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What Can You Do Now As An American Citizen?

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What Can You Do Now As An American Citizen?
The first answer is to recognize and realize that the government, with all of its propaganda and police power, is at war with the American people. The fact that most Americans are totally oblivious to all-out war against their way of life, their savings and their retirement assets doesn’t change a thing.

Governments always silently make war on their own citizens behind a propaganda front so as to alert as few people as possible. The less resistance the better.

One of the fastest ways to clear the mental fog is to realize that the two-party political system is only one. Anyone clinging to the illusion will be deceived to their grave. America has become a fascist state, and the whole Congress supports the agenda of the state. Any dissent is frivolous and transparent.

We could turn the clock back toward human liberty by doing one simple thing: limiting the terms of Representatives and Senators to just one, with no pensions. Also, they should be put on Social Security and receive the same medical benefits as the American people! There should be no privilege associated with elected office. Of course, this will not happen; the entire government is infested with psychopaths who will not relinquish any of their accumulated power.

Americans are under the strain of great financial repression. Interest rates are not high enough to cover inflation, let alone provide an income for seniors. Millions of seniors are living out of their savings instead of earnings on their savings. There is no riskless way to generate income.

The powerful, rich and well-connected politicians in America all use the dysfunctional political system and the money-printing central banks to their every advantage. The U.S. reckless system has created an enormous economic and political mess. The scene now reminds one of vultures flocking around a carcass. Nothing can or will be corrected now. All that anyone in power can suggest now is more money printing.

There are no financial answers, and there are no political reforms on the table; so politicians will continue to postpone meaningful reforms, which will lead us to the final crisis. More than ever, the present system is doomed. It is only a matter of recognizing what is happening and making preparations to survive.

I am still accumulating silver coins, as I believe that they will have high exchange and barter value in the near months to come. I sincerely hope that all of you will do the same. That the price has been manipulated down is fortuitous.

I fear that investors and savers may no longer have access to their accounts and funds during the ultimate crash. Look at what happened in Cyprus, for example, where bank accounts were frozen for a week. If this happens, silver coins dated before 1964 will look awfully good in your possession.

Also, my friends, please don’t be surprised if the government implements measures of some form of increased financial repression or expropriation. Many people will wind up much poorer than they are now. I am sorry to give you this sad information, but my vast reading and study confirms it. And if you cover the amount of material that I do, you will be on the same page.

There is a better day coming if the good people prevail and seize power after the crash. There are now millions of people who know the critical situation in America and understand that America has been sold out and hollowed out and that what is left is an impoverished people and economic depression.

The U.S. authorities know full well the shock potential of the social order in the United States. They are buying time with food stamps and all sorts of cash payments.



I mentioned above and have said before that the U.S. government is run by and inhabited by psychopaths. Psychopathy by definition is a personality disorder characterized by shallow emotions with reduced fear and lack of empathy. Also, psychopaths exhibit coldheartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm and criminality. They are manipulative, irresponsible and impulsive. They are antisocial, they lack remorse, and they are attracted to a parasitic lifestyle.

We think that most Representatives and Senators are psychopaths. Lawyers are the second most psychopathic profession. Most Representatives and Senators are lawyers.

Governments attract psychopaths because these people have tremendous greed and they see government as a means of free riches and aggrandizement.

No matter how much they steal or how many evil laws they pass, they believe that they do good and that they have “clean hands.” They have every opportunity for corruption. They believe that their constituency is a milk cow to use and abuse.

If placed before a firing squad, they would profess no wrongdoing but their own persecution. These government politicians are depraved. But they don’t know that they are psychopaths.

More traits of government politicians (psychopaths):
  • They don’t like the U.S. Constitution.
  • They don’t like guns in the hands of the people.
  • They don’t like silver and gold in the hands of the people.
  • They don’t like small independent farmers and gardeners.
  • They don’t  like small shell re-loaders.
  • They don’t like the Internet.
  • They don’t like natural or alternative medicine.
  • They do like paper fiat money.
  • They do like the stock market.
  • They do like genetically modified seeds and food.
  • They do like vaccinations and inoculations.
  • They do like wars.
  • They do glorify death and ritual sacrifice (wars).

Guantanamo official says detainees there are "some of the most pampered prisoners on the planet"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

"Even the hunger strikers were gaining weight because of all the food, so we go out and buy all this exercise equipment and throw it in the rec yard. Within the first week, there were guys saying, ‘Hey, this stuff is made in the US — made by infidels — and we’re not going to use it.’ So what did we do?

We took all of that s--t out, gave it to the soldiers to use, and bought them equipment that was made in a Muslim part of the world."

Your taxpayer dollars at work!

Terry Holdbrooks was unavailable for comment. "‘Waist’ of money at Guantanamo Bay as detainees get prison’s ‘infidel’ gym replaced," by Paul Sperry in the New York Post, June 30 (thanks to Paul):
Americans are supposed to have sympathy for the accused terrorist detainees now on hunger strike to protest supposedly cruel conditions at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 
“I don’t want these individuals to die,” President Obama recently lamented, adding he intends to close Gitmo and transfer the detainees to US prisons.
But just a few years ago, detainees got so plump from overeating hummus and other dishes from the camp’s Islamically correct menu that commanders specially ordered treadmills to help them lose weight.
Then they ordered them again — because they weren’t made by Muslims.
“Even the hunger strikers were gaining weight because of all the food, so we go out and buy all this exercise equipment and throw it in the rec yard,” a Gitmo official said of a 2007 requisition. “Within the first week, there were guys saying, ‘Hey, this stuff is made in the US — made by infidels — and we’re not going to use it.’
“So what did we do?” added the official, who requested anonymity. “We took all of that s--t out, gave it to the soldiers to use, and bought them equipment that was made in a Muslim part of the world.”
The Pentagon declined to comment.
The official called Gitmo detainees “some of the most pampered prisoners on the planet.”
He said they get as many as four choices of halal meals and have access to a new $750,000 soccer field. Islamic prayer beads and rugs are now “standard issue.”
They get their choice of more than 10,000 Islamic books and videos stocked by a Muslim librarian, who also records soccer and Arabic TV for them. They even have their own clerics to preach to them in Arabic.
Everyone gets a Koran, paperback or hardback, along with little hammocks to keep their holy book from touching the ground when not in use.
Guards are prohibited from handling the books. The Muslim librarian is “the only one that’s allowed to touch the Korans anymore, per detainee request,” the official said. “If I went into the Koran room and started rifling through a Koran, I could be fired.”
But no one gets a Bible, because the Bible could “incite” the terrorists.
Detainees even persuaded prison officials to stop raising the American flag anywhere they could see it.

Gitmo is no longer a prison camp; it’s a state-sponsored madrassa. But that’s not good enough for these inmates. They’re now demanding newer facilities and easier access to lawyers. More are threatening hunger strikes and unrest if they don’t get their way.
So the Pentagon is considering plans for a $150million overhaul to what is already the world’s most costly prison per capita. Each inmate at Gitmo costs roughly $800,000 a year to detain, for a total annual operating budget of more than $170 million.
The military already has approved construction projects, including a new $11 million hospital and medical units for detainees, along with a $10 million “legal meeting complex,” where lawyers and human-rights groups can huddle with detainees.
Mostly, this is politics.
“I know some in the military leadership who are trying to make things more comfortable [for the detainees], but it’s not really about making the detainees more comfortable,” said the official. “It’s about placating the Beltway and making the p.r. war shift in our direction a little bit.”
“A lot of these programs stem from that,” he added.

Supreme Court’s Decisions on Race Preferences Increasingly Meaningless

Conservatives are praising last week’s Supreme Court decision in Fisher v. University of Texas, which dealt a slight blow to affirmative action. The high court remanded a decision upholding affirmative action back to the trial court, with instructions to use a stricter standard of review, known as strict scrutiny. Opining for the majority in the 5-4 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy held that in order for the University of Texas’s affirmative action program of race discrimination to be found constitutional, the university must prove that it has no feasible alternative to considering race in admissions. The Court didn’t go quite as far as reversing Grutter v. Bollinger, the 2003 case which upheld the University of Michigan Law School’s affirmative action policy.

The Supreme Court has been steadily backing away from upholding affirmative action laws, and this decision provided more evidence of that shift. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, writing for the majority in Grutter v. Bollinger, famously predicted, “We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today.”

Her statement was both promising and disturbing, implying that our constitutional rights can come and go at the Supreme Court’s whim, instead of acknowledging that we are endowed with immutable rights.

But the Supreme Court’s gradual elimination of affirmative action may be ineffectual. Universities and government agencies are finding ways to get around the restrictions. Instead of admitting the existence of quotas, and listing them in writing, which the Supreme Court said was prohibited in Grutter v. Bollinger, government elites are finding more subtle ways to favor preferred minorities over whites and Asians.

The New York Times ran an article a little over a year ago investigating this. Immediately after initiatives were passed in several states banning race preferences, minority enrollment in those states’ top public universities decreased. However, it went back up again, as the universities found ways around the bans. Hispanics accounted for 14 to 15 percent of the students at the University of California before Prop. 209 was passed in 1996. Their numbers dipped down to 12 percent in 1998.
But by 2010, Hispanics accounted for more than 22 percent of incoming freshmen.

A study of incoming medical students last year found that blacks and Hispanics were two to three times more likely to be admitted than their white or Asian counterparts with equivalent academic records. At the University of Arizona, the administration got around prohibitions against “quotas” in university employment by using semantics. The university labeled them “goals,” in order to make them appear less like rigid quotas.

Asian Americans are not considered a preferred minority and are passed over the same way whites are. Ron Unz, publisher of The American Conservative, found that the percentage of Asian Americans enrolled at Harvard has declined, from 20.6 percent in 1993 to about 16.5 throughout most of the last decade. At the same time, the college age Asian American population has doubled.

Unz also found that the white student population at the University of California, Berkeley has declined from over 80 percent to just 45 percent today.

Since higher academia and much of the government is controlled by the left, there is virtually no one who will stop this secretive form of race preferences. In Professor Mary Grabar’s new book, Blacklisted by Higher Education, she includes stories from conservative white professors who were told by hiring committees they were not selected for academic positions because they were designated for minorities.

The Supreme Court is unlikely to get involved investigating the minutiae of secretive noncompliance. Supreme Court opinions are all about lofty ideals and vague or theoretical reiterations of rights. It would take a gargantuan effort to uncover the level of noncompliance that exists around the country throughout public universities and many layers of government.

Justice Clarence Thomas, who wrote a concurring opinion in Fisher v. University of Texas comparing affirmative action to segregation and slavery, has said in the past that affirmative action stigmatizes minorities and makes them appear inferior. He felt that his law degree from Yale Law School was viewed as less valuable than a white Yale Law graduate, because employers suspected he attended there due to affirmative action, not his intelligence. He had difficulty finding a job after graduation, as a result of Yale’s affirmative action program which made his degree “worth 15 cents.” Thomas wrote in his memoir, My Grandather’s Son, "I learned the hard way that a law degree from Yale meant one thing for white graduates and another for blacks, no matter how much anyone denied it. I'd graduated from one of America's top law schools, but racial preference had robbed my achievement of its true value."

Because of the City of Seattle's affirmative action policies, virtually all street cleaning and sanitation positions are being filled by blacks and other minorities. The impression this gives to the casual observer is that blacks are cleaning up after everyone, not much different than the era of Jim Crow.

So what does this all mean? The Supreme Court is losing its power relative to the other branches of government. Considering the Supreme Court is made up of just nine men and women, while the rest of government keeps expanding, this loss of power was inevitable. The sheer numbers of liberals in government, particularly at the universities, are outmaneuvering the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court only decides about 80 cases each year, not enough to combat the thousands of decisions being made each year under the radar by liberal elites.

Even if affirmative action is completely struck down by the year 2028, as Sandra Day O’Connor predicted, it will continue on in full force, disguised as something else. Knowing the left, it will be renamed to something Orwellian, like “double equality.” And minorities will continue to be looked down upon and passed over for opportunities, because few will think they arrived where they did in life due to their intelligence.

Congrats President Nobel: Obama Allies Behead Catholic Priest In Syria

 Video can be viewed by clicking link...

Obama’s war on the Christian religion, particularly the Catholic variety, has claimed another casualty in the Middle East. The Vatican confirmed that “Syrian priest Fran├žois Murad was killed in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the Custody of the Holy Land where he had taken refuge.… According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.”

A graphic video of unknown origin- linked below- shows a crowd of Islamic militants gathered in a circle around three men kneeling on the ground. Many of the onlookers were shooting video of the scene from cell phones and other devices.

Each of the kneeling men, in turn, is forced to the ground and their head is sawed off with a butcher knife.

It’s scene that has become too familiar across the globe.

According to sources familiar with Jabhat al-Nusra, they are one of the most violent of the rebel Syrian factions, with roots in the Iraqi civil war, where they fought American soldiers. They are also very successful, controlling large portion of Syria.

And, oh yeah, they are part of the Al Qaida network taking orders from Iraq.

"Let us pray," writes the Custos of the Holy Land Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM according to Catholic Online "so that this absurd and shameful war ends soon and that the people of Syria can go back to living a normal life." Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, titular head of the Syrian Catholic church said: "The whole story of Christians in the Middle East is marked and made fruitful by the blood of the martyrs of many persecutions. Lately, father Murad sent me some messages that clearly showed how conscious he was of living in a dangerous situation, and offered his life for peace in Syria and around the world."

Thanks President Nobel for helping him out, although, I’m not sure Father Murad really needed your assistance.

So why exactly are we arming Islamic extremists across the Middle East?

Explain to me just how spreading arms and radical ideas even further into the region are in the best interest of the United States and its allies.

I’m not a big fan of Syrian president Assad, but it seems to me that there is little to choose from in Syria. Actually, this is a great opportunity to get Syria to behave better.

Make no mistake either: This war won’t be a pushover like Libya was.

Syria isn’t an isolated Libya. The current Syrian government will get the weapons it needs from Russia to fight the insurgents, because Russia has the means to keep the supply lines open.

One reason why Russia has the means is because as the West pushed harsher terms to Cyprus during their banking crisis this year, Cyprus sought relief from disaster by striking a deal with Moscow.

Those discussions are ongoing.

“On Monday Defence Minister Fotis Fotiou confirmed that recent defence talks with Moscow had centred on a request by Moscow for the use of sea and air facilities on the island,” reported the Cyprus Mail on June 30th. “Russia has been using Limassol port for refueling and supplies its naval vessels for over a year.”

Cyprus has long been subject to divisions between Greek Christianity and Middle East Islam.

In 1974, Turkey, an Islamic country, invaded Cyprus and continues to occupy a large slice of the island. It’s a bone of contention for Greece and Greek Cypriots still.

As a counterpoise, it would appear that Russia is attempting, with some success, to set itself up as a guarantor of the Christian population in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

“If Cyprus proves to be better off with Russia's financial, political and strategic backing than Greece with the assistance of the European Union,” predicted Gatestone Online last year, “the close relations between the Greeks and the Cypriots might convince Greece that it, too, should turn to Moscow rather than to Brussels for financial and economic help. A strategic realignment in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East might then be in the offing. If the EU and NATO keep regarding the pro-Islamic government in Turkey as their preferred ally, before they know it they might be confronted with an alliance of Russia, Cyprus and Greece – a strong Christian-Orthodox axis against the Turks. And whom would this alliance target after that? “

Who indeed? Almost anyone, since Obama has made a mess of things.

U.S. foreign policy is a disaster and Syria is just the latest symptom.

If I told you 30 years ago that the United States in 30 years would be arming Islamic rebels against Christian populations with Russia acting as benefactors to Christianity, you would have called me crazy.

And crazy is the only way to describe it.

We live in a political world where Chinese communists lecture our country about the virtues of capitalism and the limits of socialism and Russia warns our government about spying on U.S. citizens- while Russian warnings that we are harboring Islamic terrorists go ignored.

In this country Obama has all but declared war on Christians, especially Catholics. Many Catholics have allied with Obama in the mistaken belief that the government's war on capitalism won't spread to a war on religion.

Obama doesn't just want government to replace the banks, however, but the church as well. He can't have another alms-giver out there competing with the government, like Catholic Health Services, competes with Obamacare.   

"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square,” said Chicago Cardinal Francis George. “His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history."
And Obama’s giving it a Russian face.

Oh, how Nobel of him.


5 Immigration Questions for Members of Congress


It’s July 4 week, which means Members of Congress are at home in their districts. As you head to your nearest town hall meeting, take these questions for your Representative. Below, we also provide the real answers you should be listening for.

1. Since the Senate-passed bill doesn’t require the flow of illegal immigrants to stop, how can you say this approach secures the border?

No one can make that promise. The Senate bill, S.744, throws tens of billions of dollars at the problem and calls for meeting arbitrary security standards, but it doesn’t guarantee that illegal immigration will stop.

Also, many of the bill’s “requirements,” such as 700 miles of border fencing and new border patrol agents, would not commence immediately but over time. As with current immigration laws, some provisions would end up being ignored or waived.

S.744 contains no guarantee that the government would keep its promises of more security and enforcement. Even if it did, it wouldn’t even come close to stopping illegal immigration. We’d revisit this debate again within 20 years.

2. The Senate-passed bill requires the U.S. government to manage many more visas, even though it doesn’t do a good job with today’s smaller work load. So how does this “fix” our legal immigration system?

It doesn’t. The bill makes some changes to various types of visas but does little to fix the broken bureaucracy in charge of the legal immigration system. Without significant changes, new requirements and more responsibilities would only make the system worse.

S.744 does away with some flawed visa programs, such as the “diversity” lottery. It creates a merit-based program and adds work-based visas. Although these are steps in the right direction, the devil is in the details. For example, the bill would make the H-1B visa program unworkable by creating expensive restrictions and costs.

In short, S.744 fails to make the legal immigration system better.

3. The Senate-passed bill puts the federal government in charge of enforcing immigration laws, even though state and local governments want to help and would be good partners. Is this federal focus the right approach?

No, giving the federal government all the responsibility is the wrong approach. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has fewer than 6,000 agents, and S.744 does little to augment that. Putting all the authority in federal hands is a surefire way to hamstring enforcement, simply because the federal government can’t do it all.

A million local and state law enforcement officers are ready and willing to help enforce federal immigration law. These officers know their communities best and are already in place. By partnering through programs such as 287(g), state and local authorities can help. Sadly, S.744 ignores them.

4. Since the Senate-passed bill would add huge costs and likely depress wages for many current Americans, is it really good for the citizens you’re supposed to represent?

The fact is, this approach costs too much, and hurts current citizens. The bill is loaded with wasteful pork and kickbacks, such as $1.5 billion for a mini-stimulus “jobs for youth” program. What’s more, the bill would harm the nation’s long-term fiscal health. After amnesty, illegal immigrants on average would receive more in government benefits, such as welfare and entitlements, than they pay in taxes. The total cost of amnesty to taxpayers could be $6.3 trillion or more.

Finally, the bill would lower the wages of current citizens as they compete for jobs with illegal immigrants who get amnesty. By introducing millions of newly legalized workers to the market, the bill would drive down wages.

5. In 1986, when Congress last passed amnesty, the sponsors said it was a “one-time” thing. The Senate-passed bill follows the same “amnesty first, security and enforcement later” approach. Why are we doing that again?

There is no reason to make the same mistake twice. The U.S. government gave out amnesty and legal permanent residency to at least 2.7 million illegal immigrants as a result of the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. That amnesty didn’t stop illegal immigration, because the government didn’t (and still doesn’t) want to tackle border security or enforcement of immigration laws. In fact, amnesty only encourages more illegal immigration by sending the message that once enough illegal residents are here, the government will hand out amnesty again.

Some have argued that S.744 is not amnesty, but this is simply double-talk. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), when running for office in 2010, said “an earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty.” He was right.

S.744 allows illegal immigrants, including many criminal aliens, to remain here legally and even become citizens. It rewards those who broke the law, even as millions legally wait in line. This is amnesty, and this is unfair.

Small Town Subjected to The False Idol of Atheism

In 1954, O’Hair and her two illegitimate children traveled by ship to Europe, planning on defecting to the Soviet embassy in Paris and residing in the Soviet Union, however, the USSR denied them entry. Murray and her sons returned to Baltimore, Maryland in 1960. O’Hair’s notoriety is best known for the Murray v. Curlett lawsuit, which led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling ending prayer in public schools in 1963.  Following the lawsuit O’Hair fled to Austin, Texas where she founded the American Atheists group, and acted as the group’s chief executive officer.  In 1995 she was kidnapped, murdered, and her body mutilated, along with her son Jon Murray and granddaughter Robin Murray O’Hair, by former American Atheist office manager David Roland Waters.  Along with the kidnapping/murders, Waters extorted $500,000 worth of the $600,000. gold coins that the Atheist organization was holding in a bank.

Since the death of O’Hair, leadership of the American Atheist organization has changed numerous hands.  The current president David Silverman was elected in 2010.  Silverman has been with the organization since 1996 in a variety of roles. Prior to being president, Silverman was New Jersey State Director, Communications Director, and Vice President. Silverman has over the past three years been more of an attention seeking media and protest provocateur.  Silverman’s time is spent mostly cohosting the Atheist Viewpoint television program, writing for the NoGodBlog, and attending protests.

Silverman made a national spectacle of himself in two recent challenges attacking Christianity.

An atheist-awareness billboard campaign launched in the winter of 2010 sparked controversy and increased media exposure for the organization.  In American Atheists v. Port Authority (2013) under Silverman’s direction the American Atheists group sought to block the preservation of a cross-beam section of the World Trade Center skeleton that resembled a cross. Silverman stated: “The World Trade Center cross has become a Christian icon. It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their God, who couldn’t be bothered to stop the terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being, killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross.”  On March 28, 2013, United States District Court Judge Deborah Batts granted a motion of judgment in favor of the defendant. American Atheists stated at the time that they would appeal this decision.

In 2012, Silverman attempted to have the traditional Christmas tree removed.  David Silverman’s group put up an ad in New York City reading, “keep it merry, dump the myth,” the latter being a reference to Jesus. Silverman seemingly wants to keep the “Christ” out of Christmas and insists the ad is meant as a way of targeting atheists who go to church every Christmas because they believe its tradition or their families pressure them into it.  However, Silverman has gone public against Christmas arguing that his agenda is simply to make sure the government does not promote one religion over another.  Silverman states that Christmas being a Federal Holiday is preferential to Christians and should remove the holiday and replace it with celebration of Winter Solstice.  Silverman said that the “Winter Solstice has been celebrated since the dawn of time”

I hate to inform Mr. Silverman; yes winter solstice has been celebrated since ancient times, not the dawn of time.  The holiday timing of the winter solstice is rooted in ancient mostly pagan religions.

Silverman with his group of Merry Fascists from the north flocked down to a small town in north Florida for their most recent attack.  Starke, the county seat in Bradford County, Florida, has been dragged into court by Silverman’s group due to an area designated by the local government which was set aside for free speech.  The Community Men’s Fellowship erected a stone slab monument of the Ten Commandments in what’s described as a free speech zone on the courthouse lawn.  American Atheists sued to try to have the stone slab with the Ten Commandments taken away. During mediation on the case, the atheist group was told it could have its own monument, too.

“We’re not going to let them do it without a counterpoint,” Silverman said. “If we do it without a counterpoint, it’s going to appear very strongly that the government actually endorses one religion over another, or – I should say – religion in general over non-religion.”

 Silverman’s slip of tongue which he rapidly corrected was self-defining, atheism is in fact a practice/religion to preach and minister against recognized Faiths. American Atheist Group president David Silverman represents what has become called New Atheists (and the nontheistic movement as a whole). Silverman has formed this organization with social groups with their own guiding documents, gathering places including the Web, and a quasi-religious sense of community. The tacit ring of ‘come join us’ is apparent on their Web pages and in their public lectures. To me, these organizations of nonbelief can start to sound a lot like the ones they vilify.”

The opposite of theism is not atheism, everyone worships.   Everyone sees value in something, they give themselves wholeheartedly to it, they make sacrifices for it, and it then receives the bulk of their affection. At this point, we get into the concept of idolatry.  This Idolatry is apparent with newly erected monument Starke.  They came to erect it, celebrate it, posed with it, and upon it adored with their symbol of worship.

Atheism has been used as a tool for centuries by tyrannical leaders to separate those of Faith, who recognize something greater than themselves, and answers above all to their creator and not a government.  Atheism is the tool used by Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Marxists to control the citizens to do their bidding uncontested.  Removal of Faith, removes Hope, removes Consequence, and removes Morality.

“We reject outsiders coming to Florida, especially from outside what we refer to as the Bible Belt, and trying to remake us in their own image,” said Michael Tubbs, state chairman of the Florida League of the South. “We do feel like it’s a stick in the eye to the Christian people of Florida to have these outsiders come down here with their money and their leadership and promote their outside values here.”

After a cover was taken off the 1,500-pound granite bench Saturday, people rushed to have their pictures taken on it. The bench has quotes from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of American Atheists. It also has a list of Old Testament punishments for violating the Ten Commandments, including death and stoning.

Countering Silverman’s act of standing on the Ten Commandment Monument to make his speech, Eric Hovind, Pensacola jumped atop the peak of the Atheist’s monument and shouted his thanks to the atheists for giving him a platform to declare Jesus is real. Atheists shouted at him with one man yelling that religion is a fairy tale.

“The problem is it’s not a fairy tale,” Hovind said. “We definitely have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”

Wild Bill on Atheism Video: Click link to see and hear video:

They all lied...and this one picture* is the proof
By: Diane Sori

As new information is finally starting to leak out about what really happened in Benghazi on that fateful night of September 11, 2012, NOTHING is more telling than this one single photograph…for this photograph proves that Ambassador Christopher Stevens did NOT die of smoke inhalation in the embassy compound as was claimed by the Obama administration, but was taken alive, raped, sodomized, and God only knows what else…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in their vile orbit knew this from day one and all bold-faced lied.

They all willfully, deliberately, and with malice LIED to Ambassador Stevens’ family and to ‘We the People’. And while we all know that some claim that Stevens was the middle-man in Obama’s gun and weapons running operation to the Syrian rebels, or that he was actually kidnapped to trade for the Blind Sheik and mistakenly killed, I believe that what I will tell you about this picture coupled with Obama’s cover-up and LIES, gives credence to my belief (one that I’ve had since day one) that Ambassador Steven’s found out Obama was running guns and weapons under the table to the al-Qaeda supported Syrian rebels, and was silenced before he could expose what Obama was doing.

Before I get to the photograph we must let the lead-up facts speak for themselves.

First, we all know there was NO spontaneous mob protest outside the consulate as Obama claimed for the first two weeks after the attack. Mob violence that got out of control because of an anti-islamic YouTube video he said, but a video that few had actually seen, that is until he went on Pakistani TV bloviating and apologizing for it after the fact. And with both former CIA Director David H. Petreaus and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO video was involved, they both bold-faced lied to Congress when first questioned, claiming that it was the video and the video alone that caused the attack. But I hate to tell them …NO I’m happy to tell them…lying under oath is a felony…an arrestable offense.

Second, Obama and crew still continue to claim there was NO warning of an impending attack issued by our Benghazi consulate. LIARS…there were many calls fearing an attack was imminent sent out by NOT only the Benghazi consulate and Ambassador Stevens himself, but also by our Tripoli embassy. Stevens sent out numerous pleas for help in the days and hours before the attack, because he knew of and feared the significant number of well-armed militias, all with ties to al-Qaeda, that were roaming the area around Benghazi. Also, remember that just a few months before, in June of the same year, a terrorist attack on the British Ambassador to Libya was attempted (thankfully it failed) causing both Britain and the International Red Cross to close their Benghazi offices…and the Red Cross just does NOT pick up and run without justification.

Those events in June alone should have served as a warning to Washington that our consulate and our people were in danger.
Third, fast forward to September 10th, when al-Qaeda head honcho Ayman al-Zawahrin publicly called on Libyans to seek revenge for the killing of a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, and that the next morning, September 11th, Libyan so-called ‘police officers’ who were supposed to be helping guard the compound were seen taking pictures of the inside of the compound. In fact, Ambassador Stevens sent an e-mail to DC that morning stating that he found this picture taking “troubling” and received NO reply. Now add in that on the afternoon of September 11th, the Blue Mountain Security manager, whose company also provided some of the guards for the Benghazi compound, sensed something was wrong and put out an alert via radio and cellphone, and according to media reports, there were roadblocks and check points set up well in advance of the attack because of his alert.

Fourth, our response to all this was to send up an unarmed surveillance drone over the consulate compound about 90 minutes AFTER the attack started…the very drone through which Barack HUSSEIN Obama watched our people being slaughtered…which of course he claimed he NEVER did. And if you believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you, because (and this is my belief alone) this man had to make sure Stevens was killed one way or the other so his ‘secret’ would be safe…so rest assured he saw it all.

And now remember all the conflicting reports of orders being issued or orders NOT being issued to ‘stand down’. I say ordering forces that were prepared to assist during an on-going attack to ‘stand down’ or NOT giving go orders at all to units ready, willing, and able to assist is NOT an act of negligence as some are trying to claim, but borders on…if NOT is…an act of treason.

And so, General Carter Ham, then commander of AFRICOM whose jurisdiction took in Benghazi, testified last week about that fateful night during a closed door hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, but isn’t it odd that NO reports of his testimony have been reported on…NONE whatsoever by any of the news media…just reports on the testimony of underlings…hmmm…

What we do know at this point is that two Marine anti-terrorist teams based in Rota, Spain, were ready to go assist in Benghazi, but reports claimed that it would have taken the first team 23 hours to get to Tripoli (which is an out and out LIE for while the two locations are 1,553 miles apart they’re only 3 hours 5 minutes apart in flight time), and that the second team was NEVER deployed because they were told that US personnel had been evacuated from Benghazi…another LIE because NO one had been evacuated and NO one was sent in to evacuate anyone. And isn’t it also odd that NOT one of these supposed ‘evacuees’… survivors actually…eye witnesses to the day’s events…has been seen or talked to by any media outlet…convenient huh. Also, there was a 130-man, fully armed Marine Force-Recon unit on the ground in Sigonella, Sicily, that could have been in Benghazi in 1 hour and 14 minutes, for the two locations are only 610 miles apart, but was NEVER called to do so.

So, with General Ham testifying in a closed-door session with the House Armed Services Committee, we still CANNOT get word of what his testimony entailed, but underling Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson said his commanders…and who pray tell were those commanders…told him to remain in the capital of Tripoli to defend Americans in case of additional attacks, and to help survivors being evacuated from Benghazi…but at that time NO one was being evacuated as the consulate was under heavy attack with NO help coming to either aid or rescue them.

And even with this testimony, even if the actual words ‘stand down’ were NOT uttered, the bottom line remains that with NO help forthcoming…with all parties involved making excuses for why help couldn’t be sent…this proves there was a total lack of military response to Ambassador Stevens’ pleas for help even with what the drone overhead was showing, and that in and of itself is an order to ‘stand down’ as far as I’m concerned.

Now to the photograph itself and remember this is NOT a newly released photograph but a photograph now seen differently, because one main point in this photograph has been overlooked by all…until now that is. Remember reports by a Libyan doctor claimed Stevens died ‘at the consulate’ of “severe asphyxia,” sometimes known as smoke inhalation, but results of an autopsy done on Stevens’ body after it was returned to the US have NOT been made public to either prove or disprove that. And then known al-Qaeda terrorist Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin piped in claiming Stevens was killed by lethal injection ‘at the consulate’, and while some do NOT discard that as a possible cause of death that too has NOT been proven or disproved, again because our government has NOT released our US done autopsy results. But no matter as neither of those scenarios is the truth because Ambassador Stevens did NOT die at the Benghazi consulate…he died…NO he was MURDERED… after being taken very much ALIVE from the consulate and at the direct hands of the enemy…an enemy aided by our president…and here’s the proof…

Notice Ambassador Stevens being carried by the barbarians…notice his right arm hanging down limp…now notice his bent left arm up by his face trying to either protect his face, cover his eyes, or even wipe tears from his eyes, but guess what…dead men do NOT wipe tears from their eyes nor do they try to cover their faces…NO…AMBASSADOR STEVENS WAS ALIVE NOT DEAD FROM SMOKE INHALATION and NO crap that he died at the hospital…and NO nonsense that maybe rigor-mortise had set in to bend his arm because that takes hours to happen and the time frame for that just isn’t here. This man was NOT being taken to a hospital after death as claimed but was dragged ALIVE through the streets, raped, sodomized, brutalized, and murdered by these muslim bast*rds, and this is why NO official US autopsy reports have been released. This fact had and still has to be hidden at all costs for Stevens being alive at this point could very well blow Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s cover-ups of why that night in Benghai happened.

Bottom line…our miserable muslim sympathizing president and his equally miserable former Secretary of State both NOT only LIED to us all about the reason for Benghazi, but also covered-up the cause of Ambassador Stevens’ death and everything relating to Benghazi. And that, I believe, is grounds for immediate arrest for treason.
* The Arabic writing on the photograph says: The Libyan Media Network... meaning this photo was actually released by the Libyan media itself and is NOT some photoshopped photo