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A Common Denominator In Two Unrelated News Stories
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Two news stories of serious and the other so inane that it could actually happen if we dare look away. But let's start with the serious story first.

"The Fake News Media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election. The problem they have is that the economy is way too strong and we will soon be winning big on Trade, and everyone knows that, including China!"
- President Trump regarding the Democrats recent talk about a supposed looming recession

The recent wild ride on Wall Street does not a recession make as all economic indicators show that our economy will remain strong well past 2020. But what we're now seeing is a last ditch, ever so desperate attempt by the Democrats to try and derail the Trump try via rumors, lies, and wishful thinking to help push the American economy into a recession...or should I say into their misguided attempt to retake the White House.

Simply, they will fail.

And the Democrats remain focused on bringing America to her economic knees even while knowing that Donald Trump won in 2016 because of his plan to help “jump start” the economy after the disastrous Obama years. And with polls today showing his numbers remaining strong in this key area, Democrats cannot accept the fact that it's all due to his stellar across the board jobs numbers. Under Trump's economic policies unemployment is at the lowest its been in 50 years...3.7% to be exact with no sign of an increase in claims for unemployment which could itself signal a possible coming recession. And while the stock market is a bit wobbly right now it still remains close to reaching record high numbers. Also, with folks having more money in their pockets...due to wage increases and the success of the Trump tax cuts...those same folks are both spending and saving with consumer confidence remaining high as shoppers keep shopping...and that shopping includes purchasing big ticket items like homes and cars...again thanks to President Trump.

So with us now being 10-years out since the last great recession and with no true economic indicators showing that we're headed into yet another recession, know that we won't be just as long as America keeps paying what's called “yield"...the main economic indicator related to U.S. Treasury bonds, hence the health of the economy. And that in turn affects what's referred to as the “yield curve." And what is the "yield curve”'s simply how said bonds are doing investment wise. And when said curve is “inverted”...on a downward trend if you will...more times than not said “inversion” precedes a recession. In fact, in the last 60 years every recession we as a country have gone through has been preceded by an “inverted” yield curve...meaning investors for whatever reason fear economic troubles ahead. However, no such investors or major economic analysts are seeing such a downward curve...except for the Democrat ones and we all know why.

Remember, if the Democrats keep pounding into our heads that such an “inverted” curve exists, aided with the media's help of course, soon the gullible and the Trump haters will accept as truth what is but a lie. And this is nevermind that experts consider U.S. Treasury bonds one of the safest investments one can where investors expect to see higher returns for tying their money up in long-term bonds than they do for short-term bonds. And only when long-term bonds offer lower interest rates than short-term bonds do, does the yield curve actually “invert”...and that simply has not happened at this point in time nor should it happen for at least several more years, if even that.

And the liberal Democrats who so want to manipulate our country into a recession are doing so by using a lesson garnered from economics 101, but twisting that lesson to fit their own political agenda. And that lesson is that for any business to succeed...and that includes the federal government's “business of the economy”...said business must be able to generate monies. But when one, as in the Democrats, promises way too much “free stuff” to way too many people business in general...both corporate and private...cannot generate the needed monies to not just stay in business but to show a profit because they're paying out more than they're able to take in. And it's that overspending coupled with the ramifications of an “inverted yield”...whether said “inverted yield” is reality or not...that would allow a recession to kick in. But again this is not least not yet for the simple fact that many of the Democrats promises made are thankfully not coming to fruition.

"No, I don't see a recession. And let me add just one theme...Just one theme. We're doing pretty darn well, in my judgment. Let's not be afraid of optimism," so said White House Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow recently on 'Meet the Press' when asked if we are headed into a recession.

And while a number of Democrat economists from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) claim that they're already starting to see a generalized global economic “slowdown” of sorts, here in the U.S. our economy remains robust and strong. And yet these same economists continue to predict a similar “slowdown” or even a full-blown recession to be forthcoming within the next few years...but bloviate as they may it's a hollow prediction for it lacks any tangible much needed proof to back up said claim. And remember, while an economic “slowdown” or even a recession is both cyclic in nature and a somewhat common occurrence when a county's economy remains strong over an extended period of time, the fact is that neither scenario would be the death knell for us here in the U.S. And why...because for us it simply means that the robust economy we are currently enjoying would be taking a breather to basically catch up with itself.

Let me explain...when a country's economy is running as strong and for how long as ours currently is, recession...which is simply an economic decline coupled with a decline in total output...actually allows us to slow down a bit giving us time to take stock in where we are and where we as a country need to go economically. And this eventually leads to greater economic efficiency as it allows us to “clean house” of excess economic baggage, if you will, thus leading to better productivity in the long run as “inefficient” or “faltering” businesses will close making room for new more successful businesses to open.

And not to be forgotten is that recession actually puts a stop to inflation. How so...when economic growth slows assets themselves tend to fall with consumer prices also falling accordingly, many times below the level they were before said recession kicked in with many, but not all, businesses starting to sell at discount prices just to sell what were unsold goods, This then directly leads to a lower inflation rate which bolsters the argument that high inflation is actually worse than recession.

Again how so...simply, the rate of inflation tends to rise every year translating into goods and services costing more every year, meaning that if one is on either a fixed income or a tight budget that they actually have reduced their buying power. And the only way of reducing inflation is to raise interest rates thus making it expensive to borrow, which in turn slows demand which then helps to lower prices.

But the bottom line is this, inflation tends to rise during periods of economic growth and decline during periods of recession...another simple lesson garnered from economics 101. But here's another lesson one needs to know as Democrats are trying their best to not only discredit President Trump but to actually crash our economy by ignoring the fact that recession and inflation not only feed off each other but remedy each other as well. The question that one must then ask is which one is better to keep our strong economy going...a short term recession doesn’t corrects...while a high rate of inflation hurts the average American consumer for a longer stretch of time. But no country wants to head into recession because recession is a prime indicator that its economy is faltering.

And this is key...what the Democrats are now trying to do is manipulate us into believing that our booming economy is now starting to falter and is on the verge of recession thanks to President Trump starting what they constantly refer to as a “trade war” with China. But what it seems the Democrats always forget is that China needs us as a trading partner way more than we need China. And to that affect, overseas businesses are returning home, jobs continue to be created, and our economy is not just stable but growing thanks to the very man these miscreant so love to hate.

So the bottom line is's extremely doubtful that a recession will start any time soon no matter how much the Democrats continue to scream the “R” word as if screaming it will make it so. Wanting to not only throw President Trump and what they consider his “failed presidency” under the proverbial bus, the Democrats hope that by their manipulating via lies and scare tactics that our economy will first enter into a major recession and then into a total collapse thus giving them an inroad into allowing socialism to take hold.

Not going to happen...not on President Trump's watch, and whether Democrats like it or not that watch won't end until January 2025.

And now for the inane...something inane enough that it could actually happen if New York City liberals are able to change some long set-in-stone local rules.

It started small with but 5,000 signatures and has now, as I write this article, reached over 439,356 signatures and counting, with “it” being a MoveOn.Petition to rename a key part of New York City's world famous Fifth Avenue... specifically the block between 56th and 57th streets... "President Barack H. Obama Avenue,” with any and all addresses on said block being changed accordingly. And why this one particular stretch of Fifth Avenue...simply because it runs directly in front of Trump Tower. And isn't it odd that those wanting the name change are choosing to leave out the actual “HUSSEIN” part of his name...guess somehow in someway it might upset the delicate sensibilities of the likes of muslimas Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and New York's own ever vile Linda Sarsour. Gotta wonder what mohammed and allah would say about that one.

And the petition started its online circulation last December as a joke...or so she Trump-hater Elizabeth Rewin who in a recent interview stated that, "I thought it was hilarious, I thought I would start a petition just for fun and I did not expect it to take off like this. All these people say they want to keep it going because they like trolling the troll king, they like being able to poke the giant in the eye.” Translation: yet another divert and deflect tactic now gaining media attention. But, in my opinion, there's nothing funny nor hilarious about even considering naming anything in honor of not only the worst president ever of these United States but the only traitorous one as well.

And while some of New York City's Democrat political elite, including City Council Speaker Corey Johnson who said in a tweet that "we can find a better way to honor the greatest president of my lifetime than by trolling the worst president of my lifetime" must shake their head at the inaneness of those words let alone the absurdity in even starting such a petition for MoveOn petitions are legally not worth the keyboards their banged out on. And besides, New York City's street naming rules...rules long in existence...would not legally allow this name change, simply because in New York City its streets can only be named in a person's honor after they are dead. And even with a wanted name change said change would still need the approval of all block residents as well.

So I think the name Fifth Avenue stands as it is for now unless Mayor Bill DeBlasio, in an effort simply to garner more black votes for his not even a “snowball's chance in hell” presidential nomination run, manages to illegally change street naming rules long in place. And I don't doubt that DeBlasio will try, for defaming President Trump in any way possible is the Democrats always ongoing game.

And there you have two recent news stories of serious and the other quite inane...but know stories like these are just the beginning of what Democrats will throw at us as we head into the 2020 election fray.

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