solidified for while actions alone usually prove themselves to be louder than just words spoken, when the two elements are combined together they are almost unstoppable. 

And with Obama's oration skills being well-known, coupled with both his not so veiled hatred of all white folks and his loving to throw fuel on the pyre of ever-growing racial tensions he himself helped create, Barack HUSSEIN Obama actually became the not so behind the scenes spokesman and shadowy string-puller of the BLM movement itself.

Obama to this day relishes in spreading Black Lives Matter message of hate, and it started when he uttered the now and forever infamous words, If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin,” in regards to the killing of a teenage thug by a white man the media erroneously portrayed as a vigilante. And with those words spoken Obama knowingly allowed the issue of supposed black oppression to take on a whole new meaning, becoming, according to him, not a black problem but a problem all Americans” had to deal with. And by his spreading the faux quilt around, Obama helped to make sure that both BLM's message and popularity grew not just within black communities but within liberal white communities as well.

And it was Obama who also deliberately stepped into the middle of the fray after a grand jury failed to indict Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of thug Michael Brown, thus solidifying Black Lives Matter presence in the public discourse. Saying, “I think it’s also important for us to understand that the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ simply refers to the notion that there’s a specific vulnerability for African-Americans that needs to be addressed and taken seriously...” makes for good media sound bytes, but the fact is that such sound bytes do indeed suggest that even if Obama's not outwardly saying the words he's actually thinking, it's obvious that he believes that other lives don’t matter as much as black lives do or why in BLM's defense would he say, “...they're not make these things up.”

And with black lives first before all others being the calling card of Black Lives Matter and its varied assortment of miscreants and thugs including, we believe, "absorbed" into the fold ilk like the Nation of Islam and the New Black can now see Obama's signature all over everything BLM touches and says. Why else after thug George Floyd's death would Obama take to social media to tell BLM sorts and the others wrecking havoc in major American cities how to sustain their “momentum,” and why else would he publicly praise his own two daughters for taking part in Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

In the case of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, when his actions taken are coupled with his multitude of words said and you mix them together with his numerous other race baiting actions taken, you come to realize these things speak of a group leader not of a follower. And what better group to be the shadow leader of than a group whose calling card is not just the cry of systemic racism, but of a hatred of white America and all she stands for.

So there you have our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS take on not only why but where other black nationalist groups have been absorbed into, and also why the Black Lives Matter movement has so dominated the public discourse; after all it does seem to have a former president not only leading its charge but being its spokesman. And with race baiting being a big and ever so profitable business one can see why the Obama/Soros team are damn proud to be part of it.

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